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Awesomesauce | Stop-Motion Karate (VIDEO)

The folks over at Corridor Digital have unleashed a new viral video called “Stop-Motion Karate” and it’s totally #awesomesauce.

Basically the video is a quirky story of what happens when two guys try to win a girl’s heart and duke it out kung fu style. The twist? Well, it’s shot in stop-motion style sort of like the oldschool NES game, Karateka.

Check out the visuals and be sure to peep out the behind-the-scenes footage on how this incredible stop-motion video was shot using a GoPro.

Making Of….

Check Out The Emotional/Epic Trailer for ‘Man of Steel’


Within the past few years, it appears that Superhero movies are becoming the expected; a summer doesn’t pass without an action-packed superhero blockbuster. With so many movies in the script stages, pre-production, production, and post-production, it’s hard to keep up with the films coming out, but SuperheroHype.com has got us covered. And it was all thanks to them that I saw the brand new emotional/epic trailer for Man of Steel.

Hitting theaters June 14th, 2013Man of Steel is a fresh take on Superman. Considering the failure of the last Superman movie, this film is a great revive of the legendary character. The Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300directed film began production in 2008, but now it’s finally ready for comic fans worldwide to get excited about. And with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogyas producer…its bound to be epic!

Watch the new trailer below. The film has a great cast: “Henry Cavill in the title role, with Amy Adams as Lois LaneMichael Shannon as General ZodDiane Lane as Martha KentKevin Costner as Jonathan KentLaurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Russell Crowe as Jor-El.” Wikipedia


Matt Damon Fights For Humanity/Equality in ‘Elysium’ Trailer [VIDEO]

matt-damon-s-elysium-unveils-poster-and-10-minute-footageYesterday, the Web’s hottest movie news was followed up with a brand new trailer of Neil Blomkamp‘s Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The District 9 director has unveiled his sophomore motion-picture film, and the buzz generated so far makes this film look quite promising.

Truly, there is often no better way to provoke thought than a sci-fi/futuristic film that gives us a glimpse of a war-torn future where the gap between the haves and the have nots in monumental…universal even. Elysium does exactly that, if not more.

Elysium takes us to the year 2154 and shows us that the privileged (the damn elite) live on Elysium, a planet of their own, while the poor and average-joes and janes are stuck on a disgusting war torn, impoverished earth. In comes Matt Damon, the average-joe who gets genetically modified and fitted with some bad-ass tech in order to take on all of Elysium and restore humanity to equilibrium.

Sounds kind of epic? Well, it is. The premise reminds me The Fifth Element, but of course it’s quite different. Yet, it does involve an action hero (Damon) taking on a bunch of bad guys in order to save humanity. Bruce Willis did the same (and always does in most of his films,) so I’m anxious to check Elysium out when it hits theaters August 9, 2013.

Bette Davis: Iconic Eyes & Magnificent Gowns

Jezebel (1938)Directed by William WylerShown: Bette Davis3633295963_aa35c8e6f3Just the other day I was having a conversation with my mom about our favorite Bette Davis films and while flipping through the channels, we stopped by our favorite, TCM, and they showed a preview of JezebelI had quickly forgotten which day it was supposed to air, but as I sat down this morning to write, I realized today was a Bette Davis marathon on TCM; I’m not going anywhere for hours.

Jezebel is one of my favorite Bette Davis films. I love it for many reasons (the acting, the plot, the set design,) but my favorite aspect of the film are the magnificent gowns that Bette Davis wore. She had several gowns that would cause any bride-to-be to have envy, and the picture at the top (and to the right) of this post happens to be my favorite gown from the film.

It’s such an elegant gown that exudes class and subtle sex appeal. The gown doesn’t need a plunging neckline or a massive amount of cleavage (which wasn’t a trend back then) to set the tone.

So how is the tone set in many of her classic films? The big eyes and gaze of Bette Davis could show sexual desire, sadness, happiness, fear, and a myriad of emotions in between. She didn’t need to try too hard or have thousands of lines (even though she did,) but all she had to do was gaze in one direction and you knew she was madly in love or hated the ground her suitor walked on. It could go either way.


You’ve probably, well hopefully, have heard the phrase “Bette Davis eyes.” Yes, it’s a classic song by Kim Carnes, but it also set the pace for the true meaning of acting with your eyes. Bette Davis had distinctive eyes that conveyed many emotions, and a lot of her films featured close-up scenes that allowed you to dive into her eyes and read her mind…

In most of her films she played the character you loved to hate or hated to love. Yet, once you begin one of her films, you have to watch the entire plot unfold and see what happens. And if anything, if you don’t watch it for the intricate story and her deep eyes, then watch it for the wonderful fashions.

I highly recommend if you have TCM that you enjoy the Bette Davis marathon today. And if you haven’t seen one of her films, then go browse YouTube or Netflix and get lost in Bette Davis’ eyes… :)

‘A Haunted House’ Is a Hilarious Movie That Delivers Non-Stop Dosages of Laughter!

A-Haunted-House-PosterSo I had the awesome pleasure of winning two VIP tickets to the Los Angeles screening of Marlon Wayans’ new movie, A Haunted House. How did I win? Simply by coming up with a hilarious Tweet in response to the promotional question, “Why do you want to see A Haunted House?” My tweet was “@AHHMOVIE I want to go because it’s a movie in which black folks are allowed talk & yell at the screen! lol It’s a dream come tru#AHHLA!” And I won! :)

Let me just tell you, if you’re looking for a movie with non-stop laughter and hilarious parodies of scary movies, then this is the one to watch! I was laughing so hard the entire time! Each line was perfectly timed and it’s one of those movies that you can’t help but enjoy. Aside from whatever critics might say, I’m telling you that this movie will crack you if…especially if you love Black films with hilarious antics.

Peep the trailer below and be sure to watch it tomorrow when it debuts in theaters nationally. The trailer is hilarious, but the entire film is an outrageous heavy dosage of laughter. Man, I’m stil sitting over here cracking up!

Awesomesauce | GTA: Rise – Live Action Short Film


Usually most movies based off games end up being horrible, but if Mass Effect 3 and Gears of War could be movies, they would be pretty good. There is already talks of a ME3 movie in the works, but could you imagine what it would be like if an open-world game like Grand Theft Auto became a film?

Well, director Gevorg Karensky decided to give us a taste of what a live-action Grand Theft Auto style film could look like. Of course, you’d need fast cars, a criminal in a rugged leather jacket, and some epic party scene, followed by a shoot-out or chase scene. Yeah, that sounds like a scene from a GTA game. Well, in the Karensky directed short “GTA:Rise” you’ve got all of the ingredients of a pretty good GTA-style action scene.

If this was a feature length film, would you watch it? Heck, I would. What can I say? I like chase scene, flashy cars, leather jackets, and all things reminiscent of GTA.