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New Zealand: Four Seasons in One Day

Attention to all my regular readers: This post and the next few posts in the few weeks regarding New Zealand are for my Intro to Physical Geography class. I know it seems random, but hey, that is what being an urban nomad is all about. Taking in lots of information and sharing it with the world. So enjoy!

New Zealand: Four Seasons in One Day

Jasmine McGee

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. You’ve got beaches, rainforests, mountains, and a varying climate. It’s located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Artic Circle, which explains why the weather in the North tends to be warmer than the South. Typically, NZ has a mild climate year round, with amounts of high rainfall, sunshine, and a hint of the occasional freezing temperatures in the inland Alps of the Southern region.

NZ receives a lot of sunshine, almost 2000 hours of sunshine a year. The varying climate is a cause of its latitude and longitude. The Northern part of the country is more of a subtropical climate due to its proximity towards the equator and the Southern region of the country is known for arctic blasts.

The relation between the climate of New Zealand and the equator is the reason why the winter days are usually longer and the nights are shorter. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking fun in the sun, a winter escape in the Southern region, and high rainfalls all in the same day. It’s the main reason why New Zealand is known for “four seasons in one day.”