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Fresh Visuals| Krystal Klear x Yasmin – ‘One Night Only’

If you’re in the mood for pop vibes infused with melodic house, then check out Krystal Klear’s new single “One Night Only” featuring Yasmin. 

The Manchester-based producer has collaborated with singer Yasmin on this infectious single, and now the pair have released a sultry music video.It’s good stuff!

Check out the visuals:

One Night Only

Dubstep | Flux Pavillion x Steve Aoki -‘Get Me Outta Here’ (VIDEO)

Albeit it doesn’t sound like quite a collaboration (missing that Steve Aoki sound,) Steve Aoki has teamed up with Flux Pavillion for a dubstep tracked titled “Get Me Outta Here.”

So it might not be totally on the EDM electro side of things, but it’s got a decent dubstep sound.

Give it a spin:

Get Me Outta Here

Weekend of Music | New Posts to Follow Shortly

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! #TGIF

I wanted to do a quick update on the blog and let you all know that I will rigorously return this weekend in posting some wicked house tunes.

You’ve probably anxious to hear some new music or curious why I haven’t posted anything. Well, the past week and a half I’ve been incredibly busy with my full time job as a Digital Coordinator at one of the largest hospitals in Washington, D.C. On top of that I’ve got graduate school in Publications Design, two classes a week till 10:45pm at night. And I just moved into my new apartment. So that right there is a lot going on! And I’m a full time girlfriend to my amazing boyfriend (papi chulo) of 9 months and counting. Loving him more and more each day!

So, with all that being said…I hope to start posting again this weekend.

Thank you for being loyal readers!


Deep House x Bass | Friend Within – ‘The Label’

Ever just hear something some damn good that makes you want to rip your clothes off? Haha, of course you have. But I’m not talking about some sexy R&B or something along those lines. I’m talking about the type of track that has a wicked bassline. You know, the kind that drives you insane because it’s so flipping good!

Well, Liverpool-based producer Friend Within has launched his own imprint, and to kick things off he’s got a superb single titled “The Label.”

If you loved Friend Within’s collab with Disclosure, then you’ll love this cut.

Give it a spin:

The Label


Fresh Visuals | Jess Glynne – ‘Right Here’ (Official Video)

Not too along ago, the soulful UK-based song-bird, Jess Glynne released her infectious new single “Right Here.” Well, not only do you get to enjoy her awesome voice, but now it’s got a snazzy music video to accompany it.

Full of dancing, cool visual effects, fun with friends, and of course the beautiful red-headed Jess Glynne, this new music video is certified awesome. 

Confession: Online Dating Actually Isn’t So Bad…I Beat The Odds

In search of some tranquility and creative inspiration, I decided to spend the day in our family design/art/dance studio and just allow the sounds of house music to tease my ears. And as I find myself sitting here, grooving to the soulful love-infused house cuts, I can’t help but to think about the past few years of my life…my love life.

Status: Madly In Love

The past few months I’ve been (and still am) in a relationship with a wonderful, incredible, hilarious, amazing, awesome, geeky, intoxicatingly sexy (he’s Puerto Rican/Dominican), and incredibly loving man that breathes fresh air into my life everyday. Not a morning goes by I don’t get a “good morning beautiful/my love” text, and I see him 3-4 times out of the week. It’s not been totally perfect, but compared to my past relationships, it feels like I’m living a lovers dream come true.

Bad Dates Galore

I’ve been through my fair share of ups & downs since…well since I first started dating at age 15 (I’m 23 now, so still young.) I’m young, but I’ve matured over the years, and as I’ve gotten older, my interactions with men have ranged from “mind-blowing awesome” to “nightmares on whatever street I’ve found myself.” And to be honest, a lot of my dating experience has come from, not only meeting potentials in bars/clubs, but a lot of dates I’ve gone on have been from a popular starting point: online dating.

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