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Not Bad | Chris Brown “Turn Up the Music” (Official Music Video)

I didn’t even bother watching the Grammy Awards this year. Not quite sure where I was, but most likely it involved either blogging or playing MW3. You know I’m a gamer, so I surely stay on my Ps3 quite a bit.

Usually I go track down the performances I might have missed, but this year I just didn’t care. I just read the usual controversies on Bossip surrounding Chris Brown, Rihanna, and folks still not liking him. None of that really phases me because I like Chris Brown, and I know some inside scoop on the reality of their relationship. Like I said, my brother (dancer/choreographer Jamile McGee from SYTYCD Season 1) has spent a lot of time hanging out with Chris Brown and showing him dance moves. So after partying with him and hanging out with his crew, you know eventually that dreaded Rihanna situation comes up.

I’m not one to dish out dirt unless you ask me in person, so I’m keeping what I know to myself. As far as I’m concerned, I still like Chris Brown. I may not listen to his music all the time (usually off listening to electronica,) but I definitely will say that I like his new music video for his dance track “Turn Up the Music.”

I’m basically used to a lot of R&B and hip-hop artists attempting to do dance tracks, so at this point it’s expected. It’s becoming trendy. But not everyone track will actually get me moving, but “Turn Up the Music” isn’t bad. It’s not the best (I’m a dance music & house junkie, so I can sometimes be particular,) but I think Breezy did a pretty good job. Not only does the song get you moving, but the music video is very cool. It must have been a lot of fun filming it, and the choreography is pretty nice.

Every time I see dancers in music videos, I always ask my brother if he knows any of them. And as usual, he can name most of the dancers in the videos because he has worked with them before or is friends with them. So I haven’t gotten a chance to find out the scoop of who did the choreography (usually Rich & Tone Talauega,) but I think it all came together very nice for the vibe of the song.

Peep the visuals below for Chris Brown’s latest single “Turn Up the Music,” and be sure (if you’re a big fan of Breezy) to get his new album Fortune when it drops on March 16th.

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