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Kristen Wiig Makes SNL 10x Better

Kristen-Wiig-hosts-SNL-5-11-13Last night, Kristen Wiig made her triumph return to Saturday Night Live and reminded me that the show was really better when she was a cast member. Even though she was just hosting last night, her presence on most of the skits brought back that energy that a lot of the SNL skits have been missing. Don’t cha think so?

Wiig has been busy transitioning into the roles of movies, but she still has got the perfect comedic timing and characterization that made her such a star on SNL.

With the return of The Californians, she couldn’t even contain her laughter with all the 405 jargon and Rodeo drive nonsense. And in a skit for Mother’s Day, she had a hilarious hell of a time dealing with an annoying mom and buying her 1-800 Flowers. That skit was one I’m sure you’ll relate to, but the best of the night was the return of The Californians and the Lawrence Welk Show.

So yeah, The Californians was the best, but how about the weirdest skit? I’d say the Acupuncture one. Kristen Wiig giving acupuncture and blood squirting uncontrollably. It was grossly hilarious! Oh, and the second weird-but-funny skit was the Disney channel spoof, Ghost Mom. LOL. It’s the Ring meets Disney channel following the hilarious shenanigans of Kristen as a ghost raising Disney-style kids. Check it out!

Not only did Wiig do a knockout job last night, but even a very pregnant Maya Rudolph stopped by to make a few appearances. Overall, it was a hilarious episode that just shed light on the reality that one person can make a show better…and Kristen Wiig makes SNL better! Ugh, I miss her as a regular cast member!

If you love Kristen Wiig, then be sure to watch the skits below! And just in case you are wondering, yes…Target Lady made a return!

SNL | Clint Eastwood, Gangnam Style, & The Many Voices of Seth MacFarlane

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great enthusiasm I announce that the time is upon us: the return of Saturday Night Live. For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you know that every season of SNL I always post the sketches I thought were funny the following day. It’s sort of like my Sunday ritual. I wake up, take a shower, get some coffee, and blog about SNL.

Well, I’ve got my coffee, so let’s get it started! Last night was the premiere of SNL’s 38th season and the show was hosted by a man of many voices, Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy.) We all know Seth for his voices on Family Guy, including Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Glen Quagmire. All of those voices are quite iconic and they are basically Seth’s “thing,” so I wasn’t shocked that his opening monologue included arguments between all of those characters and a song filled with a host of other voices.

The opening monologue was quite funny (mainly because of the voices) and of course, later on in the night Seth did a myriad of voices in a few sketches. And since were are on the topic of voices, I definitely have to give Jay Pharoahe props for taking over Fred Armisen’s Obama impersonation. The voice was decent, but I still think Fred does a better job. But perhaps over time, Jay’s Obama characterization will get better; the tone felt a little off.

Alright, so the Cold Opening and Seth’s Monologue were pretty funny, but lets dive into were the true laughter began for me, the Clint Eastwood Sketch. For those of you who follow politics and at least watch the news and aren’t living under a rock like Patrick, then you clearly remember Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the RNC in Tampa and how he literally talked to a chair. Seriously, that was a major WTF moment, and knowing that SNL likes to dive into political commentary and happenings, they of course took the infamous Clint Eastwood vs. the Chair and made a hilarious sketch filled with high-waisted hijinks. Bill Hader does an awesome Clint Eastwood impersonation, I’m glad they brought it back. Sidenote: Why does Clint Eastwood wear his pants so high?! SMH.

SNL isn’t one to shy away from popular trending topics, so somewhere in the back of my mind I had a feeling that Korean rapper PSY and his iconic “Gangnam Style” were going to make their way to the SNL set. Ding, ding, ding, I was correct. In a sketch called “Lids” Seth tried cheering up his co-worker (Kenan) by pushing a big red button and then Bobby Moynihan comes out doing the “Gangnam Style” dancing. Shortly after he comes out dancing again, and after a few moments followed by someone getting fired, Seth recommends turbo mode and out comes PSY and he does the dance that has made him an International YouTube sensation.

The first episode had its usual hits and misses, but there were some other sketches that had a few hilarious moments. The Puppet Class sketch was only funny because Bill Hader had this hilarious puppet that was so angry and depressed from the war. He kept telling all these serious war stories. It was pretty funny, but aside from that the sketch was sort of blaaah. 

For those of you who watch daytime talk-shows, then perhaps you’ve seen the Steve Harvey Show. Ugh, why is that even on the air? He stays wearing those over-sized suits and he tries to give relationship advice, but he is far from an expert (on his fifth marriage now.) His show just isn’t that interesting, but I could watch Kenan Thompson do a Steve Harvey impersonation all day. Too funny!

A few of the other sketches you can watch at the end of this post. But before I close out, I have to post the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. For those of you who followed the Olympics, we all know that Ryan Lochte was one of the star swimmers this summer. He’s a phenomenal swimmer, but he truly isn’t the brightest kid on the block. Seriously y’all, have you watched him in interviews? He is such an airhead. I know he’s hot, but damn boy, read a book! It’s sad that he truly seems unable to formulate full sentences, but Seth MacFarlane does a great Ryan Lochte impersonation.

Prior to Ryan Lochte’s bit on The Weekend Update the human thumb (nickname courtesy of Joe McHale from The Soup) stopped by with her daughter Honey Boo Boo.

Other Sketches You May or May Not Like

P.S. If you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about Frank Ocean’s performances, well it is because I’m not a fan of his music. Just not really into it. My brother met him last week too, said he was a nice guy, but yeah, I’m just not into Frank Ocean’s music. But seems everyone I know loves him, well I don’t. Oh, so what? Sue me then.

SNL | The Californians

I didn’t get a chance to watch Saturday Night Live last night, mainly because I was too busy playing Mass Effect 3. That multiplayer is so addicting, so it’s hard to resist hopping online and playing a few rounds with my Vanguard character.

Luckily, I have a DVR box in my room, as well as one in the living room. So today, my mom decided to show me a quick recap of last night’s episode of SNL. Honestly, I didn’t really laugh that much. I mean, yes, there were a few moments that ensued some laughter, but not all of the skits were that home run I was hoping for.

Out of all the skits last night, only one really stuck in my head, The Californians. The skit proved to be quite hilarious and it kept me laughing, probably because the cast had a hard time not breaking character, and they began laughing themselves.

I have only been to California once, but I’ve met quite a few of the “stereotypical” Californians while I was out in Colorado, and some of them seriously do act like that. Of course, the SNL skit was quite exaggerated, but it was still amazingly hilarious! But the best part of the skit, was seeing Bill Hader having such a hard time staying in character, and him almost busting out in laughter prompted the other actors to lose focus. The laughter is such a ripple effect.

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SNL | The Obama Show, Maya Angelou Pranks, Beyonce’s Baby, & More Hilarious Skits!

I haven’t really blogged about Saturday Night Live in quite some time (the past episodes just weren’t that funny,) but last night Maya Rudolph made a triumph return. I know that whenever she is hosting SNL, it’s going to be an hilarious episode filled with her crazy antics.

Well, Maya never ceases to amaze. Yet again, she hosted SNL and she totally brought the funny. But yet, it wasn’t just her winning all the laughter. The cast last night did a pretty amazing job. At one point in one of the sketches, Kristin Wigg broke character and couldn’t stop laughing. The entire skit fell apart, but you could totally tell that they did the best they could to save it. Maya tried her best to remain in character, but Kristin Wigg and Bill Hader totally lost it; they couldn’t stop laughing at all!

It was hilarious seeing that skit fall apart. I couldn’t imagine having to constantly remain in character while acting so silly. I’d be the first one to totally break focus and just have to walk off the set (which is basically kind of what happened, except Kristin “drove” a golf cart off set.) Kristin may have lost character during that skit, but she did pretty good pretending to be Taylor Swift during Jay-z & Beyonce’s Baby sketch. Now that right there, boy, such a hilarious skit! Not only did Maya Rudolph do a great Beyonce impersonation, Jay Pharoahe’s impersonation of Jay-Z was pretty accurate. I’ve seen him do it before, so it was nice to see him be the one to play Jay-Z. Can you guess who played Prince? Haha, not even going to tell you. You’ll have to just totally watch the video & see for yourself. But I will say the Nicki Minaj impersonation was funny, and Justin Timberlake even stopped by for a Bon Iver impersonation.

Being that it’s perhaps Black History month (or maybe it’s because Maya Rudolph is half Black,) the episode last night contained more “ethnic” related skits then usual. No complaints from me, but it would be nice to see more Black cast members & other ethnic groups on a regular basis. But I digress. So last night they decided to do this hilarious Maya Angelou Prank Show (I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs), and that skit alone had me cracking up!  I suppose I was laughing so hard because Maya Angelou has this proverbial demeanor that seems to lack a funny bone. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to play pranks, so it was great seeing her prank people & because they were so honored to meet her, they weren’t even upset. She took it upon herself to prank Morgan Freeman (Jay Pharoahe,) Cornell West (Kenan,) and even Stephen King (Bill Hader.) All of the pranks were pretty lame (they were supposed to be,) but her reaction and the reactions of her colleagues were hilarious!

The prank show skit was funny, but I have to say the best part of last night’s episode was The Obama Show. Fred Armisen & Maya Rudolph really brought they A-game with their portrayal of Michelle & Barack Obama. RememberThe Cosby Show opening? Well, SNL decided to recreate that opening. But instead of the Cosby family, it was the Obama family. It’s too funny for words! You have to totally watch it! Oh, and if you remember that episode when Cliff was trying to eat a hoagie, then you’ll surely enjoy the skit.

All in all, last night’s episode was awesomesauce! I loved every single moment of it, including a skit at the end called How’s He Doing? Basically in this skit Maya, Kenan, and Jay Pharoahe discussed Obama & what it would take for Black voters to not vote for him. I found it pretty funny, especially being that I am Black & a voter. So you might also find that one interesting, so I’m going to post it as well. Oh, and they totally brought back What’s Up With That?: President’s Day Special Yeah, I totally forgot about that! It was funny too, so I will post it below. :)

Like I said, last night was a smashing success! Saturday Night Live really brought the funny last night. Every moment was funny, but of course everyone has their own opinions on what skits might have been the best. For me, the best skits (hard to choose one) were The Obama Show, Jay-z & Beyonce’s Baby, and Maya Angelou Prank Show. How about y’all, what’s your favorite(s) skit from last night’s episode?

Super Showcase

Man, this skit fell apart! They couldn’t stop laughing!

Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Baby

Maya Angelou Prank Show

The Obama Show

What’s Up With That: President’s Day Special

How’s He Doing?

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Awesomesauce | Portlandia

So the other day I was perusing Netflix in search of something hilarious to watch. The comedy section didn’t really have anything that caught my eye, so then I decided to go check out the television series section. Simply put, I love television shows. I’m a TV junkie. No shame to my game. I love TV! It’s not like I just sit and watch drama filled reality shows (even though I do enjoy Love & Hip-Hop). There’s a lot of good stuff on television to watch, but I never really knew how awesome IFC was until yesterday. It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned I was missing out an amazing show, Portlandia.

I had seen a preview of the second season a few days ago while watching “Billy on the Street” on IFC (I’ll blog about that show too). Portlandia basically is a show that is based off the eccentric vibe of Portland, Oregon. It stars Fred Armisen (SNL) and Carrie Brownstein, and the two of them portray a variety of characters in this sketch comedy show. Each episode follows Fred & Carrie, as well as the other characters of Portland they portray.

Portland has been one of the spots in the United States (including Miami, Seattle, & Texas) that I have yet to visit. Even though I haven’t gone to Portland yet, I did hear quite a bit about it while I was living in Denver. I constantly ran into people that loved Portland and it’s hippy/90s coffee vibe. Just as the show Portlandia shows, Portland is a place where the dream of the 90s is still alive. It’s like an ultimate flashback. A city filled with hipsters, skaters, feminists, coffee lovers, and artsy fartsy folks. There is even an adult hide-and-seek league!

It wasn’t until watching Portlandia and cracking up at the characters, that I realized how awesome Portland must be. I don’t think I’d ever want to live there, but of course a visit couldn’t hurt. I plan on traveling the country and world, so might as well visit all the major cities I can. But until I actually go experience that 90s flashback for myself, then I will chill out and enjoy IFC’s original show, Portlandia.

Oh, and the theme song is amazing! The song is called “Feel it All Around” and it’s by this group called Washed Out. If you don’t watch the show for any other reason, then at least watch it for the theme song. It’s so chill….

Watch more clips on http://www.hulu.com/portlandia & be sure to check out the second season when it airs on January 6, 2012.

From the 1st episode


Adult hide-and-seek league

Theme Song w/ a cool video created by someone

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SNL: New Jack Swing, Kemper-Pedic, Regis Philbin Auditions, & More!

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was hosted by the hilarious Jason Segel. I’m a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, so every week I’m cracking up at the silly antics of Jason and the cast. He was always pretty funny in I Love You Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I’m sure the new Muppets movie will be a delightful treat. I’m a big fan of The Muppets, so I’m probably going to go see it.

The Muppets stopped by during Jason’s monologue, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So I changed the channel back to Donald Glover: Weirdo standup on Comedy Central. That was a pretty good comedy special, so I’m glad I have DVR and was able to record SNL. After watching his standup, I switched back to SNL and basically was able to fast forward to the funny skits.

Last night’s episode only had probably two skits I didn’t find funny, well I suppose 3 if you include that monologue in the opening. They use a script, so I guess it could count as a skit. So, I didn’t really find it too funny, but the other skits I did find funny had me cracking up. They did a pretty funny skit where they tried to find Regis Philbin replacements. I laughed super hard when Fred Armisen did this dead on impersonation of George Lopez. I just couldn’t stop laughing! I had never seen someone do such a great impersonation of George Lopez and his bravado, it was awesome!

I thought that was so funny, but I’m not going to lie, for some reason I laughed so hard at the Kemper-Pedic skit. I can’t even begin to explain that, so man…just watch for yourself! Oh and they also brought back the Red Flag commercial, so peep my other article on that episode at the bottom of this post. Some other skits worth watching are the New Jack Swing Thanksgiving Edition, Seducing Women Through Chess, Retirement Party, and Andre the Giant Gets an Ice Cream. The New Jack Swing skit was pretty funny because it was hilarious seeing them take New Jack Swing terminology and thanksgivingerize it. Yup, I sure did just make up a word. LOL. Having that thanksgiving spin on it is was made the skit funny.

Now the Seducing Women Through Chess was a digital short and that was funny because it looked so cheesy like an 80s lesson on macking. Andy Samberg played such a loser who couldn’t seduce women through chess, checkers, or anything! I will say I laughed the hardest when Jason Segel came onto the set as a prostitute and shanked Andy; his voice was so deep and manly, which is what made it so funny! Jason had a lot of good roles on the episode, including his performance as Andre the Giant ordering Ice Cream. It was so simple yet I found it funny. Also, the Retirement Party was a funny skit too only because Kristin Wigg kept yelling at everyone. Check that one out too if you’d like.

Jason Segel (in my opinion,) did a great job on last night’s episode. Also Florence and the Machine had a pretty good performance, and Florence Welch actually made some cameo’s in a few of the sketches. So be sure to check out some of the skits below, and don’t forget The Muppets movie is coming out November 23rd. It looks cute and funny, so I might have to go check it out.

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