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Dude, “Feed the Dada” [Official Music Video]

Deep house feeds my soul, but I have no problem getting rowdy and letting electro feed my soul as well. And yes, I occasionally can get a little crazy (and I’m usually sober) and start jumping up and down while aggressively fist pumping. But hey, electro makes me just get super hyped, whereas in contrast deep & soulful house brings out this alluring sexiness that requires me to sway my hips and get lost while the DJ serenades me with pulsating sounds blaring from the soundsystem.

Uber dramatic, right? Well, I’m just telling you the reality of the contrast between electro and deep house and the affect it has on me. But sometimes it’s nice to get a little crazy, and one of my favorite duo’s that produces rowdy tracks is Dada Life. Them Swedish boys (along with Swedish House Mafia) know how to party!

Of course, they are probably most known for their hit single “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker,” but the guys of Dada Life have some other great songs, including their latest releases “Feed The Dada.”

I like the vibe of some of their other songs, but “Feed The Dada” is a good track and the guys serve up yet another video featuring them grinning weirdly and folks going crazy to the music. Seriously, it seems like every single video they make these creepy faces that have me cracking up. For instance, look at the picture. Creepy right? But awesome! Do you feel like “feeding the Dada?” LOL Watch the video…

Oh, and if you happen to be a fan of Dada Life and you live in the DMV, then be sure to check out Life In Color (formerly known as Dayglow.) It’s one of the biggest paint parties ever, and I’m totally going to be there. :)

♥ Electro House | Dada Life – ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker’ [Official Music Video]

Wednesday is going pretty slow right now. So in order to life up my spirit (as well as my readers,) I knew the perfect track to post for today; Dada Life’s hit song, “Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker. If this song and music video doesn’t change your mood, then dude, something is wrong with you. Seriously, this song rocks!

Not only is it one of my favorite tracks, but I’m loving the hilarious music video. So much destruction taking place. Ah, it must be nice to literally destroy things all day. Very epic…indeed.

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