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Stream | Watch The First Episode of Major Lazer’s Cartoon (VIDEO)

If you have roughly 9-10 minutes to spare, then spice up your lunch break by watching the first episode of Major Lazer’s cartoon.

Basically, I’d describe the episode of an animated music video with some wicked bangers. The only reason you’d tune in is for the awesomeness that is Major Lazer and all his music.

So if you like them island vibes and “get high” anthems, then peep out this episode.

Go ahead, take a trip to a magical place. ;)

Major Lazer Season 1 Episode 1



Awesomesauce | X-Men 1992 Cartoon Intro Stop Motion

xmenBeing tall and all, I’m a huge fan of DC Comics mainly because of Wonder Woman, but I do love Marvel and I’m especially fond of the X-Men. Dude, the X-Men are legit! So many different mutants with insanely cool powers, and you’ve got to admit, the movies are great and all, but nothing beats the classic 1992 cartoon.

Now of course I was born in 91, but as a kid I did enjoy watching the X-Men all the way until it’s finale in 97′. That show was so good! X-Men cartoon was not only cool because each of the characters, but the intro was very cool and this new stop motion video makes it even cooler! Have you seen it? Well if you haven’t seen it, then watch it below. The video is by Kyle Roberts and his buddies, and the entire video took 4,000 stills and 60 backgrounds. Wow, a lot of work! But the result is a huge payoff and the video is making its way around the web and reminding folks of how much we craved Saturday Morning cartoons.

Innovative Décor | The Modern Day Flintstone Home

Sometimes the simple things in life can truly crack me up, especially when it comes to cartoons. As of late, I’ve found myself feeling like such a child (in spite of the fact I turn 21 in 10 days,) and I have been dying from laughter sprung on by The Looney Tunes, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Cartoons always hit a soft spot in me, and I used to remember back in the day cracking up watching The Flintstones. The show was simple in it’s nature, but it still made me laugh on several accounts. The cartoon was pretty good, and to be honest, I enjoyed the live-action movie version as well. The Flintstones are sort of like this pop culture reference that comes and goes, so it wasn’t going to be too long before yet another architect decided to created a Modern Day Flintstone Home.

I’ve seen a few modern day Flintstone inspired homes, but earlier today while reading Freshome.com, I saw game show host’s Dick Clark’s Flintstone inspired Malibu home. Have y’all seen this before? I mean, it’s quite extraordinary. An entire home, including the décor, inspired by The Flintstones. At first you’d think it most be highly uncomfortable living in an entire house made of bedrock and furnished with items composed of bedrock, but this modern day Flintstone home actually looks quite comfy, inviting too.

I’m not quite sure if I’d exactly want to live in a Flintstone inspired home, sense I prefer a more art decor infused with urban sophistication. Yet, I still have no problem admitting that the Flintstone home is pretty chic. I had no idea that you could make rock look so damn sexy. ;)

Pictures are from the original post, which you can read here: Freshome.com

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Awesomesauce | Space Stallions

We all know about Thundercats & Transformers, but what about Space Stallions? I know the title perhaps sounds like a bunch of amazing stallions (well they do ride these robotic looking horses) living in space, but it’s actually the coolest 80s cartoon to ever be invented, but wait…it never actually existed.

The animated cartoon is the latest viral video that has been making it’s rounds throughout the Web. The video is by the students of at the Animation Workshop. The video is basically telling the 80s infused story of four warriors that must fight evil in a distant realm.

The entire vibe of the video screams 80s, and the 80s electropop music just makes it even better. I’m not going to lie, I actually wish Space Stallions was a real cartoon; I’d never miss an episode. I’d grab a bowl of a big bowl of cereal, and would sit in front of the television (I’d even suffer through commercials.)

Maybe this video will keep making a prescene on the web and will catch the attention of a major network. That would be awesome if it could actually get turned into a cartoon, but for now we will have to just enjoy the brief video showcasing the Space Stallions and their 80s-awesomesauce-powers.

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