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DC Superheroes Take the Spotlight in Hollywood Movie Posters

If you’re a comic book geek and a fan of classic Hollywood movie posters, then you’ll love these DC Variant posters.

Of course, being that huge Wonder Woman fanatic that I am, my favorite is the variant of Wonder Woman as 300. It’s so badass!

Check em’ out:

Creative Bookshelves That Any Book Junkie Would Love!


After a day at work or busy weekend, I enjoy unplugging from the world of accessible technology and diving into a literary oasis. Books have always been true friends of mine, and I’ve often felt out of place when I didn’t have a proper bookshelf to store my buddies on. But when I finally have the chance to move out and get situated in my own little haven, I would love to buy/build one of these creative bookshelves.

If you’re in need of some much needed flair in your book storage solution, then grab some inspiration from these amazingly creative bookshelves. These shelves will add that much needed flair to any room.

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Doctor Who Season Finale Conclusionary thingy.

So Doctor Who is Brilliant. That goes without saying. I may in fact be in love with that show. I’m not sure yet. I’m a very private guy, even to myself. Some would say that’s strange. I say I might be insane, but it’s that good insane. It’s not the kind of insane that involves police vehicles, or Bomb squads, or Batman. I’m saying I’m not the Joker. I’m definitely not the Joker. If anything I’d be his brother, the Teaser. I don’t think Joker has a brother so I’m just me. I very much enjoy Doctor Who. From the ninth Doctor on mostly. Sadly I’m unfamiliar with it’s vast history, but I find the whole thing fascinating, and it’s fun to slowly put the pieces together from the past as I watch in the present. It kind of fits in with the whole time travel theme. I’m living it in real time baby! It’s like it’s entered my soul son! You don’t want it! Oh yeah! Me all day yo!! Other kinds of hip hop slang!

Probably got too excited about that, but whatever. I never claim to be the number one biggest fan of Doctor Who, but I’m a big fan for sure. I love everything about the show! It can do no wrong in my eyes. It can try to do wrong in my eyes and I’ll say “Oh no you don’t Doctor Who episode! All that wrong you just did in my eyes is so right! So there, take that and thank you!” Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing, I don’t know, I don’t care! I just know that I love the Doctor, and his screw driver, and his bigger on the inside than the outside blue box. How can you not love that? How can you not love a cool, confident, goofy man who travels time and space in a blue police box? Why would you deprive yourself of that? Why would you do that to yourself? Don’t do that to yourself ladies and or gentlemen.

Today marked the most recent of Season finales for this epic, beautiful, brilliant, fantastic, lovely, world/life changing show(Is that enough elaborate descriptions? I’m saying it’s good!) and it was a very good one. I loved it so much! It had everything I love, our good Doctor, the lovely wonderful River Song, Amelia and Rory the faithful companions, Time travel(of course), and the Weeping Angels! For those not familiar weeping Angels are the most terrifying things ever! Stone Angel statue monsters who only move when you’re not looking who will suddenly be in your face if you blink for a second….then they’ll send you back in time to eat all your future potential energy. That’s terrifying! Especially if your black like myself and end up being sent back to the 1800’s. That would be unfortunate, so weeping angels scare the ever loving hell out of me! I’m really hoping they’re not real, or that the Doctor saves me and we can hang out for awhile!!!…..but not go to the 1800’s. I really don’t want to go to the 1800’s.

The episode was great to me. The best of the season next to “Asylum of the Daleks” It had everything. It had adventure, a grand scale plot, lovely dialogue, great interactions, a scary tone, and a super sad ending. It’s not how I would have ever imagined the Pond couples end, but it felt right. It felt bittersweet. So beautiful yet so sad at the same time. It hit your heart like a ninja chop. You followed these characters through so much. They’re the most fleshed out companions I have ever had the honor of watching so to see the way it came to end, I mean it made sense, but it was still sad. You felt for the Doctor, but it was still alright. We know he’ll be okay to take us on more adventures. It’ll be fun to see where he goes, and what he does now, but that will have to wait for awhile, which I can do. I may lose my mind and engage in battle with a man in a Bat suit, but I can certainly wait!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (and saves the day again!)

(Note: I know that I am little behind in the summer movie watching department so sue me!)

BLAM!”  “POW!” “BOOM! ” Remember those action words flashing across your Zenith cathode ray tubed television?!  Yeah you do and if you don’t then you do not know what you have been missing. The Batman television series had many of us hooked and we anxiously waited to see if the weekly dastardly villain had finally put an end to Batman’s and Robin’s heroic ways.

Ahhhh…….the olden days.  That campy Technicolor Batman of yore has now been replaced by Christopher Nolan’s present day Batman: bedraggled recluse being tended to by the ever faithful Alfred in the cavernous Wayne Manor. Eventually, Bruce Wayne is forced to don the suit due to the appearance of the heinously masked Bane (Tom Hardy). This muscle bound mercenary’s mission to overtake Gotham is overwhelming for even the most well equipped super hero like Batman.  Enter Batman’s Scooby gang: Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman), intuitive, street smart beat cop John Blake ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt), thief Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and invention extraordinaire, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

What ensues is the requisite bone crunching, car smashing, grenade launching, and gunfire battles we come to expect out of a summer action blockbuster.  As Gotham falls to the merciless Bane, we desperately root for the good guys to come out on top.  As each actor took a turn onscreen to deliver their lines, my candy supply dwindled as well as my large lemonade.  Each scene became enticingly and seemingly the end, and yet not while my lower extremities became numb.  Despite the superb performances and action sequences, The Dark Knight Rises in the end stretched beyond a normal human’s attention span.

Music P-P-Power!

So I have this thing for music. I know it’s shocking! Who does that? Well I do. Music is just great. It’s very mystic, because what is it? What is it about booming sounds pulsating through your body that makes you want to just move? Not just move, but move with passion, move with intent, move with resolve. It can make you cry, whether it has a message or has no lyrics. It doesn’t matter. It can make you bawl like a little baby! It inspires, brings about fear, happiness, it pretty much has the emotional spectrum covered. It’s like a superpower. Probably not the best super power….

Or is it? Could it, in fact, be the greatest super power?…Probably not, but think about it. Just follow me and enjoy the journey. Who is Musicman, or Musicwoman, or the The Great Note? I can’t think of a name, dammit I’m not that creative! It would be a cool power to have. You would just need to be smart about how you use it. What would the famed music super hero do? How would they fight crime? I guess if a group of people rob a bank or something Music superhero person could play a sad tune. It would be a tune so sad, and meaningful, and retrospective that the robbers would truly begin to contemplate their place in the world. Slowly they would put their weapons down not knowing how to describe these newly found emotions. The tears would pour. They would reflect upon a time when life was much more simple. They would think about when they were kids and how they frolicked in the grass. They’ll remember the giggles, the good times, and they would slowly realize those times are gone, and the massive mistakes they’ve made. Tears would flow, regrets would be deeply felt, but they would smile knowing that perhaps those times could come again…..then BAM! Music hero cuts off all their heads with one fatal swing with his/her badass Katana, because why wouldn’t they have a Katana?

That could work. I’d buy that comic, I’d watch that film, definitely would read the book, but what if it becomes an amazing piece of work? What if it’s too amazing? Like so amazing that I decide that I want to be Musicman then I’m found dead under mysterious circumstances next to radioactive waste and an Ipod? I’m certainly that stupid, so on second thought maybe the book/film/comic could be put on hold for awhile.A man can dream though, and I will, and maybe someday out in the great distance you will see the outline of me floating just outside your house. Then I’ll probably cut your head off for some reason.

A Wonder Woman Collection Worth Envying

I actually meant to start writing this post a few days ago (I saved a draft of the title,) but thanks to the news that Wonder Woman and Superman will be romantically involved in the New 52, I was reminded that I should go ahead and write this post.

I have yet to actually take time to read any of the New 52 comics, but I plan on making a trip to the comic store this weekend or sometime early next week. I always knew from watching The Justice League that Wonder Woman could be be a flirty when bantering with Superman, but I always knew that her and Batman had some type of brief fling (or at least they flirted a few times.) Plus, as evidence in the video below, Batman didn’t seem to keen on the idea of dating someone on the JL team.

So how will this relationship with Superman and Wonder Woman turn out? Hmm…who knows. Guess I will have to start reading the New 52 and follow the story closely. I’ll give you my thoughts on that once I actually start reading the new comics.

Alright, so now to the purpose of this post. Wonder Woman. Everyone who comes into contact with me

My Wonder Woman Items

shortly finds out that I’m obsessed with all things Wonder Woman. I’m basically 5’11 1/2 (more like 6ft, but the 1/2 counts!) I’ve always been tall and quite confident, as well as a little geeky and a fan of superheroes (I’m a gamer, so it shouldn’t be too big of surprise I like superheroes.)

Anytime I get the chance to purchase anything Wonder Woman related, I don’t skip a beat. I’m just so in love with what she represents, and if I ever got a tattoo it would probably be a Wonder Woman logo (I’m so serious.) But of course, not tattoos in the near future for me, so I just stick to collecting Wonder Woman memorabilia.

I’m not even where I’d like to be when it comes to starting a collection (I’d need a job to seriously start putting money aside to feed my obsession.) But I’ve got some cool stuff so far, and I even plan on buying a custom-made Wonder Woman costume for Halloween from Etsy. I can’t wait!!!!! Oh, and have you seen the custom-made Wonder Woman heels? My oh my, sign me up for a pair! They come in any size, all you do is send your shoes in and she will custom make the shoe. Pretty cool, right? And another girl on Etsy has custom-made shoes as well up to size 11. I rock an 11-12, so I might consider buying her pair as well. But I like the ones below. Click here to check the seller out on Etsy.

So I’ve selected a costume I plan on getting hopefully next month and then I plan on getting the heels, but my collection is nowhere as massive as Wonder Boy (Antony) and Sam Hatmaker.

Both of these guys are insanely huge fan of all things Wonder Woman, and back in 2008 Sam did an interview and let the world get a peak at his collection of epic Wonder Woman memorabilia.

I’m not sure how much Sam’s collection has grown since the video, but a followup video of Wonder Boy features an awesome custom-made Wonder Woman outfit he made.

All I have to say is, WOW! Both of these guys have collections that are totally worth envying. Geez, I need to step up my game and perhaps seriously start collecting. But man, it’s going to be so expensive. Oh well, one day! For now, I will keep collecting inexpensive Wonder Woman memorabilia and enjoy being a real-life Amazon. :)