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Fresh Visuals | TCTS x K. Stewart – ‘Games’ (VIDEO)

London-based house producer TCTS has released some fresh new visuals for his single “Games” featuring 19-year old singer, K. Stewart. 

Shot in the coolest city in the world, Tokyo, the visuals take us on a journey of fun times, hanging with the crew, crushing on a girl, and getting too drunk and in a fight.

Check it out:


Awesomesauce | Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters: Episode 1 [VIDEO]


First off,  I must declare that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best games ever! Okay, GTA:San Andreas is still the best, but GTA V comes pretty darn close! I’m obsessed with it and you should be too!

I’m especially stoked for the online play to go live. Man, I can’t wait! If you’re #TeamPS3 then you should add me and we should crew up. My PSN: funk25

Okay, so now that I got those important notes out the way, let’s get down to business. Defend The House, a channel on YouTube, decided to play mythbusters Grand Theft Auto style. Basically, we all know how crazy the game is and the madness of the open-world allows you to do almost anything and everything…but can you really do everything?

Some of the myths:

You can’t knife a shark.

You can tow police cars while they are pursuing you.

You can hide from cops in the bushes.

You can ignite a gas trail with the backfire of a car.

These are just a few of the myths, and in this video below, Defend The House confirms (and busts) the myths and shows us just how crazy GTA really is!

Awesomesauce | Behold ‘The Sims 4’ Trailer x Gameplay Video

We’ve waited, we’ve anticipated the “what ifs,” and now we’ve finally got a tease of what to expect in the next generation of The Sims. 

That’s right, my fellow simmers I’d like to introduce you to The Sims 4 and all the simming glory to behold sometime in 2014.  With a brand new arrival trailer and some exclusive gameplay, we’ve got an up close look at the new CAS (Create-a-Sim,) new interactions, new building options, and so much more!

No longer will you have to download Mods to change the breast and booty size of your sims; click anywhere on your sim to make cosmetic adjustments. That new feature (which we get a taste of in the gameplay video) is ingenious! No longer do all your sims have the same body type, with generic adjustments of skinny, average, and fat.

Aside from the new updates to the CAS, your sims now have new emotions that are more life-like. Sims can get jealous easily when another sim in the vicinity is flirting up their chick. The emotions and response to the happenings around your sims are a vast improvement from the previous games. See for yourself in the gameplay trailer below.

So, what do you think? Will you plan on upgrading and getting The Sims 4 for your PC/MAC? Share your thoughts below!

EA Announces The Sims 4: Any Hope For Mac Users to Play Without the Doom of Crashes & Glitches?


Two days ago via Electronic Arts’ TheBeatblog, it was announced that The Sims 4, the next generation in the Sims series, would be coming to PC and Mac in 2014. Simmers throughout social media networks and forums expressed their excitement, shared open-ended questions we’ve all had for years, and most Mac users expressed concern with compatibility; will it actually work on Mac?

As a proud owner of a 2011 Macbook Pro 15″ and a longtime simmer whose been down with The Sims since it’s release in 2002, I too found myself warped with the concerns of whether it not I’d be able to fully enjoy everything that The Sims 4 will offer.

You see, prior to owning a Mac, I played The Sims strictly on Windows and even had a computer built/modified just to meet the specifications of the main game, as well as the expansion packs. I’ve owned almost all of the expansion packs over the years (a few of the stuff packs) and when I switched over to my Mac, I was excited about the gaming possibilities.

At first, nothing seemed wrong. I was able to play World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, and Generations without any cause for alarm, but ever since updating to the latest patches and installing Supernatural, I have become one of the thousands of Mac user plagued with random crashes. I can’t even play my game, let alone make it past ten minutes in Create-a-Sim. 

Troubleshooting sounds like it would be an easy fix to the problem, but after many failed attempts of fixing the crashing, I did a little research and found out that many Mac users face the same issues; I’m not alone. The Sims 3 proudly showcases a PC/Mac  logo on the box, but what that really means is that it will play better on PC and it can work on a Mac, but if you have Windows installed on your Mac…well, then you shouldn’t have any problems. Don’t have Windows on your Mac? Then, say hello to random crashes resulting in a base game and tons of expansion packs) that are virtually unplayable.

Electronic Arts/MAXIS, unless living under Patrick’s rock in Bikini Bottom, know that Mac users are frustrated, so will they make an attempt to fix this? Die-hard simmers (like myself) who have been committed to the franchise since inception might (they should be) be unhappy about the crashing. but sadly…we just have to pick up the slack of EA/MAXIS and tailor our Mac’s to the game. What does that mean? Mac users who are experience crashing while playing any of The Sims  games, even after uninstalling all custom content and cleaning out the cache files, will have to restort to installing Windows on their system via Bootcamp or Parallels. Once that is done, you shouldn’t have a problem playing the game; sim on for hours.

Installing Windows on your Mac isn’t the worst thing in the world, but if you don’t have Windows, then you’ll have to flush out the cash, buy it, and then install. Take it or leave it as an option, but considering all the highlights The Sims 3 has, it’s a pretty good option. But my hope is that The Sims 4 won’t have all this messy confusion of crashing, glitches, and random debug error codes.

Electronic Arts should listen to our years of complaining and finally release a Sims game that works for Mac. Details of the The Sims 4 and it’s entirety haven’t been released yet, but in these early development stages the developers will find a way to make it playable for Mac users on OS X Mountain Lion. 

WATCH Spock vs. Spock in New Audi Commercial

photo via zimbio.com

With Star Trek Into Darkness release date being moved up according to LA Times, it was only a matter of time before the pop culture references made their way into yet another car commercial. Considering that most sci-fi films often are cross-promoted in high-tech commercials for car brands, Audi’s latest commercial featuring Leonard Nimoy (the original Spock) and his next generation predecessor, Zachary Quinto is perfect for promoting the film in a subtle (but not so subtle) context.

There isn’t exactly any mentions of the new Star Trek film, but fans of the franchise will surely revel in the witty competition of oldschool Spock vs. newschool spock.

Watch the Audi Commercial below. Does it satifisy your nerdism? It’s got Nimoy cussing…yeah, that works for me. :)





The First 30 Minutes of ‘God Of War: Ascension’ is Beyond Epic!

God-of-war-Ascension-2At first I thought I was having a great day because of the new French Express mix, but then I watched the First 30 Minutes of God of War: Ascension, and now my day is a million times better!

GOW: Ascension is the forthcoming game in the God of War franchise, and it brings Kratos back in action with insane combos, incredibly (might I add disgusting) enemies, and all the ingredients of action, mythology, and advanced weaponry that make Kratos one of the best characters to ever hit PS3. 

In the new 30 minute gameplay, we get the chance to see the new title in action. The game starts off with this ugly chick with legs, one arm, and a minion of flies that can bring things to life. From the gist of the conversation, I’m assuming she might have dated Kratos or something, but he sure does plan on kicking her ass for what she puts him through.

Now of course, unless you want to be surprised when you first play the game, then I recommend you don’t watch this video (spoilers guaranteed.)But if you can’t wait and you’re curious what you will be getting your hands on, then grab some popcorn, push play, and enjoy Kratos kicking major ass!