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Ah, The Good Ol’ 90s | Internet Explorer ‘Child of the 90s’ Commercial

TrollDollAside from the 80s, the 90s was the best! Why? Because hip-hop was golden, fashion was bright, video games were simple graphics yet confusing puzzles, television shows were spectacularly awesome, and playing with toys was actually fun. You didn’t even need video games, you could play with a handful of toys and be quite alright. Technology wasn’t necessary  and of course social media wasn’t really around, so you actually had time to bond and make true friends.

The 90s will forever and always be the best time in history, and perhaps I’m biased since I was born in 91, but I’m just saying…the 90s rule. And I’m not the only one who thinks so, Internet Explorer agrees. :)

If you’re in the mood for some nostalgia, then the new IE commercial will be right up your alley. But of course, if you want something more hype and fresh, you can always watch the IE commercial featuring Alex Clare’s “Too Close.” Dubstep wasn’t big in the 90s, so you won’t find it in this new commercial “Child of the 90s.”

R&B Throwbacks | A Few of My Favorite Music Videos From The 90s -Early 00s

As of late, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the 90s. What I mean is that I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas almost every single day for hours on my Macbook. Hey, for $15 from the App store, it plays pretty good, and now it’s available on PSN for the same amount. Hands down, GTA:San Andreas is one of the best games ever because not only does it capture Southern California in the 90s, but it has a bangin’ soundtrack filled with classics, including timeless 90s R&B hits.

Whenever I’m in a lovey dovey mood or glittering romance, I find myself listening to R&B a lot. But as of now I’m single and new to LA and the whole dating scene (interesting so far…) So I haven’t been blasting a lot of my favorite throwbacks, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t love them.

So in the spirit of 90s being awesome and some of the hits from the early 00s, here are a few of my favorite music videos. I say music videos, because not only are the songs awesome, but the videos are creative and oh so 90s! Ah, the fashion, the hairstyles, and the entire swag is so oldschool, but I love it!

New Edition – Can You Stand the Rain

Love it, love it, love it! Such an eloquent song with a beautiful video to match.

LSG – My Body

Choreography is on point! 

Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel

Aaron Hall – Don’t Be Afraid

7:55 runtime, but don’t you just love the dancing?! Oh and how about that getup Aaron is wearing? LOL. Dudes should totally rock outfits to the club like that. 90s…

H-Town – Knockin The Boots

I never get tired of this song. H-Town was amazing!

Silk – Meeting In My Bedroom

Sex, sex, and more sex. This video just oozes sex appeal and the choreography and the rain drops are so tantalizing! 

Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity 

This song is awesome! Oh but let’s talk about this video. My boy Ralph is doing so much! The dancing, the outfit, the button down shirt, the all white, and the random shots of the girl; this video screams 90s! And how about that random rap break down? LOL… And you know what? I’m not even hatin’, I’m all for it. :) 

SWV – I’m So Into You

SWV…need I say more? Fabulous! 

Jodeci – Cry For You

I love Jodeci! I especially love when Martin spoofs them, but nah in all seriousness, Jodeci is one of the best male R&B groups to ever walk the planet!

Soul For Real – Candy Rain

These are just a few of the videos I love. I have so many more that I will be posting!

90s House Vibes | Duke Dumont – ‘Need U (100%)’ x Other Deep House Tracks

8271406649_232330b77d_zDue to the flakiness of how people can be out here in Los Angeles, sadly I didn’t get the chance to go house dancing last night. And right about now, I’m really missing the Deep Sugar family in Baltimore and just the entire house scene in DC and New York. But I digress, at least I can still enjoy house I find on the web and listen to every day.

So to make up for not being able to go house dancing last night, I’m going to be blogging an insane amount today; please bare with me.

Alright, so now that we have established that, let’s kick off things with some great music by Duke Dumont.  If you haven’t heard of Duke Dumont, then maybe “The Giver” will ring a bell. No, I’m not talking about the exceptional book by L.S. Lowry, but what I am talking about is an awesome deep house track by London based producer Duke Dumont. “The Giver” has been featured in quite a few podcasts and you might have heard the Tiga Remix as well.

Peep out the original track “The Giver” and the Tiga Remix. But if you want some fresh new music that has a 90s vibe, then you should really check out his new track called “Need U (100%)” and get lost in it. It’s got this ultra 90s sound and it feels like it could be a scene out of The Night at the Roxbury. Seriously, it’s ultra 90s house music and yet again Duke Dumont shows us why he is awesome!


Mega Throwback | E.R.N.E.S.T.O – The “90’s MIAMI” Mix

artworks-000035811574-eejeo9-t500x500Need a mix to get you through the rest of this week and to pump you up for a weekend full of partying? Then you need, I mean you really really need to listen to E.R.N.E.S.T.O.’s The “90s Miami” Mix. Trust me, when I say this mix is pure fire, I mean it’s some hot sh!t! Wow, wow, wow. The opening alone will drive you crazy!

The mix starts off with a sample of the classic 90s song “Bump and Grind” by R.Kelly, but then it goes into this insane pulsating bass thumpin’ that will have you housing up and down the club. I love the momentum that this mix has and it just keeps you going, going, and going into a 90s time machine of awesomeness!

You’ve got to have this mix and you need it, so don’t deny yourself the pleasure. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! THE 90s are in full swing in this mix! YAY!!!


Garage $ale – Bump N Grind (Waze & Odyssey Mix) (Sampling R Kelly)
Tensnake – Mainline (Dub)
Montell Jordan – Let’s Get It On Tonight (VELCRO in paradise edit)
EJECA – Night Rays
The Fog – Been a Long Time (Released in 1993)
Detroit Swindle – John Doe
SAN SODA – You Hear Me
4BeatClub – The Warehouse
Waze & Odyssey – Love That (Burns Hot Enough)
Flashmob – Hot
Romanthony – Falling From Grace (Murk Main Remix) (Released in 1993)

Taking It Back 2 da 90s | Urulu – ‘1991’ [Official Video]

During the 90s I was only a child (I was born in 91), so I didn’t get the chance to actually experience 90s house & club music in full swing. But as I got older, I started listening to some of the club classics by Jomanda, Robin S, Haddaway, and so many others. Then when A Night at the Roxbury came out in 1998, it was when I really started getting lost in the 90s music.

Of course, now the year is 2012 and music is going so many different directions. As music continues to evolve and the club scene continues to grow, change, and do whatever the hell it wants to, I still crave that good old fashion 90s club (oh, and I can’t forget classic house.)

Well apparently I’m not the only one craving that 90s club thumping sound. Los Angeles based producer Taylor feels aka Urulu has taken us back to the 90s with his song “1991.” The song was released this summer on Berlin-based house record label Exploited, but the official music video has finally been released.

The video is starring Stephanie Angulo, Jessica Bernal and Taylor Freels. I was really craving some 90s club, but after listening to the sounds + watching the video, now more than ever I wish I could travel back into the 90s and club for a week straight. That would be epic! Man, and if I got to see Eurythmics live, that would have been even better! Ah, I love the 90s. :)

Awesomesauce | Human Jukebox 90’s Megamix

Turn on annotations to see the tracks he is playing. There is no actual track list, so use the annotations!

I’m a total 90s baby, and all the major club hits of the 90s still have a spot in my heart. So when I ran across this video of these guy doing a megamix of all the 90s hits, I knew I had to share it with you guys.

It’s amazing how a lot of those 90s artists never made it super big with all their music, but they all had those one-hit wonders that still had such a powerful impact. It’s better to make one amazing song that can reach the masses, instead of pumping out a bunch of garbage tracks that have no substance.

Even though those songs of the 90s may not be popular today, I still love jamming to the sounds of Alice Deejay, Stardust, Haddaway, and so many other great artists that introduced me to the world of club hits & electronic dance music. They just bring back so many memories of having sleepovers, getting all dolled up, and dancing around singing the 90s club hits. Ah man, don’t even get me started about pretending to be the Spice Girls. LOL….story for another day.

Just for the heck of it (I’m feeling super nostaglic) I’m going to post some of the songs featured in the megamix done by The Human Jukebox. All these videos must have been fun to film.  Like I just want to totally throw a party and only play 90s hits. Yeah, I think I should do that!

My favorite one!!!!!!!

I remember seeing an amazing dance piece to this down at the university in Colorado Springs. It was spectacular! But seriously, how cheesy do the dudes in this video look? LOL no comment….

Used to sing this song all the time!!!!

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