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Fresh Visuals | Duke Dumont – ‘Won’t Look Back’ (VIDEO)

House aficionado, Duke Dumont, has released some fresh visuals to go with his bangin’ classic infused jam, “Won’t Look Back.”

The video showcases the coolest bank robbers ever; they don’t have a getaway car, they escape on pogos.

Check it out:

Won’t Look Back

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Defected | Copyright – ‘Move Over’

One of my favorite UK-based house production duos, Copyright, have finally unveiled the official sounds for their “Move Over” EP.

I first heard this infectious track a few weeks ago on the Defected In The House Radio show (via iTunes), but now the official sounds are up on soundcloud…and I’m totally in love with the full EP!

The title track, “Move Over” is an absolute banger that will have you dancing instantly. Even if you tried to fight it, you couldn’t. There is just something so intoxicating about the beats and how they just groove in all the right places. ;)

Move Over


Deep House | Low Steppa Presents Dusty Sessions 5 (Mixtape)

If you’re in pursuit of a banging, yet chilled mix to spice up your day, then check out this insatiable mix from Low Steppa’s Dusty Sessions mix series.

Right off the back, “Dusty Sessions 5″ mix start of with some killer vibes to wake you up. Then, after you’ve got that adrenaline flowing, the mix takes a route towards the chilled sounds of deep house.

It’s got enough momentum to put a smile on your face, make you dance a little, and still get some “work” done at the office.


Indie Dance | Moonbootica – ‘These Days Are Gone (Chordashian Remix)’ [Preview]

Chordashian_1Chordashian’s new remix of Moonbootica’s “These Days Are Gone” is the perfect blend of indie vibes and a future-pop escape.

Albeit we’ve only got a 2-minute preview, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the full track and it’s truly a majestic journey of sound.

The track starts off with mellow atmospheric vocals and hints of synths, but once the beat comes into full swing, you become enticed by a killer bassline and some bangin’ percussion.

Check out the preview:

These Days Are Gone (Chordashian Remix)


Dope Design | Daft Punk Inspired Art Show Debuts In San Francisco

Daft Punk Gauntlet GalleryIn my opinion, Daft Punk is one of the most iconic electronic duos to ever grace the earth. These French guys have truly revolutionized the endless potential of electronic music production, and they’ve also become trendsetters with their iconic “robot” helmets.

So, in a refreshing concept of paying homage to Daft Punk, a San Francisco art gallery has opened a Daft Punk inspired group show titled “Daft Punk Deux.”

Gauntlet Art Gallery is currently running the show until June 24th and the Daft Punk inspired works can be seen online at their website.  You can even purchase prints of these stunning original creations.

[Image via Gauntlet Art Gallery]

Overall, “Around The World” is still one of my favorite Daft Punk selections:

Steve Aoki

EDM | Steve Aoki x Kid Ink – ‘Delirious (Boneless)’


Rappers on EDM tracks doesn’t normally result in tracks I’d love, but since I’m actually a fan of Steve Aoki, I’ll accept his collaboration with Kid Ink.

I don’t really listen to Kid Ink, but I absolutely love that track “Show Me” featuring Chris Brown. What can I say? I love Breezy. :)

Anyways, so yeah, like I was saying, Steve Aoki has debuted a new track called “Delirious(Boneless)” and it features some bars from Kid Ink.

It’s not perfect, but it’s not as bad as “Tsunami” featuring Tinie Tempah. Ugh, that song is terrible! One of the worst raps I’ve heard on an EDM track…it’s just bad.

“Delirious(Boneless)” isn’t bad, but it’s not awesome. It’s simple, repetitive, cliche, and perhaps could be good if you’re really drunk.

Either way, check it out:

Delirious (Boneless)