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Space-Disco | Flight Facilities – ‘Clair De Lune (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)’

Whew, feels like I have been gone forever!

Sorry for being totally MIA this past week and a half. I had to make the final trek to Denver, Colorado via Amtrak from DC to Chicago to Denver, and then, with the help of my mom, pack up all our furniture from storage and drive it back home to Maryland. So yeah, long crazy road trip!

But, with the help of house music, I was able to get through the road-madness. And now I’m back to provide you with all things electronic dance music, especially the joyful sounds of house.


So, right now, go ahead and check out this Prine Thomas Diskomiks space-disco remix of Flight Facilities infectious single “Clair De Lune” featuring the vocals of Christine Hoberg. 


Summer Fitspiration | Me…Myself..and My Bike


In late November, at the age of 21, I moved to Los Angeles, California. Taking a Greyhound bus from Denver to Los Angeles, I made the bold decision, with 80 bucks in my wallet, to explore California, live with my brother, and attempt to figure life out.

I’m still not sure if you ever really reach the day upon which you truly figure life out, but in this mad, wild, and abstract journey of my life, I’ve “figured” out a few things.

There are handful of things I’ve “figured” out so far, but I’ll albeit those are surely going to take more than a blog post to discuss. However, one thing I figured out is that I truly love fitness, but gym memberships bore me. And since I lived in North Hollywood without a car, I figured out that not only was biking a great way to get around, but it’s a great fitness regime.

Thanks to not owning a car and not being able to find work in Los Angeles, even with a college degree (aside from being car-less,) I was able to scrounge up some cash, head to the vintage shop Eclectica (in the heart of NOHO,) and buy a bike. Ah, my old, rusty, vintage bike that had been around since the early 80s. My bike had seen many owners and had probably been rode crazy places, but that dirty blue bike was my favorite blue whore. And I rode that bike as much as I could, until it was time for me to leave Los Angeles and say goodbye to my weight-loss savior.

Roughly, my 6ft frame has probably lost 25-30 lbs alone simply by biking, oh, and living on a Ramen Noodle, somedays no-food diet. Yeah, people ask me how I lost weight, and I tell them, “Living in LA without a car, biking and walking everywhere, and being broke.” Harsh reality, but it was my remedy for fighting PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and finally dropping the pounds.

I still have PCOS, but I don’t let it define me. And I might not be broke, (well I still am on that life-after-college survival guide,) but that love of biking I discovered in LA is still strong and in pursuit of even more fitspiration. I’ve been back in the DMV since March, and now that I’m no longer homeless living from hotel to hotel (as well as the car,) I’m settled into life with my parents in Annapolis.

Now that my life is gaining some much-needed normalcy, I’ve dealt with my bike envy, and finally bought myself a brand new Scwhinn.

Craving a need to just be alone and get in the zone, biking (or you can call it cycling) is my way of finding a peace and tranquility that partying (even though I love) doesn’t give me. Yes, I can dance for hours non-stop (sober) and have an adrenaline rush, but biking around Annapolis gives me a new adventure that has unexpected twists and turns. Especially since I’ve never lived over here before, exploring Annapolis on my bike is truly my new addiction. I can knock out 10+ miles, cruise random areas, and end up at the bay watching ships and boats cruise on by.

Biking is of course a great way for me to shed even more weight and stay in great health, but I don’t view it as a workout: riding is a lifestyle. I’m learning new things each day, seeing new neighborhoods, and I’m cruising around town jamming to house music. I don’t worry about who’s texting me or calling me. It’s all about me, myself, and my bike. You don’t need a posse to explore the road…going it alone and pushing yourself to new heights is truly amazing fitspiration. :)


Daydream To The Beautiful Sounds of Fort Romeau – ‘Jetée’


I love the city, but I hate it. On a Saturday morning, I don’t want to hear the sounds of cars whizzing by, strangers shuffling on the sidewalk, and the sounds of construction workers building another monster in the sky.

The silence of the countryside and the mountains is something I miss, and when I listen to Fort Romeau’s “‘Jetée'” I found myself drifting to that distant serenity.

Growing up in Colorado, I grew accustomed to the sounds of nature. Denver could bring the ruckus, but Colorado Springs was often tranquil; for the most part. The serenity of standing on top of Pikes Peak and hearing the sound of the wind breezing by, is a moment in my life I’ll always remember. Days like those are ones I feign for. I wish I could escape to a quieter space in life. But in DC, it’s hard to find that tranquility.

Searching for an oasis is a desire I’ve yet to fulfill. But hopefully with the next few years I’ll discover a place I can truly call home. Somewhere quiet, yet accessible to a large metropolitan. I don’t think living off the grid work for me: Starbucks must be in the vicinity. :)




Sexy x Soulful Boogie | Jad & The Ladyboy ‘Closer’ EP


I was in the mood for some sexy soulful boogie, so I headed over to one of my favorite blogs that features disco. I could tell you the name, but I’d rather keep where I get my music from a secret. ;)

So while I was browsing around looking for something sexy-funk-soul-boogie music, I checked out the new EP from Australia’s Jad & The Ladyboy.  Currently signed to Gazeebo International (based in Denver), Jad Lee has delivered some sexy new music on his new EP, Closer. 

Trust me, if you thought that picture above is sexy, then you haven’t heard anything yet. Prepare your ears for some sexy and soulful boogie…baby, let’s groove tonight! Haha, just had to throw that in there.

Deep House | Deep Future ‘Fixations’ EP

If it wasn’t for Deep House, I’m not sure how I would have survived my Greyhound trip from Denver to North Hollywood. But thanks to the sounds of bangin’ deep (and some soulful) house, I had hours of mixes (many I’ve posted on this blog) to zone out to.

Now, I might not have had an MP3 version of Deep Future’s EP on my iPod, but that didn’t stop me from playing the original track + remixes in my head. Oh, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t download the EP,Fixations, well that is because it won’t be officially released until December 3rd; jam to the previews on soundcloud until then.

The original tracks “Let Me” and “You Need It” are quite stellar, but the Dirty Channels Gruuvy Rework and Detroit Swindles “Never Enough” Interpretation are deeper “interpretations” worth jamming to. And the deepest of them all is truly the Detroit Swindle touch on an original deep track…they made a deep track go even deeper.

Check out the originals + remixes below. And while you’re in the mood for a deep delight from Detroit Swindle, give “The Wrap Around” a listen. Trust me, I think you’re going to love it! Older release, but freshly deep. 


As of late I’ve been going through this entire process of figuring out life, especially considering I graduate in a few weeks. The only reason I moved to Denver is because I live with my parents, and so I’m like really anxious to save up money and go somewhere else; make my own path and find my own “home.”

So in the midst of everything I’m going through and in the process of realizing I have the power to start my own business offering my writing services, I ended up writing this poem about all the rejections writers face. We all get them. Some hurt, some help. I know I’ve had my fair share of high acclaim, as well as horrible rejection that makes you want to crawl up into a ball and shed tears.

But the good + bad have formulated a bold confidence in my work, my writing style, and my personality. I realized that even though the rejections can make you feel inadequate, you have to realize your worth and let the pain propel you to write even more.


Abyss of letters,
ink patiently fading away
as pounding tears shred the words to bits

Adequate words,
truths you were never the one
We chose someone else,
anecdotes for “failure”

Pain boiling in your soul,
tormenting fragments of words
dripping with blood
Simmering visions of defeat
enticing the dreams,
a land once polluted with happiness

You’re only a page away from truth,
heartbeat lying within your pen
is an “adequate” a pulse.