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Bethesda Softworks Show Us What It’s Like to Be ‘Dishonored’

β€œNo more hiding from the rats: Dishonored is about to grace us with its honorable presence.

I haven’t really heard much about Dishonored, but Bethesda Softworks decided to unveil a new cinematic for their forthcoming game. I wasn’t really shocked when I found out the game is by Bethesda Softworks, seeing how the developer is known for producing these huge games that become major hit (who knows, Dishonored might be another smashing success for the developer.) I haven’t gotten around to playing Skyrim (told ya, I’m still addicted to Mw3 & ME3,) but I’ve played a few games in the past by Bethesda and I know that they always bring such an innovative concept to gaming.

Bethesda’s forthcoming game, Dishonored, is basically a game set in a Neo-Victorian age. The overall storyline follows a man named Corvos, who used to be a bodyguard for the beloved Empress, but has been blamed for the assassination of the Empress. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it, which is why the game is this in-depth mission based game that allows the characters to journey with Corvos as he tries to clear his name. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he has supernatural powers? Yeah, pretty sweet!

Apparently, Mr. Corvos has this canning ability to freeze time and possess animals; the quote below the picture above is somewhat a reference to his ability to summon rats, as well as assume control of them. But that’s just one of the many cool things that Corvos can do. He also his a master swordsmen, so be prepared to get your bloodshed on.

We haven’t seen much gameplay yet, but the cinematic trailer does make me slightly anxious to see what this game is all about. Watch the trailer below, as well as the guys over at Bethesda Softworks explaining the concept of the game, and how players will be able to use stealth, as well as a variety of powers in combat. This should be an interesting game to play, so I look forward to more details for this forthcoming PS3/360/PC release from Bethesda Softworks.

Official Website for the Game: http://www.dishonored.com/

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RAGE: A Game Worth Checking Out

I spend a lot of time during the week on schoolwork and blogging, but the weekends are my time to just zone out and play videogames. I’m not too picky when it comes to games, but usually I don’t dare play anything that has a 7.5 or lower rating. With all the graphics and great story lines, it should be the goal of a game to be the best it can and get a rating of at least 8 or higher. But when you begin thinking about all the money that goes into games and finding the right developers, you can sort of see why some games end up being hits and misses.

I talked about Dead Island for months and ended up loving it, but all the glitches and losing my save data really pissed me off. Techland & Deep Silver finally got it together and released that patch a few weeks ago, but I just haven’t been in the mood to start over. I had gotten pretty far! But since they had bs save issues, I have to start back at chapter two; so not cool. I still love Dead Island and think it’s fun to play, but for right now my attention is on the Sims 3 and RAGE. Two completely opposite games, but they both have my attention right now.

I’ll always been a fan of The Sims franchise, so you know I already pre-ordered Sims 3 Pets. I love just playing the Sims 3 on my Macbook and getting lost for hours! But when I want something way more violent and intense, then a FPS like RAGE is bound to satisfy my thirst for destruction. The game is by Bethesda Softworks (based here in Maryland) and ID(the publisher/developer behind Doom). Bethesda Softworks is developer/publisher who made Fallout: New Vegas & Fallout 3. They also are the team behind the Elder Scrolls & Oblivion series. I’m not a big fan of Oblivion, but Bethesda Softworks had caught my attention with their latest game, RAGE.

The game is set in a first-person format, but the camera switches to third-person view when driving vehicles. The atmosphere of the game sort of reminds me of Borderlands, except this one actually keeps my attention a lot longer. The game is an action shooter with hints of RPG elements that I like. I’m all for shooting like crazy and just causing major havoc, but I do enjoy when there are RPG type missions and character interactions. RAGE is one of those games that is able to deliver the RPG style for those who love them and a violent shoot-em-up style for gamers like me who love to just go buck-wild on the controls.

I haven’t gotten too far into the story yet, but I’m liking what I see thus far. The game is visually stunning on all aspects, which is probably why it has a 3 disc set on 360 and an 8gb install on PS3( I had to take off a lot of Always Sunny in Philly videos just to play.) While the install for us Ps3 users is a big chunk of precious 120gb HDD space, it’s still worth checking out. The story appears to follow this rogue guy who wakes up from an asteroid crash andΒ finds he is the only survivor from the Ark. Apparently the Ark is an “a world-wide movement which took scientists and other significant people, and froze them underground in cryo-pods so they could rebuild Earth” (Wikipedia). Honestly there isn’t much back-story provided to us in the beginning, but as you play you find yourself getting caught up blasting bandits and mutants. The sun never sets, but that just means you have more light to dish out some serious kick-ass destruction!

If you’re looking for a solid first-person action game with some RPG elements and great visuals, then do yourself a favor and checkout RAGE. It got an 8.5 from IGN and a lot of other sites, so at least it pleases the professional reviewers. But check it out and see if you like it. Some may love it and some may hate it, but at least I can say I love it!

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