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The Art of the Social Assassin

I may often have a hard time deciding on my favorite movie, but when it comes to deciding my favorite television shows; that is an answer that comes easy. My top two favorite television shows are Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Both of those shows and my obsession with them can be attributed to my personality. If you don’t find Always Sunny and Curb funny, then you probably won’t like me. I can sometimes be outlandish, neurotic, sassy, and often off in my own little eccentric world. Always Sunny in Philly satisfies my hunger for raw idiotic comedy and Curb is the perfect comedy choice for neurotic antics.

If you’ve been watching the 8th season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, then you probably saw the third episode that aired on Sunday night. In the episode Larry as usual got himself into a series of social mishaps. Larry David is always finding a way to utterly piss off people and have an neurotic approach to social protocol. He doesn’t follow the rules and he doesn’t play nice, he’s a “social assassin.”

I had never heard the term “social assassin,” but I must say it’s awesome! A social assassin is someone (especially Larry David) who doesn’t take crap from anyone and isn’t afraid to knock down social protocols. Larry doesn’t care what people might think about him. If he has a problem with the minor details that makeup a social interaction, then he will bring attention to it. In the episode that aired on Sunday, Larry called Suzie out on the sound she makes after sipping a refreshing drink, he told this man’s wife to stop saying LOL in verbal conversation, and he got into some drama with Funkhouser.

Larry David is the perfect example of a “social assassin” and in some ways it’s not a bad thing. I often wonder if people are actually as abrasive and neurotic as Larry David, but it’s worse when you find yourself agreeing with his antics. A majority of the time I agree with Larry, he’s pretty, pretty good(if you watch Curb, then you know how that’s supposed to be read.)

The art of being a social assassin is precise. You have to be able to meticulously break down every moment in social interactions and call out the things that bother you. The premise of a social assassin, in the case of Larry David, is the question “Why?” Every moment in life is countered with a “why?” Larry often finds himself wondering why people act a certain way. He’s on a mission to call out people on their faults and those basic social interactions that are protocol to a normal human being, but an insult to Larry.

I wouldn’t want to be called a “social assassin,” yet Larry takes it as a compliment. I as well do find that people are usually taken aback and impressed by those who are bold in their approach to life. There have been plenty of times when people complimented me on my daring personality. I’m never afraid to say my mind, I just chose moments that I find worth bringing to attention. I’m not going to get pissed off and analyze why someone sips their drink a certain way. But I may get annoyed by their dull story and conversation that doesn’t have an end in sight. I’m far from being deemed a “social assassin.” My sassy personality and my instinctive nature to be sometimes socially and politically incorrect may be daring, but I leave the social assassinations up to Mr. Larry David.

©Jasmine McGee