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Awesomesauce | Stop-Motion Karate (VIDEO)

The folks over at Corridor Digital have unleashed a new viral video called “Stop-Motion Karate” and it’s totally #awesomesauce.

Basically the video is a quirky story of what happens when two guys try to win a girl’s heart and duke it out kung fu style. The twist? Well, it’s shot in stop-motion style sort of like the oldschool NES game, Karateka.

Check out the visuals and be sure to peep out the behind-the-scenes footage on how this incredible stop-motion video was shot using a GoPro.

Making Of….

Awesomesauce | BaneCat Strikes Back! (Video)

The internet is full of cat videos ranging from adorable to hilarious, but one video that truly changed the game was “BaneCat.”

Basically, a few months ago this guy decided to make a parody of Bane (you know, Batman’s nemesis,) and instead of repeating the same cliche parodies we’ve seen on the web, he decided to turn his cat into Bane.


Say hello to BaneCat. He’s difficult to understand, he’s sneaky, he’s clever, he’s an asshole, and yet he’s hilariously cute. And now, he has returned to the internet in a second episode.

Check it out. Hopefully we’ll see more of these in the future. And if not, at least we’ve got the awesomeness to enjoy for the time being.

BaneCat Episode 2

BaneCat Episode 1


‘Tous’ – Adventures Of A Drunk Kitty (Video)

Okay, confession time: I have never used Reddit. Why? Not sure, but it has never really appealed to my internet habits. Perhaps because it’s got a boring design to it, yet the content is so awesome! But eh, just too much work to find cool content.

However, I will admit that after seeing this video (below) from a Reddit user, I’m kind of impressed by the creativity that can be found amongst the Reddit community.

So basically, this guy who had to “cat-sit” his girlfriend’s precious cat, decided to have some fun and create a video as if the cat was drunk.

The video, which is edited to the chilled out vibes of Chrome Spark’s 420-friendly single, “Marijuana,”  has some great production quality!


Awesomesauce | Stormtroopers Twerking (VIDEO)


You’d figure that we had enough of the twerking craze in 2013, especially with Miley Cyrus and her flat ass (seriously, she has no cakes) exploiting the dance.

Well, the viral twerkfest isn’t over. Now, Stormtroopers are joining in on the fun.

That’s right, Stormtroopers are twerking. Apparently, it’s officially a thing. This video could have easily bordered cheesy or cheap, But much to my surprise, it actually is really cool!b You haven’t seen twerking look so geeky, yet so fresh, until you watch this video of a group of Stormtroopers showing off their hip-hop moves.

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Forced-Fed, Shows Support For Hunger-Striking Guantanamo Detainees [VIDEO]


In a powerful demonstration, Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) attempts to withstand force-feeding techniques that are currently used at Guantanamo.

This video might be difficult for some to watch, but I highly recommend you watch it. The demonstration proves to be too much for Yasiin and he cries out for them to stop inserting the tube.

Yasiin made the choice to stop the demonstration, but the detainees at Guantanamo don’t have a choice. Clearly, the treatment of the detainees and the living conditions are an inherent human rights issue, and Yasiin made a powerful move in bringing even more awareness to this issue.

Watch the video below…it’s quite emotional. When Yasiin breaks down in tears, I found myself shedding a few as well. Such a sad situation facing these Guantanamo detainees, who are currently on hunger-strike in attempt to fight for better living conditions.

Teddy Has an Operation [VIDEO]

Jasmine McGee-Ventura:

Love this video!

Originally posted on see jane dream:

Bankoboev_Ru_plyushevyi_medvedSome times you can run across the most amazing but random things on YouTube. I am child at heart. My love for children books, art, and culture is ageless. My studio motto is “ Art for the Whimsical child in you”. This video is for adults but also a child that can comprehend I think the concept of  love and insight we have for teddy bear. After you watch the  video You may agree or disagree… but one thing is for sure it gonna make you think! Teddy  had a an operation!

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