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New Trailer x Poster for Hitchcock’

The other day I wrote a blog post about my love of classic romantic films and the intrigue of film noir, but I didn’t even begin to break down the classic horror and psychological thrillers that Alfred Hitchcock brought to life.

When I attended the Colorado Film School for a semester and took film classes at UCCS & UCD, my love of films such as The Birds, Vertigo, and  Psycho was further satisfied by breaking each film down and studying the cinematography. I had the opportunity to take a deeper analysis of the films I had grown to love over the years, and it sparked in me a desire to not only continue writing and scriptwriting, but a desire to one day work on producing my own short films.

It’s without a doubt that Hitchcock was a true pioneer of so many techniques that helped defined the genre of suspense and psychological thrillers, and everyone in the film industry knows that, so it’s about time we see an exciting new film that profiles his life in the midst of production.

The forthcoming film, Hitchcock, is an exciting new film that profiles the life of Hitchcock (played by Anthony Hopkins) and his life during the production of his greatest film, Psycho. 

The trailer for the film was released the other day, as well as the official movie poster. The film features quite the all-star cast. The role of Hitchcock’s wife is played by Helen Mirren, and Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel are the two women that play the roles in Pyscho.

If you’re a fan of Hitchcock (how could you not be?) then watch the trailer for the new movie. The official release will be Nov. 23 in select theatres, and this promises to be one of the many great films released this fall.

Truly Timeless | Chuck Mangione – “Feels So Good”

Often my thought process is very intricate or borderline abstract. Many who have had the chance to experience my conversations in person and on the phone call me “random.” Yeah, I am random, but I’m able to divert from one track of the conversation, go to the moon, then come back to the main track and still have it be this abstract parallel connection. It’s weird, but eh, it’s who I am.

So last night I was up till 4am watching the Alfred Hitchcock classic film The Birds. I’ve seen this film so many times and I never get tired of watching it, it’s truly timeless. So last night due to the air of nostalgia in the atmosphere, I randomly started humming the melody to Chuck Mangione’s timeless song “Feels So Good.” Mind you, I haven’t heard this song on the jazz station in years, and yes they play it on King of the Hill sometimes, but I haven’t watched that show in about a year.

“Feels So Good” is one of my favorite songs by Chuck Mangione, and my mom used to always blast the jazz station whenever it came on in the car. My nickname may be Jazz, but I truly do love the sounds of jazz and smooth jazz. So every now and then a random melody that has been lying dormant for years will pop in my head, and that’s what happened last night. In the middle of watching The Birds and have a slight conversation with my mom, I began humming the melody to Chuck Mangione’s timeless track “Feels So Good.”

I guess some tracks just stay in your head. Even if you don’t push play in that compartment of your brain, one day they just randomly pop up. It’s quite fascinating. But at least I had a good song stuck in my head and not some crappy track. Ugh, now that right there is the worst; songs stuck in your head that are horrible.

If you’ve never heard of Chuck Mangione, then you’re missing out! He’s got that awesome 80s smooth jazz sound, sort of like Herb Alpert, but still unique.

Ah shucks, it’s Sunday…so might as well be gracious and post Herb Alpert as well. “Rise” is one of my favorites.

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