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Teddy Has an Operation [VIDEO]

Jasmine McGee-Ventura:

Love this video!

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Bankoboev_Ru_plyushevyi_medvedSome times you can run across the most amazing but random things on YouTube. I am child at heart. My love for children books, art, and culture is ageless. My studio motto is “ Art for the Whimsical child in you”. This video is for adults but also a child that can comprehend I think the concept of  love and insight we have for teddy bear. After you watch the  video You may agree or disagree… but one thing is for sure it gonna make you think! Teddy  had a an operation!

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Color Explosion: Holi in Slow-Motion

holi-4One of the most beautiful things about the world we live in is the diversity of cultures. Everyone has something they hold close to their heart, whether it be religion, a particular lifestyle, or even a creative talent, and it’s amazing when culture is caught on camera.

One of the most fascinating cultural celebrations I’ve seen caught on camera is Holi, the Hindu festival in celebration of spring and other sacred meanings. Holi takes places every Spring and this year’s festival already has taken place, but posted a beautiful slow-motion video from a year ago that truly captures the beauty of the cultural celebration.

Watch the beautiful color explosion in slow-motion and get inspired to embrace your religion, your spirituality, your heritage, and whatever else you hold dear and near to your heart.

‘WHATEVEREST’ – The Inspiration Behind Todd Terje’s Dance Hit ‘Inspector Norse’ [15 Min Film]

Screen shot at 2013-03-26 2.02.03 PMLast year one of the biggest dance tunes to storm the electronic dance music (EDM) community was Norway-based producer Todd Terje’s infectious single, “Inspector Norse.” The song is arguably one of the best releases of 2012, and it’s a track that you can’t help but to dance to. I myself have been out dancing and a few DJs have played it; forcing me to dance like a maniac and jump up and down with a smile on my face. :)

“Inspector Norse” is a tune that inspires many to get up and dance to the good vibes, but apparently it was actually inspired by Marius Solem Johansen–who goes by the internet alias Inspector Norse. According to the short “documentary” by director Kristoffer Borgli, Todd Terje was inspired by this failed musician  Inspector Norse and his passion for dancing and making drugs out of household chemicals. Thus, the song was born!

The short film, WHATEVERESTwas well received by audiences and was even winner of Special Jury Award at AFI Fest 2012. But after careful research, it seems that this documentary is actually more along the lines of a mockumentary. Videos of Inspector Norse making drugs on Youtube and dancing never existed prior to this movie. Terje claims that he was inspired by the hundreds of videos of Inspector Norse, but there is actually only one video…which was upload around the same time this film was in the making.

So it appears it might all be clever creativity that is the driving force behind this story and the song, but one thing we do know is that whether merely fiction, fact or a combination of both (more so along the lines of fiction,) WHATEVEREST is still a beautiful short film. The film just gives us a glimpse into the sheer brilliance of Todd Terje and his witty sense of humor. He’s not just an amazing producer, but a creative guy with a vivid imagination of a guy named Inspector Norse who loves to dance. Do I approve? Yes, this gets my seal of approval. Great song, excellent film! :)

Watch the music video, which features clips from WHATEVEREST and then be sure to check out the full 15 minute “documentary.”

Awesomesauce | GTA: Rise – Live Action Short Film


Usually most movies based off games end up being horrible, but if Mass Effect 3 and Gears of War could be movies, they would be pretty good. There is already talks of a ME3 movie in the works, but could you imagine what it would be like if an open-world game like Grand Theft Auto became a film?

Well, director Gevorg Karensky decided to give us a taste of what a live-action Grand Theft Auto style film could look like. Of course, you’d need fast cars, a criminal in a rugged leather jacket, and some epic party scene, followed by a shoot-out or chase scene. Yeah, that sounds like a scene from a GTA game. Well, in the Karensky directed short “GTA:Rise” you’ve got all of the ingredients of a pretty good GTA-style action scene.

If this was a feature length film, would you watch it? Heck, I would. What can I say? I like chase scene, flashy cars, leather jackets, and all things reminiscent of GTA.

Simply Beautiful | Slow-motion Truly Shows Us the Art of Fire Breathing

Ever gone to a carnival or a circus (aren’t they the same thing?) and seen those guys blowing fire out of their mouths? Well, I’ve seen it once before in real-life and hundreds of times on television, but never have I imagined what it would look like in slow-motion.

Well, no longer do I have to ponder about what fire breathing would look like at a slower speed. Digital imaging technician Chris Bolton decided to showcase slow-motion fire breathing in a new video called “Fire Time (A Journey at 2000fps)”. 

The video is basically showing us at 2000fps what the art of fire breathing looks like. And how does it look? Simply beautiful! I would never dare try anything that insane (I’m not a dragon,) but it’s still very cool to see what fire looks like coming out of someone’s mouth at 2000fps.

Riveting Surrealism + Socio-Political Commentary | Short Film ‘I, Pet Goat II’

I must officially declare that I, Pet Goat II is the best animated short film I’ve ever seen. Never in my life have I been so intellectually and emotionally drawn to an animated short film, but I, Pet Goat II is a film that beckons for your complete attention. Don’t even dare attempting to multi-task while watching this film, because you will miss out on some powerful symbols that evoke theoretical thought and the abstract reality of “the fire at the heart of suffering.”

As I aforementioned, the film takes a look at “the fire at the heart of suffering.”  I, Pet Goat II truly captures some of the defining moments that shape our history, as well as socio-political messages that deserve hours of intense intellectual conversation. I could try to breakdown every aspect of the film’s message, but I’ll leave that up to y’all.

Many folks out there are dissecting this video and breaking down each symbol, but Andrew S. Allen over at Short of the Week sums it up best. He said,

“I, Pet Goat II is a difficult film to dissect, but I’ll give it a try. First, the story is less of a narrative and more like an interpretive dance of modern travesties—America’s war on terror, religious fundamentalism, militarianism in Aftrica, totalitarianism in China, and exploitation all over the world (some of which may seem a little heavy-handed to us Americans). It’s packed with loaded symbols used to remix pop culture into a new mythology complete with surreal landscapes and zany characters.”

The short filmed is by a new Canadian animation studio Heliofant  and it just proves that surrealism isn’t dead, it’s alive…and packed with riveting socio-political commentary.

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