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Pure Bliss | Flight Facilities x Emma Louise – ‘Two Bodies’

Normally, I’d sit here and write a few blurbs (or more if I’m ranting) about music and culture, but for this post the words have already been provided on behalf of Emma Louise.

I’m talking about the illusive, magnetic, and compelling lyrics that Emma Louise sings in Flight Facilities new single, “Two Bodies.”

Read the lyrics and be sure to watch the video for this intoxicating single that you can listen to on Flight Facilities’ debut album, Down To Earth. 

Official Video

“Two Bodies”

I didn’t understand it at the time. I fail to achieve any degree of understanding in the ensuing years, which are three in number. I presume Herb means that inherently you cannot be commercial and artistic. You cannot be commercial and quality. You cannot be commercial concurrent with have a preoccupation with the level of storytelling that you want to achieve. And this I have to reject. I don’t think calling something commercial tags it with a kind of an odious suggestion that it stinks, that it’s something raunchy to be ashamed of. I don’t think if you say commercial means to be publicly acceptable, what’s wrong with that?
As long as you are not ashamed of anything you write if you’re a writer, as long as you’re not ashamed of anything you perform if you’re an actor, and I’m not ashamed of anything.
This is the area I know. But I think innate in what Herb says is the suggestion made by many people that you can’t have public acceptance and still be artistic. And, as I said, I have to reject that.

Just two bodies
Just two bodies

I’ve been so ready to dim my mind

Come over or not, I’ve 
Been so ready to dim my mind
Your body a drug, for mine
Two bodies moving in
Time and space to try and heal me
I know what I want, so come over and


Hold me, I won’t ask for anything more
I’m hurting, use now when I’m vulnerable
It helps me fake some love for a little while
I know what I want, so take advantage of me

You’re closed, you’re a book. No lines
Can’t read you if I try
And if that’s the way you want it
That’s fine I’ll just close my eyes and
Try to ignore you, a free ride for you to

Just two bodies
Just two bodies


Music Video: Flight Facilities – ‘Stand Still (feat. Micky Green)’


Last week one of my favorite production duos, Flight Facilities, unveiled a catchy new single “Stand Still” featuring the Micky Green.

And now the “whistle-along” song has a super chill video to accompany it.

Go ahead and check out the freshness. :)

Space-Disco | Flight Facilities – ‘Clair De Lune (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)’

Whew, feels like I have been gone forever!

Sorry for being totally MIA this past week and a half. I had to make the final trek to Denver, Colorado via Amtrak from DC to Chicago to Denver, and then, with the help of my mom, pack up all our furniture from storage and drive it back home to Maryland. So yeah, long crazy road trip!

But, with the help of house music, I was able to get through the road-madness. And now I’m back to provide you with all things electronic dance music, especially the joyful sounds of house.


So, right now, go ahead and check out this Prine Thomas Diskomiks space-disco remix of Flight Facilities infectious single “Clair De Lune” featuring the vocals of Christine Hoberg. 


Nu Disco | Brynjolfur – ‘I Love You’ [VIDEO]


Until today, I had never heard of Brynjolfur. Yet, this artist who originally hails from Faroe Islands, has made his debut on Eskimo Recordings.

And you know what, the response so far is looking good. His single “I Love You” has gotten some early support from many producers, even Tensnake!

Check out this peculiar nu disco track and watch this experimental, borderline avant-garde, music video for “I Love You.”

Disco x Nu-disco x House | Le Visiteur – Le Quatrième

artworks-000054445962-66tbb6-t500x500Dropping a heavy handful of disco edits, nu-disco, and house, Le Visiteur brings us an August mixtape titled “Le Quatrième.”

The mix is a nice balance of disco, nu-disco, and house, and it’s a great summery vibe that makes you just want to get funky on the dance floor!

Give it a spin below…get your disco on!

For a full track listing, check out www.levisiteurmusic.com.

Flight Facilities Release a Beautiful New Single – ‘Clair De Lune’ (feat. Christine Hoberg)

After the release of “With You” by Flight Facilities featuring Grosvenor, I had been anxiously awaiting the next release from FF. I was curious if it was going to be a melodic house track or perhaps some fancy nu-disco production, but to my surprise, the new single is a beautiful, electronically melodic, 8-minute track called “Clair De Lune.”

“Claire De Lune” is a lovely track that lets the angelic vocals of Christine Hoberg shine, and the production is nothing but the best; Flight Facilities never disappoints.

The song is perfect for closing your eyes and getting lost in a storybook animation. Not sure about you, but that is what comes to mind. Beautiful whimsical animations of two characters journeying through a surrealism landscape. But one character, a man, is contemplating leaving the whimsical romanticism, and the other character, a woman, is pleading for them not to go. Amidst the cries…does he leave?