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I Kinda Like It | Chris Brown x Kid Ink – Show Me


Despite the fact I have my occasional hipster antimainstream/pop culture moments, I actually enjoy most of the pop culture musings. While I absolutely CAN’T STAND Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian (major ewww fest) on the other hand I’ve got a lil’ love for Chris Brown.

Maybe it’s because my brother (Jamile McGee) is in his music video “Gimme That” and has worked with him on several occasions, as well as partying with him in Los Angeles, or perhaps it’s because I used to have a crush on Breezy; I’ve got a spot for him in my heart. As much as the kid effs up, he still has some dope music and legit dance moves that get him a pass in my book. Continue reading

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Dope | Ester Dean – ‘Bam Bam’ [Official Video]

Yo, this video is hilariously dope! Saw it a few days ago, and I know it’s not normally what I post, but I’m full of surprises. ;)

Ester Dean is legit and this beat goes hard! Peep the video below for her track, “Bam Bam.”


This is What Happens When Peter Griffin x Friends Rap to Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ [Video]

img_12106_man-raps-look-at-me-now-using-family-guy-voicesIt’s officially Friday. You know what that means? Let the weekend shenanigans begin! Yay yeah yay! Whether you decide to party it up or go on a nice rendezvous with your friends (or a daring lover), you should totally kick off your weekend with a great laugh.

Today’s laugh comes from this amazing viral video of this super cool guy rapping to Chris Brown’s song “Look At Me Now.” Oh, but it’s not just another wannabe rapper doing a Breezy cover. Nope, it’s way more original; he raps the entire song in Family Guy voices. That’s right, in all the voices from the popular characters from Family Guy. And you know what? His impersonations are dead on!

I’ll admit I can do a pretty good Mr. Herber, you know the old creepy guy…but I couldn’t do all of the voices jumping back and forth from one to the other. Yet, this guy does it flawlessly! His lyrics are witty and the animations on the video are also bound to ensue laughter. So if you’re in the mood for some good weekend comedy, then check out this video. Not only is it super cool, but as a Family Guy fan, I will say it is quite impressive!


Not Bad | Chris Brown “Turn Up the Music” (Official Music Video)

I didn’t even bother watching the Grammy Awards this year. Not quite sure where I was, but most likely it involved either blogging or playing MW3. You know I’m a gamer, so I surely stay on my Ps3 quite a bit.

Usually I go track down the performances I might have missed, but this year I just didn’t care. I just read the usual controversies on Bossip surrounding Chris Brown, Rihanna, and folks still not liking him. None of that really phases me because I like Chris Brown, and I know some inside scoop on the reality of their relationship. Like I said, my brother (dancer/choreographer Jamile McGee from SYTYCD Season 1) has spent a lot of time hanging out with Chris Brown and showing him dance moves. So after partying with him and hanging out with his crew, you know eventually that dreaded Rihanna situation comes up.

I’m not one to dish out dirt unless you ask me in person, so I’m keeping what I know to myself. As far as I’m concerned, I still like Chris Brown. I may not listen to his music all the time (usually off listening to electronica,) but I definitely will say that I like his new music video for his dance track “Turn Up the Music.”

I’m basically used to a lot of R&B and hip-hop artists attempting to do dance tracks, so at this point it’s expected. It’s becoming trendy. But not everyone track will actually get me moving, but “Turn Up the Music” isn’t bad. It’s not the best (I’m a dance music & house junkie, so I can sometimes be particular,) but I think Breezy did a pretty good job. Not only does the song get you moving, but the music video is very cool. It must have been a lot of fun filming it, and the choreography is pretty nice.

Every time I see dancers in music videos, I always ask my brother if he knows any of them. And as usual, he can name most of the dancers in the videos because he has worked with them before or is friends with them. So I haven’t gotten a chance to find out the scoop of who did the choreography (usually Rich & Tone Talauega,) but I think it all came together very nice for the vibe of the song.

Peep the visuals below for Chris Brown’s latest single “Turn Up the Music,” and be sure (if you’re a big fan of Breezy) to get his new album Fortune when it drops on March 16th.

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Amazing | The Vocals of Bluey Robinson

Some days I like to just sit down and listen to artists that having mind-blowing vocals. As of late I’ve really been enjoying the one of a kind voice of Florence Welch, as well as the vocals of Jessie J. Both of them made appearances at the VH1 Divas of Soul that premiered Monday Night (will post on here later,) but I must admit that Florence Welch almost brought me to tears. There is something so surreal and overwhelming majestic about her voice…

It’s nice to still see a lot of artists out there that are being plagued by auto-tune. I still get mad when Chris Brown puts so many effects on his voice with a lot of tracks. He should totally stop doing that; with a voice like his, he doesn’t need much to make it sound better. Now it’s just becoming too trendy and I’m over it. So now I have to find a new favorite male artist, so I think I’m going to go with Bluey Robinson.

This sexy lad has been making quite the buzz on the music scene, and notably he could probably be one of the best male singers from South London. This 22-year-old has quite a range on him when it comes to vocal ability, but his most recent cover “Can You Stand the Rain” has truly made me fall in love with his music.

He’s done a lot of covers of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Biggie Smalls, and most recently New Edition. You guys remember the song “Can You Stand the Rain” and how amazing it was? Well I will say that Bluey Robinson does justice to this classic New Edition track. Not only does he look extremely sexy singing it (haha, I’m a sucker for artistic guys with dreads, especially if they are British,) but he also reminds us why he is one of the best singers from the UK. His voice is impeccable!

I could go on & on about how much I adore Bluey Robinson and his music, but I think it’s best for you to check out his talent for yourselves. So check out some of his music below, which includes his latest video for his cover of the classic New Edition song “Can You Stand the Rain.” Seriously, I hope I run across an artistic guy in D.C., if not then I’m so moving to London and wooing one of those creative guys with a sexy accent. Ah, sounds like a backup plan if D.C. doesn’t work! :)

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Best Performances from the 2011 American Music Awards

I may listen to a lot of music from around the world, but I would never miss the American Music Awards. Every year they have a wide variety of great performances, and I always tell myself “Wow, if only the BET Awards could actually have an unlimited budget.” Seriously, the staging, lighting, and digital effects at the American Music Awards are usually way better than most award shows. The performances last night were phenomenal; good music combined with amazing stage production is what brought a lot of the performances to life.

When the show first came on I sat there with my mom and mentioned all the performers we knew would have to perform that evening, and of course we were right when we both said LMFAO has to be there. You can’t have American Music Awards with LMFAO. They’ve done so much in the music scene and “Party Rock Anthem” will never die! So you know I was stoked that the awards show ended with their performance, and it was awesome seeing Hawk and Ryan Confidero up there killing it. Like I’ve said in the past, my brother Jamile McGee was on “So You Think You Can Dance?” so he knows a lot of dancers in the industry and has worked with many celebs. It still blows my mind that he used to chill and play videogames with Miguel! But I digress. It was just uber cool seeing LMFAO perform and it was fun shufflin’ around the living with my mom. Oh, even Justin Bieber got on stage and shuffled with LMFAO, so I definitely had to give Bieber props.

LMFAO ended the show, but throughout the night there were some great performances. I love David Guetta, so I wasn’t even hating on Nicki Minaj’s performance. It was even funny she almost fell a few times when accepting her awards. Her performance was okay, but it was way better than Jennifer Lopez’s horrible first performance. The only thing that saved J.Lo last night was an amazing performance with Will.I.am. They debuted a sick new song called “T.H.E.” and it featured Mick Jagger. The technology during that performance alone was enough to blow your mind, as well as Chris Brown’s high-tech digitally stunning performance. Of course Katy Perry, One Republic, Pit Bull, and the other artists had some good performance, but my top favorites were: LMFAO, Chris Brown, J.Lo & Will.i.am, Enrique Iglesias and David Guetta with Nicki Minaj (only because the beat was hot and he killed it.)

Click here to see the debut song from J.Lo and Will.i.am “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” http://popdash.com/news/7815/william-debuts-the-alongside-jennifer-lopez-at-american-music-awards

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