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#Turntup | Dj Snake ft. Lil Jon – ‘Turn Down For What’

maxresdefault-3After debating back and forth what I should do for NYE’s here in the DMV, I think I’ve finally decided to spend the night geeking out and get #turntup to some trap x bass @ U Street Music Hall. 

Considering that I’ve listened to Dj Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” probably over a hundred times (so serious,) it seems that trap has this crazy effect on making me super hyper!

Mind you, on a daily basis I’m already hyper to the max (and I’m not ADHD or anything,) but trap has a way of making me so hype!

I mean, yeah, house music (My #1 love) drives me wild and moves my body and soul, but trap is my alternative party anthem.

And if you’ve ever listened to trap while working out, man isn’t it such an adrenaline rush?

Yesterday I was working out to this track:

Alright, that’s enough hype for right now. I’ve got to head to DC and take care of some business.

Happy Friday! :)

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Disclosure Debuts Visuals For ‘Voices’ Featuring Sasha Keable

disclosurevoicesToday, UK-based production duo, Disclosure, have released new visuals for their single “Voices.”

Yes, that’s right, my favorite production duo has got a new music video out and it’s AWESOME! :)

Featuring Sasha Keable, “Voices” is a a visually stunning and culture infused music video that weaves together some unique “warrior-like” concepts, as well as some cool dance moves.

Watch the official music video below:


Deep House | Chris Meid – ‘The Sunrise (Original Mix)’


Today, I’m waking up to a rainy morning, but I’m feeling the sunshine with Chris Meid’s deep house cut, “Sunrise.”

After running errands all weekend, it’s nice to be at home. I hope that you all had a great weekend and things didn’t get too frenetic with all this holiday shopping. Seems the holidays bring out that blatant rudeness in folks, but I stay calm by constantly listening to the sounds of house music.

“Sunrise” is a delightful track full of happiness, curiosity, and a slice of anticipation. With vocals weaving the story of two strangers meeting and spending the night together, this is a great track that I can relate to (sort of.)

Well, that’s all a story for another day…but I will say this is a great track that will brighten up your morning. :)


Soul To Unite | The Best Soulful House of 2013 [Mix]


Greetings to all my soulful house lovers! Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season and warming up to the sensational vibes of house.

2013 was a year filled with some incredible soulful releases, and our buddies over at Soul To Unite put together a stellar mix featuring their picks for the top hits of 2013.

No commercial nonsense: strictly soulful house for your soul. Go on a musical journey and experience the sounds of African house, Latin house, deep house, and everything in between that’s soulful and even a little deep. :)

Check out the mix and be sure to get the full track listing at www.soultounite.com


Dreamy Bliss | Zimmer – ‘Close’ [Dec Mixtape]


My favorite “horizontal disco” producer, Zimmer, has blessed us with some dreamy bliss in his new December mixtape “Close.”

Jam-packed with a handful of nu disco, chill wave, dreampop, house, and other delightful electronic sounds, this is a great mix to chill out to after a long day of last minute holiday shopping.

Close your eyes and enjoy the pure bliss of Zimmer’s “Close.”