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Stupid Dope | Feel Good Lost Films [Music Videos]

Saw this video last night while perusing YouTube. I love the entire vibe of the song, as well as the abstract video. It’s stupid dope.

While I was watching the video, I also took a few moments to check out some more music videos from Feel Good Lost Films. Let’s just say, wow……so much cool stuff! They have a lot of stunning music videos that are just visually awe-inspiring, and the music is also really good. It sucks when you’ve got high quality music videos and terrible music, but that isn’t something you should expect from anything tagged with the name “Feel Good Lost Films.”

Want more stupid dope? Then check out a few other videos below. :) There are so many videos, so I didn’t post them all (even though I wanted to.) So go to the official website of Feel Good Lost Films for more awesomesauce. http://www.feelgoodlost.me/

This one (above) deserves to be watched in HD, so click on HD!

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