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The Avengers Assemble in Brand New Trailer

If I thought my week couldn’t get any better, well I was wrong, it just got a million times better. You may be asking yourself, why? Or you’re just scanning to the bottom of this post to see why it got better. Well let me explain what happened. No, I didn’t find true love or become a Super Saiyan (still awaiting that glorious day,) but something more epic happened; Marvel UK released a brand new trailer for the upcoming film The Avengers.

You know I’m a geek, and you also know that I’m madly in love with superheroes. My background on Twitter (follow me @thinksoul25) is the ultimate collection of Marvel characters. My favorite thing to draw is superheroes, and some days I like to lay down on my bed, close my eyes, and daydream about having powers (yeah, I’m a geek…I know.) So when I first found out last year that they were releasing a movie about the Avengers, I almost passed out. Then the trailer came out, and I was speechless watching it over & over again.

So now Marvel releases yet another brand new trailer for The Avengers, and this time it’s quite the epic experience. We actually get to see the Avengers assembling in order to fight this enemy threatening the global safety. Not only do we get to see glimpses of each Avenger being recruited, but the trailer ends with an awesome shot of the Avengers standing in a circle getting ready to unleash major damage; such an amazing shot!

I was already stoked about this film, but now I’m uber anxious for May 4th to arrive. The Avengers and Rise of the Dark Knight are probably going to be two films I can’t wait to see this year. I might even have to see them over & over again. I saw X-Men: First Class over and over again (about 4 times,) so I know The Avengers is going to be one of those films I have to watch again, again, and then yes, once more for the sake of humanity!

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Geek Chic Decor | Marvel Comics Retro Love Comic Murals

I haven’t drawn anything in quite some time so last night I figured it would be nice to draw superheroes & comic related art. If I had to choose between drawing superheroes or beautiful fashion related sketches (which I love drawing,) hands down I’d chose powers over fabrics any day.

So after gathering all my materials (pencils, eraser, and sketch book) I began perusing the Web in search of some inspiration. I found some awesome things, but in the midst of my search I ran across the most amazing thing I have ever seen; series of large murals featuring retro Marvel comics.

Some of the artwork actually comes in a few sizes, but a majority of the artwork come in a large mural format. I know it’s geeky to want to have Marvel comic themed artwork in your living room, but I’ve got to admit the Marvel Comics Retro Love Comic Murals are far from geeky. It’s this innovative pop art expression, and I’m a big fan of pop art & retro loved themed comic panels, so I’m totally going to buy one or two murals.

The murals range from $124 to $279 (the one to the right cost that much because it’s 96″ x 96″).  Even if you’re not a fan of the loved themed ones, then you can also check out some of the awesome Marvel Comic murals that featuring some amazing superheroes. There are so many different options to choose from, so the best thing to do is visit the website & began bookmarking the ones you want to buy.

Art.com & AllPosters.com both sale these murals, so click the links below to browse the selection. It’s so geeky yet very chic! It’s the perfect wall art solution for a geek-chic female who wants to take her modern apartment & add a retro vibe. It’s also great for guys that love their bachelor pads and want to show off a passion for Marvel without going over board like Steve Carrell’s room in the 40-year-old Virgin. It’s a nice balance of geek decor infused with modern edge that make its super cool.

So to all my fellow geeks & nerds out there, if you want to show off your style without going overboard, then I suggest you check out these murals and find one or two that suit your taste. What’s the point in having geek tendencies if you don’t get to show them off in your living space? I love comic book artwork, so you know I have to show it off my living space. If I’ve learned anything from my years of watching HGTV, I’ve learned it’s important to show off your personality. Now that’s the beauty of decorating. Bits & pieces of you should be incorporated in your design. So if you’re geeky, then show it off!

Click the following link for Marvel Comics Retro Love Comic Murals: http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?startat=/getthumb.asp&txtSearch=love%20comic%20panel&CID=

Click the following for all Marvel murals: http://www.art.com/gallery/id–b151973-d207244/marvel-wall-murals.htm

Below are an assortment of Love Comic Murals & Retro Comic Murals from Marvel.

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‘Avengers’ Trailer Finally Premieres

Dude need I say more? Iron Man + Thor + Nick Fury + Captain America + Hawkeye + Black Widow+ Bruce Banner (HULK) = AN EPIC BADASS FILM!!!!!

The trailer speaks for itself. C’mon now, you know what it is; AVENGERS 2012 baby!

P.S. Omg like how badass and sexy does Thor look? Lol I love his laugh!!!

The Avengers Movie Trailer in HD 2012

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The Glory of Summer

Hello world!

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged. I’ve been finishing up my final projects for my classes and so far I’ve gotten an A in Business Writing and an A in Music Appreciation. It’s been a great semester and I’m ready for my two summer English classes to begin. It’s been a lot of fun being in school but I’m anxious to graduate, just have to get through summer, fall, then I’ll be out in Spring 12′.

I try not to think about school too much and focus on the more important things at the moment. Such as LA Noire coming out on Tuesday, the PSN is finally back on, and so many great summer movies I have to see. I’m a huge 1940s(as well as 1930s) fanatic and enjoy that entire gangster noire theme. I love the way they talked during that time period and the effortless style. My style isn’t really 1940s but I do plan on buying some vintage pieces and having an artistic flair. I’ve been focusing really hard on becoming the woman I’ve always wanted to be and have devoted time to discovering my style.

Summer is a great time for me to mold myself into the appearance I want to broadcast to the world, especially since my hair is finally growing back out and I’m losing weight because I actually can focus on running and I’m not distracted by men. It’s interesting to see how a lot of the thick and fabulous divas have decided to shape up and take on a new appearance.  Raven Symone, Jordin Sparks, Jill Scott, and Jennifer Hudson have all had these dramatic weight loss stories and they look wonderful! Now whether they did it all natural or had a little surgery, I’m not sure but it’s great they did something they believed in. There’s nothing wrong with being thick and fabulous, but after awhile you get tired of being the same size for years and never exploring what it feels like to be smaller.

The feeling of going into a store and finding your size right off the back or picking up a small shirt and being able to fit it, is a great feeling. I’m not quite there yet but I can wear a medium, it’s just I have very thick legs so it’s the hardest region for me to lose weight in, but I have all summer and fall to get the job done. Summer is a great time to find yourself and go through a transformation physically, spiritually, and mentally. It’s the time to find love or possibly a hot summer fling, a time to get in great shape, travel and see new places, and a time to see the summer blockbusters.

There are so many great movies coming out this summer and Thor and Priest already intensified the anticipation, especially with so many great previews. Thor was actually pretty good! The guy from Thor reminds me of the lead singer of Kings of Leon, except the guy from the movie is ten times hotter. That is one very attractive man if I may say so….mmhmm. But I digress, Thor was a good movie and Priest was good as well, but I’m looking forward to Green Lantern, Transformers:The Dark Moon, Captain America, The Hangover II, and X-Men First Class. I’m a huge fan of mutants and superheroes, some days I wish I had powers…that would be um…very cool!

Even though that’s very impossible(unless scientist aren’t telling us something) and I’d never pretend to be a real life superhero like those guys in Seattle, I do however love Marvel and DC comics. It’s hard for me to pick one because I love Green Lantern and I’m a huge fan of Iron Man and X-Men. But if someone forced me to chose, I’d probably say Marvel because of X-Men and all the very cool mutants. I’m really looking forward to X-Men First Class, Transformers, Hangover II, and Green Lantern, not to mention how attractive Ryan Reynolds and also Chris Evans from Captain America. What can I say, I’m down with the swirl. I would talk about about my opinion but I plan on writing an article about this for another site, so I will be sure to send you guys the link to it.

I’m so pumped up about all these great summer movies and I’m happy the Playstation Network is back on. I’m going to get off of here and work on my book for awhile, then spend the night playing Ps3. I can’t wait to get LA Noire and play it all week, every day, all day, I’m going to be such a fiend! Games and movies are the best things ever created! I’m so excited about the great movies coming out and I gladly admit that I’m a geek. I go on these rants in conversation about video games and superhero movies, not to mention my passion for Always Sunny in Philly and house music. I’m a witty person and don’t always like to be so serious, it’s my personality and not some attempt to make people like me. I could care less if anyone liked me or my humor, I’m doing what I want because it makes me happy.

I can’t associate with men that don’t have a good sense of humor, it’s not fun always being so serious and trying to maintain this prestigious image. Turn off the serious button and attack life with laughter, you might even have to invest in a lightsaber but the battle can still be won. Stop being so serious, it’s not cool, especially if you’re trying to get to know me on a personal level. It’s an automatic turn off. It’s okay to laugh…geeze! So that’s a notice to any guys out there reading my blog and who have been getting to know me or want to know me, I can’t stand it when you’re always so serious and look at me like I’m weird when I have the outlandish jokes on simple scenarios. It’s my personality, I’m Jasmine McGee and you either love me or hate me. Geeze maybe I should date a comedian or a sarcastic geek, then there would be a happy median between intellect and humor. Hmm…just a thought.