Indie Pop | Citizens! – ‘Waiting For Your Lover’

If you’re in need of a late-night pick me up, then get your smiles on with Citizens! slice of pop, “Waiting For Your Lover.”

♥| True Romance Mixtape #3 by Tensnake

In the latest roundup of True Romance Mixtape series, Tensnake reminds us why we love him so much.

With an incredible talent, he crafts a journey that powers up with disco funk and winds down with dark house vibes. The seasoned producer knows how to give us what we want; good music that makes us want to dance.

I keep telling myself I’m going to see him live at U Street Music Hall, but I always seem to miss his set! But he’s in DC this weekend, so I just might have to step out for the night. Sort of a pre-game event to Saturday night’s house event,  Deep Sugar at the Paradox.

True Romance Mixtape


Bass In Your Face | The Armory Podcast – 082 – Sychosis

In the latest episode of The Armory Podcast, bass & breaks aficionado, Sychosis, delivers a wicked edition of massive #bassinyourface.

With major support from the legendary Stanton Warriors, this Oakland dj is bringing some major heat with an impressive selection of breakbeat edits.

Need I say more? Go ahead and get some #bassinyourface

Garage House | Billon x Todd Edwards – ‘Don’t Be Givin’ Up’

Leaning towards the garage side of house, London producer Billon’s new single “Don’t be Givin’ Up” is a tight delight.

Featuring the legendary Todd Edwards, this new groove is a melodic escape from whatever is clouding your thoughts.

So, just go ahead and give it a spin:

Don’t Be Givin’ Up

Certified Awesome | Just Kiddin – ‘Getaway’ EP (Free D/L)

Unable to escape this dreaded winter, I’m really looking forward to getting away for a weekend in May. But that’s still two months away, so for now I’m stuck in the house…wishing Spring would roll in.

In an effort to lift my spirits, I decided to peruse my inbox for some good vibes. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this email from Just Kiddin, and my mood is immediately lifted as I listen to their new free EP, Getaway. 

My initial impression? WOW! The title track “Getaway” is a massive track full of sunshine vibes, and it’s certainly a dancefloor killer!  Not only is the song an uplifting track, but it’s perfect for all us dealing with the winter blues.

Let’s just escape.



Fresh Vibes | George FitzGerald – ‘Full Circle (feat Boxed In)’

I’m elated to share with you some incredible new music from one of my favorite producers, George FitzGerald. 

Ever since hearing his infectious single “Child,” I’ve become a huge fan of his work…and now he’s finally releasing a debut album! Albeit it’s not slated to release until late-April, he’s uploaded a new track titled “Full Circle” on his soundcloud.

A melodic slow-burn infused with deep house grooves, this track features the sultry vocals of Boxed In. It’s a mixture of melancholy and exploration of textures in sound and emotion. Does that make sense? It doesn’t have to…just listen.

Full Circle

And if you want more music, then check out this exclusive mix George did back in August for Fact Mag.

FACT Mix 457 – George Fitzgerald (Aug ’14)


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