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American Horror Story

The month of horror and fear is finally here! Okay, that sounded uber depressing, but you get my point. October is that month when everyone is contemplating what costumes to wear for Halloween bashes, seeing the latest horror movies, and revisiting the classic horror films. I’m not big on Halloween, but this year I’m thinking about dressing up in a costume and going to a party. If not, then maybe going on a date to a scary haunted house. I like being scared sometimes and I’m a big believer in paranormal happenings (I’ve had a lot of my own experiences.) Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, have you checked out that show Paranormal Witness on sci-fy? It’s a pretty good show that has actual footage and pictures of things that have happened to different people. Some scary stuff, but it’s a legit show.

While Paranormal Witness may be actual accounts, FX’s new show American Horror Story is fictional but is guaranteed to bring on the fright. The original FX show airs tomorrow at 10pm and it promises to deliver horror in a seductive, twisted, and psychological terrifying manner. The show is about a family, the Harmons, who move from Boston to Los Angeles and end up living in this creep old house. The cast stars Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Taissa Farmiga, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Denis O’Hare. It’s a great cast and the TV spots for the show are so twisted, but I love it! It will be another great show to add to my Fall 2011 tv lineup.

Check out the first 5 minutes of the show below and one of the TV spots for it. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night with your bowl of popcorn and be prepared to be terrified! Well, if not terrified, then at least shocked, disgusted, and intrigued. If you’re not watching, then I know I will be!

American Horror Story

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The Return of Always Sunny in Philly

The countdown to September is two weeks away. It’s the time of year when folks are going back to school, people are moving, and some of the biggest video games and television shows debut in Autumn months. I’ve already made it a mission to blog about my excitement surrounding the September release of Dead Island, but there are some other things to be stoked about.

With the introduction of so many new television shows this fall it will be interesting to see what the old shows bring to the table. Television shows are constantly being cancelled and created, but there are those few shows that have the ability to withstand the heat. I think Whitney, the new show starring D.C. comedian Whitney Cummings, might be quite hilarious and it will be nice to see her hilarious opinions on love and dating brought to the big screen. But no matter how funny it is, nothing can top the awesomeness of the FX original series Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the only shows that I can honestly say I’ve seen every single episode (oh, can’t forget the summer series of Harpers Island). A lot of shows I end up watching and falling off in the middle of the season, but not Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The show is returning for it’s 7th season on September 15th and it promises to deliver those random, outlandish, and often weird situations that the gang always get wrapped up in.

Always Sunny in Philly is one of those shows that you just can’t help to laugh at. I’ve met a few people that didn’t find it funny due to the randomness of it, but it had something to do with the dull personality. Mac, Charlie, Dee, Dennis, and Frank are always getting themselves into hilarious situations. I love how the bar, Paddy’s Pub, seems to be empty half of the time. Instead of focusing on getting more customers, the gang is always chasing after women, coming up with get rich schemes such as kitten mittens, and always finding a way to make Dee feel like crap. I love it!

Not only does the new season have a hilarious promo picture, but the teasers for the 7th season are weird. The teasers are these cheasy emotional trailers that try to bring out the sentimental side of the gang. I’m surprised they didn’t have a song by Rick Astley. If you’ve watched Always Sunny in Philly before then you know about Dennis’ obsession with the 80s singer Rick Astley. He’s that guy who is always wearing a duster (trench coat) and singing these catchy love songs. Thanks to Always Sunny in Philly, I’ve had “Never Gonna Give You Up” stuck in my head for days.

Kitten mittens, Green Man, cracking eggs of wisdom, Dennis and his huge ego, Rick Astley, dusters, rejection, beer, women, and stupidity are bond to be in the 7th season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you can’t wait for the season premiere date, then be sure to check out the riotous teasers.

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