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Get Involved | Women Up 2 TV [Submit Your Videos]

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Hey hey everyone!

So, in between dancing like crazy to the sounds of house music, getting ready for grad school @ Univ of Baltimore, and working on building my own business, I’ve taken on an exciting new project, “Women Up 2.”

I could sit here and tell you all about it in words…but I’d rather show you! So check out the promo video below and get involved today! All fabulous women out there, we want you!!!


Vloggin’ | Here We Go, Yet Again!

It’s been quite some time since I sat down and did a vlog (video blog), so today I was in the mood to knock one out. I actually did a few, but so far I’ve uploaded one called TS25: Here We Go, Yet Again!

In this vlog I talk about getting ready to graduate college and how I feel about my life, the direction I want to go, and just what I hope to do with these vlog series. I’d like to vlog more often and I really want to stick with it.

So here we go, yet again, I’m attempting to be regular with these videos. Apparently people enjoy watching them and love my personality, so at least it’s always exciting! Being shy is surely a word that can’t even be used to describe my personality, and on camera I love letting y’all see how I am in real life; I act like that every single day. The faces, the voices, the weird expressions…it’s all me!

Usually I end up going on rants about dating and being single, but I just don’t feel like wasting my time discussing that. It’s the same ole, guys lying about being married/having girlfriends, me not taking men serious, and just enjoying being single, focusing on me. No need to rant about it on camera…of course unless you guys want me to. LOL.

Alright, so yeah, stay tuned for more of these vlogs. I’m open to suggestions for topics.

Vlog | Yes…I’m Back Again

It’s been a super long time since I’ve done a vlog, but yesterday the mood struck. I decided to use my web cam on my Macbook Pro and just express my thoughts on the past few months, losing weight, why I’m single, and what’s to come in my book.

If you haven’t watched one my previous vlogs, then this will be a great chance for you to get a sense of my personality which hopefully shines through in my writing. So peep the video below!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

My Hilarious Attempts at Vlogging and “The Spider Incident”

Hey guys!

So yesterday was a long day and I’m exhausted from all the laughing. I had originally planned to do another video blog and discuss some interesting dating stories, but instead the vlog took a different angle. I ended up getting distracted the first time by my phone ranging and ended up talking on the phone for awhile, then I decided to film a second time. But in the midst of filming I went downstairs and ended up having this random rap moment with my mom. We ended up making fun of rappers and acting so stupid!

It was such a fun day and the video I filmed with my mom was hilarious! I went upstairs to edit it but decided to finish filming my vlog. So I sat down and tried to film again. Everything started off great and I was excited about summer movies and the sexy Ryan Reynolds, but then a spider ran by. My eye drifted off into the corner and I noticed this medium sized black spider running by on the wall. I jumped out of camera and began saying “No, no!” I was yelling no because he was crawling on my bed and moving so quick, then he fell behind my bed and I had to call my mom for help. He was moving so quick!

So my mom helped me kill it and she was freaking out too and I ended up on top of a stool. LOL, just watch the video….The funny thing is I’m not terrified of spiders or tarantulas, I just don’t like when things move way to quick and I can’t find them. That bothers me! The great thing about this incident though, its the first time I’ve been caught off guard on camera.

I still crack up at what happened and I figured I’d show you guys the incident. So enjoy the video and hopefully I will do an actual vlog soon.

ThinkSoul25 Episode 5: “I’m Back”

Finally got around to doing a new vlog! I was just relaxing earlier today and decided to film a new vlog. It’s just a visual update on my life and my feelings on the arts. It’s a glimpse into my room, my opinions, and what I’ve been up to since the last vlog. Hope you like it! As usual I’m just being myself and not worried about anything other than expressing my feelings. The video speaks for itself, so I’m not going to write an essay here. hahaha!

Think Soul 25 Episode 4: Mean Girls, The Real Life Bullies

Hey guys!

Physical bullying at school, as depicted in th...
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I did this vlog over the weekend and finally decided to post it for today’s post. I’ve been trying to post something at least once a day. This vlog is discusses the serious issue of bullying and my real life experience with verbal harassment and torment from “mean girls”.  I’ve moved around a lot, but one of the reasons has also been because of some issues at school and a few times my parents moved so I wouldn’t have to go to a school in a bad neighborhood. I’ve always gone to the best schools, but that still doesn’t stop the fickle drama. I’m so glad I’m done with middle school and high school, it feels good to be a junior in college. I’m actually in classes with adults and they care about their education, it’s not a social club.

However, bullying is an issue that doesn’t just affect kids. Adults can be bullied and harassed in the work place, friends, etc. I’ve had stalkers and been harassed by people, it’s not a good feeling. I just wanted to speak up on this topic because I’ve seen so many stories of people who have killed themselves or shot up a place because they felt rejected and couldn’t mentally handle it. I knew a girl that was planning on shooting up the school because everyone treated her so bad. She was an artsy and quirky spanish girl and I was the new kid who actually took the chance to get to know her and helped her with her issues. Get to know someone before you just make fun of them and taking how you treat people serious.Even though I’m 5 11 and a very strong woman, it took a lot for me to overcome it and also find the courage to stand up for myself. I’ve always been different and bold, which has also lead to haterz and people that just don’t take the time to get to know me. SMH…such a shame how people treat each other.

Hope you enjoy the video. I had so much to say I broke it into two parts.

©Jasmine McGee