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Strictly Platonic…that’s absurd!

I love videogames, I love playing sports and watching sports, I love stupid movies like The Mystery Team and Slammin’ Salmon. 50% of my time I spend looking up the latest fashions, messing with my hair, mulling over decorating ideas, occasionally reading celebrity gossip blogs, watching cliche romantic comedies, and every sunday I watch Wedding Sunday on WEtv( women’s entertainment television).

The other 50% of my time I spend more than an hour at my local gamestop, where I’m a regular, and I’m always pre-ordering the hottest games for my 360 or ps3( Fable III, can’t wait!). If I’m not a gamestop, I’m probably in my room playing videogames and challenging people online. Even if i’m not playing videogames, most likely I’m watching a martial arts movie or a sci-fi futuristic movie and daydreaming about which member of the Justice League I would like to be.

My entire life I’ve always been able to relate to the typical female hobbies, but I’ve also been able to relate to the typical guy interests. However, one event in elementary school made me realize that the majority of my best friends would be guys. I moved around a lot when I was younger and I was the new kid at this elementary school in Owings Mills, MD. I was taller than most of the girls and especially the boys by 4th grade, so most of the kids assumed that I was strong. Well..they were right. One day in the lunch room one of the kids in my class sat down next to me and decided to challenge me to an arm wrestle.

At first I was caught off guard. Why does this kid want to arm wrestle me? I asked him and he simply said I was the tallest girl in the school and he wanted to see if I was strong.  put my sandwich down and agreed to entertain him. I wasn’t sure if I would win or lose, but wanted to give it a try. I won! All the kids in my classroom were clapping and cheering for me. I laughed it off and was getting ready to finish my sandwich, but the kid’s friend decided to arm wrestle me. I won again. This became a daily occurrence for a month. Now that picture over there( ————————————————>) is me in middle school. I always wore girly outfits to school on a daily basis, not just for the school picture. So you have this sweet innocent looking black girl in pink dresses, arm wrestling all the boys in school.II would sit down at the same table every day, we would quickly eat our lunches, and then the games would begin. I had only ever lost to this black kid who I had a crush on and his father was the janitor. But aside from him, I had a pretty good record. Eventually the arm wrestling came to an end, my teacher said I was “hurting the boy’s egos” and I shouldn’t arm wrestle anymore. Oh well, I just focused on playing flute and volleyball for the ymca and in middle school I played as well.

Since elementary school, I had began to develop closer friendships with guys instead of women. Since middle school, I’ve always been the girl who wears skirts and bright colors, lipstick, earrings, etc but would sit there and play videogames for 10 hours straight. I can pull a marathon when it comes to playing videogames, I love them! I’ve had a few female friends in the past but they usually wanted to sit around and gossip. I don’t have time to do that, I’m busy with school and my own creative projects. When I do have free time I want to just lunch out and embrace imagination. Most of the females in my life couldn’t understand that, so I usually ended up hanging out with their boyfriends or they guys they had crushes on at school…but were too afraid to talk to.

The guys understood my personality and my crazy imagination and my slight nerdiness, so they accepted me. Since middle school all my closest and best friends have been male. Strictly platonic. Nothing more and nothing less. It would be igorant to think that the guy might not want more, but in most of my cases it’s just been strictly friends….like I’m there little sister and there like my other big brother. It’s not impossible to have friends of the opposite sex. Having guys in my life that are just my friends, like a brother, has really been a great benefit. It’s nice to know what men are thinking and having an honest opinion without the conflict of relationship/dating pressure. Whenever I need advice I usually seek out my mom, God, and if I want to know what a guy’s perspective is…then I call up one of my best friends.

I have female friend’s as well, but not that many right now. Especially when I’m in a relationship, I don’t want to deal with all that man hating and bad advice “oh he’s a dog, dump him!” then she ends up dating him next and having his kid. Not a good look. I’ve never been one for the bashing of men or bashing of women either, we all have problems and we should attempt to find solutions not just moan and complain.

It’s nice to have different perspectives in life and especially a strictly platonic male perspective. However, when I’m in a serious relationship though I don’t hang out with my guy friends till 3 and 4 in the morning playing videogames at their house…I’ll probably go out to a movie or they might come over for a few hours but not after midnight. Any man that I’m with I’m with him 100% and I balance out my male friendships. Your boyfriend/girlfriend should be like having another best friend, except it’s okay for you to makeout and say I love you with a lovestruck look.

For me, the best thing about being a female that’s into sports, videogames, and fashion is I’m able to play videogames with my man, cuddle up and watch a bball game, and do the occasional stroll through the mall. When it comes to being with my man, there’s nothing platonic about our relationship ;).