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But Mom, I Want to Be a Super Saiyan!

During the days of middle school I never really watched much Dragon Ball Z. It was mainly because I was stuck in this phase of conformity, and I kept trying to impress the girls around me in order to be part of the “popular crowd.” Apparently it wasn’t normal for a female to love video games, always talk about zombie attacks, and to constantly be in class talking about classic movies & paintings I’d hope to complete. It was “weird.”

So yes, I did try to avoid the stigma of being weird, but that didn’t last for long. I eventually realized that I’d rather chill with the geeks during lunch and listen to them argue about Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and discuss video games; I fit in with that crowd, not the popular divas. So after awhile I started watching some episodes of Dragon Ball Z, and I finally understood why everyone said they wanted to grow up and be a Super Saiyan….it’s so badass!

Who doesn’t want to grow up and become a Super Saiyan? It’s such a legendary transformation of overwhelming power, and it’s one that just looks super awesome. All the yelling & crazy hair blowing in the wind of energy is pretty epic if you ask me. So I’m not shocked when I still meet grown men that are fellow geeks and they still have that desire to be a Super Saiyan. Even if it’s impossible in our reality, it’s still fun to dream of being that awesome.

I’m never surprised to hear dudes rant about how awesome it would be, so I wasn’t at all shocked when comedian & vlogger Chengman decided to do an awesome Super Saiyan Prank. He basically took the level of awesomeness that encompasses transforming into a Super Saiyan and decided to do it in public. He basically walked into random public places and began yelling as if he was transforming. It’s so hilarious! I’m actually quite surprised he didn’t get arrested for being a public nuisance. But you’d have to lack sense of humor and a geeky bone to not find what he did funny, cool, awesome, and borderline epic.

I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to do what he did, but it’s still very awesome. The furthest I’d probably ever go is walking around public in some cosplay outfit. Yeah, that’s probably the most I’d do. Actually, I’m in the process of figuring out what to buy in order to dress myself up like the 80s cartoon character Jem, and take a bunch of photos. That should be fun, so stay tuned for that! And Wonder Woman cosplay too. :) But for now, enjoy the hilarious video below & remember that it’s totally okay if you want to grow up and be a Super Saiyan. That’s totally more epic than becoming a lawyer or top celebrity. Okay, maybe not that serious, but eh, still pretty epic.

And oh, you think it ends there? Nope, check out this kid below who really wants to be a Super Saiyan.  Haha, I love his video! Sadly enough, I be thinking like that too sometimes….yeah, I’m weird.

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