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Music P-P-Power!

So I have this thing for music. I know it’s shocking! Who does that? Well I do. Music is just great. It’s very mystic, because what is it? What is it about booming sounds pulsating through your body that makes you want to just move? Not just move, but move with passion, move with intent, move with resolve. It can make you cry, whether it has a message or has no lyrics. It doesn’t matter. It can make you bawl like a little baby! It inspires, brings about fear, happiness, it pretty much has the emotional spectrum covered. It’s like a superpower. Probably not the best super power….

Or is it? Could it, in fact, be the greatest super power?…Probably not, but think about it. Just follow me and enjoy the journey. Who is Musicman, or Musicwoman, or the The Great Note? I can’t think of a name, dammit I’m not that creative! It would be a cool power to have. You would just need to be smart about how you use it. What would the famed music super hero do? How would they fight crime? I guess if a group of people rob a bank or something Music superhero person could play a sad tune. It would be a tune so sad, and meaningful, and retrospective that the robbers would truly begin to contemplate their place in the world. Slowly they would put their weapons down not knowing how to describe these newly found emotions. The tears would pour. They would reflect upon a time when life was much more simple. They would think about when they were kids and how they frolicked in the grass. They’ll remember the giggles, the good times, and they would slowly realize those times are gone, and the massive mistakes they’ve made. Tears would flow, regrets would be deeply felt, but they would smile knowing that perhaps those times could come again…..then BAM! Music hero cuts off all their heads with one fatal swing with his/her badass Katana, because why wouldn’t they have a Katana?

That could work. I’d buy that comic, I’d watch that film, definitely would read the book, but what if it becomes an amazing piece of work? What if it’s too amazing? Like so amazing that I decide that I want to be Musicman then I’m found dead under mysterious circumstances next to radioactive waste and an Ipod? I’m certainly that stupid, so on second thought maybe the book/film/comic could be put on hold for awhile.A man can dream though, and I will, and maybe someday out in the great distance you will see the outline of me floating just outside your house. Then I’ll probably cut your head off for some reason.

Geek Chic Decor | Marvel Comics Retro Love Comic Murals

I haven’t drawn anything in quite some time so last night I figured it would be nice to draw superheroes & comic related art. If I had to choose between drawing superheroes or beautiful fashion related sketches (which I love drawing,) hands down I’d chose powers over fabrics any day.

So after gathering all my materials (pencils, eraser, and sketch book) I began perusing the Web in search of some inspiration. I found some awesome things, but in the midst of my search I ran across the most amazing thing I have ever seen; series of large murals featuring retro Marvel comics.

Some of the artwork actually comes in a few sizes, but a majority of the artwork come in a large mural format. I know it’s geeky to want to have Marvel comic themed artwork in your living room, but I’ve got to admit the Marvel Comics Retro Love Comic Murals are far from geeky. It’s this innovative pop art expression, and I’m a big fan of pop art & retro loved themed comic panels, so I’m totally going to buy one or two murals.

The murals range from $124 to $279 (the one to the right cost that much because it’s 96″ x 96″).  Even if you’re not a fan of the loved themed ones, then you can also check out some of the awesome Marvel Comic murals that featuring some amazing superheroes. There are so many different options to choose from, so the best thing to do is visit the website & began bookmarking the ones you want to buy.

Art.com & AllPosters.com both sale these murals, so click the links below to browse the selection. It’s so geeky yet very chic! It’s the perfect wall art solution for a geek-chic female who wants to take her modern apartment & add a retro vibe. It’s also great for guys that love their bachelor pads and want to show off a passion for Marvel without going over board like Steve Carrell’s room in the 40-year-old Virgin. It’s a nice balance of geek decor infused with modern edge that make its super cool.

So to all my fellow geeks & nerds out there, if you want to show off your style without going overboard, then I suggest you check out these murals and find one or two that suit your taste. What’s the point in having geek tendencies if you don’t get to show them off in your living space? I love comic book artwork, so you know I have to show it off my living space. If I’ve learned anything from my years of watching HGTV, I’ve learned it’s important to show off your personality. Now that’s the beauty of decorating. Bits & pieces of you should be incorporated in your design. So if you’re geeky, then show it off!

Click the following link for Marvel Comics Retro Love Comic Murals: http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?startat=/getthumb.asp&txtSearch=love%20comic%20panel&CID=

Click the following for all Marvel murals: http://www.art.com/gallery/id–b151973-d207244/marvel-wall-murals.htm

Below are an assortment of Love Comic Murals & Retro Comic Murals from Marvel.

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