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Awesomesauce | Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters: Episode 1 [VIDEO]


First off,  I must declare that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best games ever! Okay, GTA:San Andreas is still the best, but GTA V comes pretty darn close! I’m obsessed with it and you should be too!

I’m especially stoked for the online play to go live. Man, I can’t wait! If you’re #TeamPS3 then you should add me and we should crew up. My PSN: funk25

Okay, so now that I got those important notes out the way, let’s get down to business. Defend The House, a channel on YouTube, decided to play mythbusters Grand Theft Auto style. Basically, we all know how crazy the game is and the madness of the open-world allows you to do almost anything and everything…but can you really do everything?

Some of the myths:

You can’t knife a shark.

You can tow police cars while they are pursuing you.

You can hide from cops in the bushes.

You can ignite a gas trail with the backfire of a car.

These are just a few of the myths, and in this video below, Defend The House confirms (and busts) the myths and shows us just how crazy GTA really is!

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Pure Comedy | Madden 25: Running Back Sons [Commercial]


As a gamer, I’ve tried my hands at a little bit of everything. RPG, racing games, FPS (my favorite,) hack-n-slash, basketball, and yes, even Madden. Now I’m the first to admit that I’m horrible at Madden, but I’ll still give it my best shot. Now, I can give you a run for your money in Call of Duty, but if it’s Madden, I’m guaranteed to lose. And to many folks (guys) surprise, I actually enjoy watching football.

With the start of NFL season and release of Madden 25 right around the corner, the advertising madness has begun. And what better way to create frenzy around a game than shooting a hilarious commercial.

Just in case you’ve missed the pure comedy, then you really ought to check out this super-funny new commercial for the upcoming game, Madden 25. It’s feeds into that competitive spirit of Madden that you either love or hate.  Total beast mode.


Awesomesauce | Behold ‘The Sims 4′ Trailer x Gameplay Video

We’ve waited, we’ve anticipated the “what ifs,” and now we’ve finally got a tease of what to expect in the next generation of The Sims. 

That’s right, my fellow simmers I’d like to introduce you to The Sims 4 and all the simming glory to behold sometime in 2014.  With a brand new arrival trailer and some exclusive gameplay, we’ve got an up close look at the new CAS (Create-a-Sim,) new interactions, new building options, and so much more!

No longer will you have to download Mods to change the breast and booty size of your sims; click anywhere on your sim to make cosmetic adjustments. That new feature (which we get a taste of in the gameplay video) is ingenious! No longer do all your sims have the same body type, with generic adjustments of skinny, average, and fat.

Aside from the new updates to the CAS, your sims now have new emotions that are more life-like. Sims can get jealous easily when another sim in the vicinity is flirting up their chick. The emotions and response to the happenings around your sims are a vast improvement from the previous games. See for yourself in the gameplay trailer below.

So, what do you think? Will you plan on upgrading and getting The Sims 4 for your PC/MAC? Share your thoughts below!


Super Hyped | ‘Watch Dogs’ World Premiere Gameplay Trailer [North America]

Watch-DogsWAllAnyone who watches Scandal on ABC Thursdays most have seen (or hopefully watches) Person of Interest. One of my favorite shows on ABC, Person of Interest takes the entire concept of society being monitored to new heights, and the upcoming video game Watch Dogs has the similar concept. But of course, being that its not related to the show, the entire premise and character motivation is something of it’s own creation.

Watch Dogs takes the characters into an open-world and the role of Aiden Pearce. You could relate him to Reese from Person of Interest and the extremities he goes to help people, but it seems that Mr. Pearce has a more vengeful motivation; making for great gameplay!

From hacking into people’s phones to steal bank information and causing the traffic lights to malfunction, Mr. Pearce does anything and everything he can to accomplish his missions. And with every piece of technology in the city at his control (he’s a brilliant hacker,) there is truly no stopping him. Thus, the open-world concept is perfect for hours of wreaking havoc.

You’ll have to watch till November 19, 2013 to get your hands on this title, but the new gameplay trailer “Out of Control” surely does have me super hyped. From the graphics of the environment to the character detail and motions, I’m stoked to play Watch Dogs and experience it’s awesomeness in it’s entirety.

Watch the new trailer below. Hyped? You should be. :)


WATCH The Awesome New Trailers for Grand Theft Auto V [Michael.Franklin.Trevor]


I’ve got a huge list of games I can’t wait to get my hands on, but as of late I’ve been going in on GTA:San Andreas. I haven’t had the chance to play my PS3 since I’ve been on the move (life of a nomad right now,) so whenever I have the chance I play San Andreas using my PS3 controller and my Macbook Pro. It’s one of the best games in the franchise, but after watching the new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V, I think this new title might be the best one to date.

In the new trailers, Rockstar gives us a glimpse at the three different worlds of the characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Each one has their own vibe that makes each character seem like they come from their own game, but there is a sense of cohesion in the story line that will make switching characters and missions a blast!

Enjoy the 80s music of Michael’s trailer, get gangsta with Franklin’s hustle, and go redneck with the country bumpkin antics of Trevor.



Check Out The Awesome New Red Band Trailer for ‘The Last of Us’

The-Last-of-Us-VGA-2012-TrailerJune 14th might feel like it’s really far away, but hey, it’s worth the wait. Why? Because The Last of Us has been serving up great footage that makes you want to wait for this release, and the red band trailer makes it even more awesome!

Check out the trailer below. Doesn’t this game just look amazing? Yes, yes, yes! I must get this!