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Spank Rock & Santigold’s Eccentric Video for “Car Song”

Spank Rock. Wow, that’s a name I haven’t heard in quite some time. It’s not like he’s been off the scene (or has he?) but I suppose I haven’t really been paying much attention. That same thought comes to mind when I hear the name Santigold. Whoah, yet another name I haven’t had on my musical radar in ages (okay dramatic…more like years.)

Well, I guess I’m slacking right now when it comes to knowing what’s going on, but at least the Rolling Stone keeps me updated on what’s happening musically. I was on their site earlier and happened to run across some quirky new visuals for Santigold & Spank Rock’s track “Car Song.” It’s kind of hard to say that the song is actually about a car, but then again it’s really hard to figure out what going on when you’ve got such bizarre visuals. Yet, I’m not really complaining. The song & video are so hypnotic, that I don’t really care what the apparent deeper message at hand is (Spank Rock said its about positivity and uplifting yourself.)

So whether the message is about uplifting yourself, or grabbing two naked White girls and watching them throw paint all over themselves (the freaks might enjoy that tidbit,) I will at least say it’s still a pretty cool song. Maybe I should keep my eyes & ears open for more music from Spank Rock and Santigold. She always had that M.I.A. vibe that caught my attention, except I doubt she would go flipping the bird on national television; only M.I.A. could be that rebellious, which is why I love her. :)

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