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Getting Lippy With it: Psychology 101

Women all have their obsessions: shoes, purses, etc.  I am, for all of intensive purposes, addicted to an array of lip products – balms, glosses, lipsticks.  I have tried products from the ever reliable Chapstick brand to Clinique to the main stay of pre teens everywhere – Lip Smackers.  Women everywhere exfoliate, moisturize, stain, color, outline, paint, gloss and lacquer lips with abandon.   Which leads to me the question of why do I (and countless other lip junkies) devote so much time, effort and financial resources on this particular feature?

Our mouths are essential.  We need them to speak.  We need them to eat.  But lips have another job:  to divulge plenty about a person without uttering one word.  Upturned corners of the mouth signal happiness, contentment and that all is right with the world while downward corners convey sadness, worry.  Since lips are also host to a vascular network, they can react, broadcasting one’s mood.  For example, being less than truthful results in receding of lips, as if the lips are trying to disappear.  When one is under stress, one tends to bite their lips in order to self soothe.  Assessing the lip movements can aid others in determining another person’s actual emotional state despite what may be coming out of their mouths.

And lest we forget that lips signify fertility in the sexual realm.   Men view women with full lips as more sexually appealing.  Armed with perception that one must have ample, voluptuous lips, women will reportedly spend nearly $1500 on lipstick alone in a lifetime.  Cosmetic manufacturers promise that their products will plump, smooth, and make them simply irresistible.

Lips convey so much, but will you be able to separate truth from fiction by watching someone’s lips in the future?  And will you judge another by the state of their plump or thin lipped appearance?

Less Is More

The other day I watched ten minutes of Ultimate Merger with Toccara. The show and her personality was blah but the hilarious moment was when her foundation rubbed off onto his guy’s white mask. She had them dancing with her wearing white masks and the moment she got close to his face, she pulled away leaving a big brown patch on his mask. Seriously? At what point do you realize you’re doing way too much. Um, a little too much makeup!

I’m always having these conversations with my male friends and guys I go on dates with. I love discussing the topic of natural beauty and how some women are doing way too much. Your beauty starts on the inside and then its outward. If you cake layers of foundation on your face, then how do you expect someone to reach the beauty inside?

Caking on so much makeup can be a distraction from your true beauty. A lot of guys may love looking at those girls that are dolled up 24/7, but actually being close to them comes with so many stipulations. You can’t kiss her cheek because it took her hours applying foundation (exaggerated, but you get the point.) Perhaps you want to run your fingers through her hair, but she just got her tracks tightened and her weave is meant to look flawless; you can look but never touch.

I think it’s hilarious when most Black men are often timid when it comes to the subject of touching a woman’s hair. They usually have to ask first, make sure the territory is safe, then gently touch. I’ve met quite a few men that are often shocked when I say they can play with my hair and do whatever they want. I don’t care, it’s just hair.  Seriously, it’s not the end of the world if a man touches your hair. But if you have tracks, then it probably is a touchy subject( haha, touchy…the irony!) I don’t have tracks, extensions, and I don’t wear a wig. My hair is growing out of my scalp and it’s perfectly okay to touch, no permission needed if we are cuddling or hanging out. It has a lot of different natural colors in it and it’s growing nicely, it’s my hair. I love the feel of a guy running his fingers through my hair, it just feels right, natural….ya know?

I can see why a guy would be reserved when attempting to touch a Black woman’s hair, but the issue of wearing too much makeup is a universal issue. So many women are obsessed with flaunting a flawless and glamorous look 24/7, yet the fact it can easily get smeared or rubbed off is far from “flawless.” I understand wanting look fabulous. But all that foundation and makeup you see on celebrities and models is due to the fact they are in the spotlight. They have to portray this image of being flawless role models, the epitome of beauty.

The women I see on television and fashion advertisements are beautiful, but it’s not something I strive for. I’m just not going to put a lot of time and effort on putting foundation all over my face, blending it to match my complexion, then having to worry about not hugging a guy wearing a white shirt or laying on white sheets. Yet some girls truly live and breathe by their makeup bags. Some girls know how to have balance and make it look natural, but why not just rock a natural look anyway. Let your pores breathe! True beauty should be effortless. A beauty regime shouldn’t be a circus act. Wearing too much makeup can become a nightmare. Who wants to look like Lil Kim? Not a good look and definitely not sexy.

When I wake up in the morning, I take a shower, brush my teeth, and then wash my face. If I’m going out I’ll apply lipstick (if I’m in the mood) and I’ll dab on a little eyeshadow. That’s it, nothing fancy. The most you’ll ever see me in is perhaps a brighter shade of lipstick, but that’s only if I’m in a bright vibe. I’ve tried foundation in the past and didn’t like wearing it. I’d rather have a great skin-care regime and keep my skin soft. If a guy kisses my face, I will feel his soft lips against my smooth skin; there won’t be a layer of foundation blocking the full effect of the kiss. I won’t be a slave to foundation, never!!!!!

Keeping it simple is my makeup motto. I’ve tried to put on a lot in the past, but it doesn’t work. I love the radiance of my natural skin and it brings out my inner beauty. I’ve seen so many makeup tragedies and all I can do is shake my head. A lot of women would be a lot more beautiful if they stopped putting on sooooooo much makeup. There’s nothing wrong with rocking makeup, but ladies, stop going overboard. A man shouldn’t feel like he’s dating a porcelain doll. A man wants a woman to be comfortable around him and let her natural beauty shine. He wants to be able to gently brush your face and leave soft kisses on your cheeks. You should be blushing naturally, not because you put a bunch of blush on your cheekbones.

The natural beauty of being a woman is phenomenal. Every woman has something about her that makes her beautiful, even if one man finds her beautiful and not hundreds. I don’t strive to be a porcelain doll, but a real woman that you can look at and touch. A man shouldn’t be worried about ruining his brand new shirt if I snuggle up close for a hug. He may pretend like it doesn’t bother him, but trust me, it does. A guy loves eye candy but he also wants a woman to feel and look real. She can dress up and look like she just stepped off the runway, but she can also be sexy in some shorts, tank, and flip-flops (I rock that on chill days.) Next time you think about trying to impress a guy, think twice before caking on layers of foundation. Less is more, literally, use less makeup!

©Jasmine McGee