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New Music | 14th – “Take Me There” (Official Music Video)

Oh, how I love finding new music! It gives me such a joy to run across an artist I’ve never heard of, then I become completely enamored with their sound.

Well, the artist I’m talking about today is 14th, a duo from Brighton, UK. The group consist of Tom & Tracey, and together they make such beautiful music. The vibe is their music could be described as darky but dreamy electronic dance music. Their songs “Hide Yourself” & “Take Me There” but have this 90s vibe, but a little darker.

I really love the sound of the tracks I’ve heard so far, and the videos are so beautiful! The latest video is for their track “Take Me There” and the song has that total 90s vibe. You know, that 90s sound that makes those dance hits such a “hit.” But then you can still chill out & groove, because 14th slows it down and makes the vibe a little darker (as well as a hint of drum & bass.) One website I read described it as “It’s rave music re-purposed for darker times, reminding you that there isn’t actually anyone to go to the rave with. (via Dazed)

If I was in London, I’d love to go see 14th perform live, but for now I will enjoy the avant-garde music videos.

Peep the visuals below & like 14th on their official Facebook.  Also visit their website http://14thmusic.com/

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New Release | Seamus Haji’s Remix of Rebecca Ferguson “Too Good To Lose”

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When it comes to the best remixes of the hottest tracks in house & dance, then no look no further than the man behind Big Love Music, British DJ, Producer, & remix connoisseur Seamus Haji.

Hailing from Brighton, Seamus has been DJ’ing for over 20 years and has become an international sensation thanks to his innovative remixes.  In the past he’s been responsible for some of the best remixes in the dance/house music scene, most notable his hit remix of “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.” He is also the man that is responsible that catchy electro-house sound that made his remix of Bootyluv’s “Boogie 2Nite” such a success.

Any track that Seamus Haji touches is bound to be pure gold, so it’s no surprise that he was able to take  Rebecca Ferguson “Too Good To Lose,” an already amazing track, and elevate to the next level. If you listen to his podcast on itunes, Seamus Haji’s Big Love, then you might have heard his latest remixes: Jakwob “Electrify” & Rebecca Ferguson “Too Good To Lose.”

Both of the tracks have this awesome & uplifting vibe, but his remix of “Too Good To Lose” has been released on soundcloud.com and is ready for you to listen to over & over again (trust me, I’ve already listened to it four times, playing it right now for a 5th time.) Seamus Haji’s remix of Jakwob’s “Electrify” should be coming soon, but for now you can at least enjoy his fantastic remix of Rebecca Ferguson’s “Too Good To Lose.” It’s a track that is remixed to perfection in my opinion. It still carries that epic disco vibe that Rebecca Ferguson’s voice has, but then Seamus Haji breaks forth that catchy electro-house sound he has become known for.  All in all, it’s great music!

Check out the new remix below & be sure to check out Seamus Haji’s podcast on itunes. Click here for the podcast. It’s free, so don’t miss out on good music!

For more information on Seamus Haji & Big Love Music, follow his Official Facebook Fan Page.

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