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Napoleon Da Legend – ‘Junk Yard Dog’

Things have been so hectic as of late, but I wanted to make sure I finally got around to posting Napoleon Da Legend’s latest video, “Junk Yard Dog.”

It’s a nice set of visuals directed by Crazy Al Cayne. I’m always amazed at the concepts that CAC comes up with, and I especially like the cinematography of this video. But of course, the cinematography is enhanced by the ill rhymes of Napoleon Da Legend. So be sure to show some love and watch the video below.

Once again, my bad for posting this super late. Things have been crazy, more details coming soon on what’s been going on in my life. :)

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Avant-garde | Napeoleon Da Legend – “Phoenix”

As of late I’ve been listening to quite a bit of old school hip-hop, so I’m not really staying in tune with the current stuff being played on the radio. However, I’m always interacting with unique artists on Twitter & Facebook. I’m constantly running across new music from artists that might not be mainstream, but their music is still awesome.

My passion for good music and networking is why I’m always anxious to hear what DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend drops next. We’ve been networking for almost a year now, and I’m glad that he continues to amaze me with such innovative lyrical combinations. His lyrics are always on point, but I will say that as of late his videos directed by Crazy Al Cayne have been exceptionally creative.

The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1 is slated to drop real soon and the latest installment in the video series is a track called “Phoenix.” The beat was originally created in 95′ but NDL makes it quite relevant with his thought provoking lyrics.

Not only does NDL provide us with the usual heavy-hitting socially conscious infused lyrics, but the costuming and production of this video is quite avant-garde. NDL is wearing this amazing theatrical white mask that covers half of the face, and he pairs such an iconic mask with a fresh Adidas hoodie. His swag is sophisticated renaissance, which makes for a great combination when enjoying the visuals & the lyrics.

Yet again, Napoleon Da Legend is reminding us why he is such an amazing rapper that needs to be heard. He isn’t just doing the cliche music videos (thanks to the originality, professionalism, and creativity of Crazy Al Cayne.) NDL is continue to make a name for himself in the industry, and his latest video “Phoenix” is just a glimpse of the greatness to come.

For more information on NDL, Crazy Al Cayne, & The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol.1 follow them on Twitter @crazyalcayne @napoleondaleg

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Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz)

Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz).

One of my favorite rappers from the DMV, Napoleon Da Legend, has finally released another Ruff Kut video with Crazy Al Cayne. If you’ve read my blog in the past, then you know that NDL is a hot up and coming rapper with raw talent that needs to be heard. He isn’t like most rappers out there; he doesn’t just show off and rely on a larger than life ego. Instead, Napoleon raps with an authority that is methodical and not cocky or self obsessed like some of the major rappers in the limelight.

His latest track, “Elixir,” was just released today with a fresh video directed by Crazy Al Cayne. The video has that edgy personal vibe like many of the other videos in the Ruff Kut Videoz series, and the track will be featured on NDL & CAC’s (Crazy Al Cayne)  The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol #1. The project takes a collection of beats Crazy Al Cayne made in the 90s and infuses them with the reality rap lyrics of Napoleon Da Legend. It’s a project that is bound to create a lot of buzz and take hip-hop fans back to the days of the golden era of hip-hop.

I usually don’t get excited about mixtapes and projects, but I’m looking forward to hearing whats in store on Napoleon Da Legend & Crazy Al Cayne’s The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1. If you haven’t checked any work from CAC and NDL, then head on over to NDL’s official blog (which was designed by me!) and check out some other Ruff Kut Videoz and music from Napoleon Da Legend.

Below is the official Ruff Kut Video for “Elixir,” an innovative track discusses the reality of music and society. As the caption says, “In this age of economic uncertainty, war, violence, greed, corruption, swag, big money rap, hoe rap, and general anxiety, Napoleon Da legend and Sugar Cayne concocted an Elixir to absorb in your system to help break up some of the societies ailments.” That’s pretty deep! I must say NDL has such a way with coming up with anecdotes and impressive analogies that really tap into the intellectual side of hip-hop. It’s more than just gritty beats, bling, hoes, and money, it’s about making a statement that has a social impact; that’s what Napoleon Da Legend and his reality rap are all about, dropping powerful rhymes that make you sit down and analyze the state of things.

Elixir (Ruff Kutz Videoz)

For more on the lyrics and other information, check out the original post on NDL’s blog. Napoleon Da Legend – Elixir (Ruff Kut Videoz)

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Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

I originally wrote about DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend’s new song “Quarantine” on HipHopExtra, but I wanted to post a piece of it here as well. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Napoleon Da Legend, then wake up! He’s been doing big things and his lyrical prowess continues to radiate on every track he graces. Here is my post below, which can be found on http://www.hiphopextra.com

Ruff Kut Videoz: Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

Crazy Al Cayne’s anticipated project The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1: Napoleon Da Legend will hopefully be dropping soon. While fans of Crazy Al Cayne and Napoleon Da Legend are anxious to see what the two have in store, Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne have dropped yet another video to ease the anticipation.

Napoleon Da Legend’s “Quarantine” is a track with an old school vibe, which can be attributed to the fact Crazy Al Cayne made the beat in 1995. The track is yet another powerful and hard hitting song from DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend. On the track NDL (Napoleon Da Legend) drops some conscious rhymes about the reality of life in the streets. His lyrical prowess shines on yet another fresh beat by Crazy Al Cayne and it reminds us why we love Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne so much.

The concept of life in the streets being equated with a “quarantine” is simply genius. Napoleon Da Legend always has a fresh spin on mainstream topics in hip-hop. He doesn’t bring forth the typical mainstream hip-hop swag, but rather a methodical approach to rhymes and his swag. The originality of Napoleon Da Legend is a perfect fit for the eccentric Crazy Al Cayne.

It’s nice to see yet another smooth video from Crazy Al Cayne and NDL. If this video is any indication of the direction in which The Sugar Cayne Experiment: Vol.1: Napoleon Da Legend is going, then true hip-hop fans will be even more anxious to cope their hands on this original mixtape.

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NDL & Crazy Al Cayne: Musical Perfection

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a piece on the always innovative and tantalizing Napoleon Da Legend. I haven’t really been listening to much hip-hop lately and have been falling deeper in love with house and soul. I haven’t been in the mind set to recite lyrics and learn what’s hot and not in the mainstream. My music taste seems to always change like my favorite cereal, few months ago I was on a Frosted Flakes kick and now I’m a die hard Coco Puffs fanatic. Every now and then I take breaks from a wide variety of things in life. But while some people I know are taking breaks from Facebook, I’m taking a sabbatical from hip-hop.

But even in the midst of my musical journey and my sabbatical from hip-hop, I still cling to the lyrics of Napoleon Da Legend.His lyrical skills and his mindset in the industry can’t be touched…he is a professional on the mic. When most rappers only devote time to pumping out mixtapes and albums, NDL pledges himself to sculpting his rap image, working on new music, networking with a diverse audience, and working closely with the infamous Crazy Al Cayne.

I was first introduced to Crazy Al Cayne a few years ago while browsing Youtube. His comedy spoofs on some classic songs and other hilarious raunchy situations had me at hello. Yet, Crazy Al Cayne is more than just a hilarious guy who does comedy spoofs. Making beats, riding BMX, rapping, directing music videos, films, writing, and numerous other urban related hobbies are just a glimpse into the works of Crazy Al Cayne. Aside from acting in his parody videos, he directs, edits, and produces Crazy Al Cayne TV, also known as CAC-TV, which has become one of the most popular web shows thanks to it’s versatility. If you don’t believe me yourself, then check out his website. But be sure to amp up for hours of browsing his site, because his urban alternative lifestyle video magazine will lure you in. http://www.cac-tv.com/

Now that you have an idea of who Crazy Al Cayne is, you may be asking yourself…so how does Napoleon Da Legend fit into this equation? Well our beloved NDL is currently working on an upcoming mixtape and collaborating with Crazy Al Cayne on some of the beats. The collaboration between CAC and NDL is artistically impeccable. The mixtape is bound to be a hit on the streets and the airwaves, but also a hit in the heart of the true hip-hop lovers.

For all those hip-hop lovers out there and Napoleon Da Legend fans, if you can’t wait for the mixtape then pleasure your ears with the legendary lyrics of Napoleon Da Legend and a old school 90s beat from Crazy Al Cayne. The joint effort on the song “Pen and Pad” is one that exemplifies a classic and laid-back feel that will leave the devote hip-hop soul craving more.

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