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Coolest House On The Block: LMFAO Halloween Light Show

I may not be a big Halloween fanatic, but I will say I’m totally digging the LMFAO Halloween Light Show. Have you guys seen it?! Apparently there is this amazing guy named Kevin Judd from Riverside, California who decks his house every year with lights. Now I’m not talking about any old tacky Christmas lights and a battle of the lights in the movie Deck the Halls, but I’m talking about a perfectly timed light show that plays in sync with a hit song.

Last year Judd set up the light show to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and this year it’s set to my favorite LMFAO song, “Party Rock Anthem.” I’ve done a few posts on my blog about how awesome LMFAO is, but now it’s apparent that the guys of LMFAO are becoming pop culture references. Everywhere I turn I’m hearing their music or someone talking about shufflin’, and I’m so loving it! It’s a trend that will never get old for me, and this Halloween Light Show just reminds me how amazing LMFAO is!

If you haven’t seen the video yet, then check it out! Judd hasn’t said much about the light show and his video becoming a viral sensation,  but he did say “My wife picked the song. I always like to throw in one or two non-Halloween songs. It kind of fit because [“Party Rock Anthem”] has multiple singers… It’s not my typical music, but I don’t hate the song. My kids like it.” See even this guy isn’t a regular electronic/dance music fan, but he still can appreciate the music and create a mind blowing light show that is a viral hit!

So whether you love LMFAO or just don’t really jam to it, you’ve got to admit that this house is surely the coolest house on the block! I’m sure the neighbors may be annoyed because of all the sound, but if I lived next to this house I’d be outside shufflin’ all the time!

Party Rock Anthem


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