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International Dance Sensation Crystal Waters

Yesterday I wrote a post about my love for house music and forgot to mention my other love, dance music. House is an aspect of the electronica/dance genre, but there are so many avenues within that category. House, dance, techno, trance, drum & bass, acid, garage, dub-step, breakbeat, disco, hi NRG, hardstyle, eurodance, and so many other genres. With so many genres, new genres, and hybrid genres being formed every day, it would be impossible to write a relevant book on electronica/dance music.

I’d love to cover everything and all the genres, but I do have to sleep at some point. It would take forever to go over the history, so I’d like to continue my tradition of posting some good artists and leave you guys wanting more each week. So today I’m going to talk about the legendary international sensation Crystal Waters. If your a regular on the club scene, especially during the 90s and when they play classic club bangers, then you’ve heard of Crystal Waters.

I’ve been listening to her music since the early 90s (and I was only in elementary school) and today is the first time I made the connection that she was related to the legendary Ethel Waters. I watch a lot of old films and my mom made sure I knew the classic black films, so I’ve seen “Cabin in the Sky” and “Stormy Weather” plenty of times. Ethel Waters is one of the greatest black actresses, singers, and jazz musicians throughout history. It’s amazing hearing her sing with Count Basie and his orchestra jamming in the background. She was another one of those great black females( including Billie Holiday) that found success in Baltimore in the early 1900’s (wow that was such a long time ago!)

Crystal Waters is the grand-niece of the Grammy Hall of Fame inductee Ethel Waters, so it’s no surprise that Crystal is so talented, especially coming from such great lineage. With 16 number one and Top ten singles, her international success speaks for itself. You can’t talk about dance music without mentioning her classic tracks “Gypsy Woman”, “100% Pure Love”, and Europe’s 2004 Top 10 Dance Hit “Destination Unknown”, which was a collaboration with Alex Gaudino.

She has an immense collection of great songs that get your body moving and she really does deserve the title of “Legendary Dance Sensation”. Crystal Waters is the embodiment of all things dance related and I’m glad she is continuing the tradition of creating great dance tracks for dance lovers worldwide! I ran across her latest song, Crystal Waters vs. Fred Pellichero “Say Yeah” and have listened to it four times in a row. It has a great sound and still has that Crystal Waters quality.

Her voice is truly unique and stands out amongst all the dance tracks in the clubs today…she is still a classic. You can’t talk about club classic’s without mentioning Crystal Waters, NightCrawlers, Robin S, and Inner City. Those artists set the pace for dance music and give the term “a night on the town” a reason to exist! So take that “Like a G6”! That track could never be a dance classic…definitely not in my book. β€œLike a G6” isn’t a dance hit classic but yet anotherΒ  watered down pop song with a dance beat.

Check out the Official video for Crystal Waters vs. Fred Pellichero “Say Yeah”. Can’t believe she has been in the music game 20 years and is 46 years old…she looks greats!

She doesn’t stop with her music, Crystal Waters continues to bring forth love for the dance community with her site Club Heads Radio and Club Heads TV.For more information visit her site and like her on FB.


Crystal Waters vs. Fred Pellichero “Say Yeah”

100% Pure Love


Gypsy Woman


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