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Cosmic Funk | GL – ‘Wont You See’ (VIDEO)

Melbourne-band GL are bringing the #goodstuff with their new single “Won’t You See.”

Jam-packed with futuristic-tinged synths, glitter infused vocals, and a passion for 80s cosmic funk, this single is a catchy synth-ride into intergalactic vibes.

Check it out:

Won’t You See


80s Synths | Todd Terje – ‘Delorean Dynamite’


Norwegian producer, Todd Terje, is embracing nostalgia with his 80s synth gem, “Delorean Dynamite.”

Aside from the word “Delorean” in the title, this track truly feels as though it should have been the soundtrack for Back To The Future.  It has the signature synth pattern you hear when listening to retro music, yet there is sheer brilliance in the Todd Terje’s ability to craft futuristic vibe.

Although Terje’s highly anticipated album, IT’S ALBUM TIME, won’t be released until April, this track is a great indicator of the impending synth-mania we can expect to obsess over.

Delorean Dynamite

80s Synths | Ambassadeurs – ‘Make Me’ [Free D/L]


From his early days of messing around with an 8-bit Amiga computer to playing in psychedelic rock bands, and now a master at manipulating Logic to craft brilliant synths, Ambassadeurs (aka Mark Dobson) is gaining respect from electronic music lovers throughout the UK and abroad.

With a fine attention to detail and impeccable grasp of capturing the 80s through melodic synths, his new release “Make Me” is an incredible free download that illuminates dreamwave nostalgia.

Give it a spin and grab your free download by subscribing to Ambassadeurs site. 

Also, check out his full EP Alone In The Light

Let the journey begin…close your eyes and drift off into euphoria.

Get Funky With Medlar’s Mix Mag “In Session” Mix

Good morning!! Hopefully you all had a great weekend! :)

Here in the DMV is snowed a little, but nothing too crazy. Considering that I grew up in Denver and Colorado Springs, this weather is child’s play. But I did enjoy the chilly temps and was I was able to just enjoy a super relaxed weekend, but I know this upcoming weekend I’ll be housing it up at Deep Sugar @ The Paradox in Baltimore.

While the party (full of house music and disco cuts) won’t be starting until Saturday, we can all at least kick off our week with an insanely funky mix from Medlar. 

A mixture of disco cuts, 80s funk, and house music, this is a stellar mix that Medlar did exclusively for Mix Mag’s “In Session” series.  Continue reading Get Funky With Medlar’s Mix Mag “In Session” Mix

Dreamy Synths | Kauf – ‘Relocate’ [VIDEO]

Kauf Relocate

Dreamwave, chillwave, synthpop, electropop, and whatever else you want to call it, there is something so enticing about electronic music with an 80s Karate Kid sound. You know, the type of music that easily fits the scenes of any 80s “coming-of-age” movie.

Well, Los-Angeles based artist Kauf has released an ultra cool new music video his dreamy single “Relocate.” And the artist did just relocate back to Los-Angeles after a stint in Florida, so the inspiration behind this track most be quite compelling.

Watch the official video below.

Oh-So 80s | Touch Sensitive – ‘Pizza Guy’ [Official Music Video]

Touch+Sensitive+civicundergroundHands down, Touch Sensitive’s “Pizza Guy” is by far my favorite 80s-style synthpop tracks of the year. Wow, can you say epic? And now this mind-blowing track has a cool video to match.

In the video, Michael Di Francesco (Van She) is driving a 1985 Blue Ferrari and delivering precious vinyl all around town to an all-star cast, including Jagwar Ma Flume, Chet Faker, and Van She.

This is one of those songs you can’t help but to love. The vibe is so 80s and it makes me want to watch Drive. Remember how 80s that soundtrack was? Yeah, come get some more music like that. Touch Sensitive is legit!