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R&B Throwbacks | A Few of My Favorite Music Videos From The 90s -Early 00s

As of late, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the 90s. What I mean is that I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas almost every single day for hours on my Macbook. Hey, for $15 from the App store, it plays pretty good, and now it’s available on PSN for the same amount. Hands down, GTA:San Andreas is one of the best games ever because not only does it capture Southern California in the 90s, but it has a bangin’ soundtrack filled with classics, including timeless 90s R&B hits.

Whenever I’m in a lovey dovey mood or glittering romance, I find myself listening to R&B a lot. But as of now I’m single and new to LA and the whole dating scene (interesting so far…) So I haven’t been blasting a lot of my favorite throwbacks, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t love them.

So in the spirit of 90s being awesome and some of the hits from the early 00s, here are a few of my favorite music videos. I say music videos, because not only are the songs awesome, but the videos are creative and oh so 90s! Ah, the fashion, the hairstyles, and the entire swag is so oldschool, but I love it!

New Edition – Can You Stand the Rain

Love it, love it, love it! Such an eloquent song with a beautiful video to match.

LSG – My Body

Choreography is on point! 

Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel

Aaron Hall – Don’t Be Afraid

7:55 runtime, but don’t you just love the dancing?! Oh and how about that getup Aaron is wearing? LOL. Dudes should totally rock outfits to the club like that. 90s…

H-Town – Knockin The Boots

I never get tired of this song. H-Town was amazing!

Silk – Meeting In My Bedroom

Sex, sex, and more sex. This video just oozes sex appeal and the choreography and the rain drops are so tantalizing! 

Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity 

This song is awesome! Oh but let’s talk about this video. My boy Ralph is doing so much! The dancing, the outfit, the button down shirt, the all white, and the random shots of the girl; this video screams 90s! And how about that random rap break down? LOL… And you know what? I’m not even hatin’, I’m all for it. :) 

SWV – I’m So Into You

SWV…need I say more? Fabulous! 

Jodeci – Cry For You

I love Jodeci! I especially love when Martin spoofs them, but nah in all seriousness, Jodeci is one of the best male R&B groups to ever walk the planet!

Soul For Real – Candy Rain

These are just a few of the videos I love. I have so many more that I will be posting!

Awesomesauce | Hey Arnold!: The Movie Trailer

I’m a huge fan of these creative filmmakers and actors on YouTube who have been defying the odds, and producing these sick/twisted live-action depictions of childhood favorite cartoons. Funny or Die already did their psychotic version of The Rugrats, so I’m glad that the group of folks over at DrCoolSex decided to do a hilariously psychotic live-action trailer for Hey Arnold!

Anybody who used to watch Hey Arnold! knows that Helga Pataki was one crazy chick. She always had a crush, as well as a shrine, devoted to football head (Arnold,) but the group over at DrCoolSex decided to show an even darker side of Helga. She’s one psychotic bitch! Seriously, something is wrong with that chick, and I always knew it.

I used to imagine what it would be like if Hey Arnold! was a live-action movie, and now this trailer gives me an idea of what the movie would should look like. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself how crazy Helga Pataki actually is. The next time someone stalks you, just say “Ah, she’s got that Helga Pataki syndrome.”

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

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Truly Timeless | Chuck Mangione – “Feels So Good”

Often my thought process is very intricate or borderline abstract. Many who have had the chance to experience my conversations in person and on the phone call me “random.” Yeah, I am random, but I’m able to divert from one track of the conversation, go to the moon, then come back to the main track and still have it be this abstract parallel connection. It’s weird, but eh, it’s who I am.

So last night I was up till 4am watching the Alfred Hitchcock classic film The Birds. I’ve seen this film so many times and I never get tired of watching it, it’s truly timeless. So last night due to the air of nostalgia in the atmosphere, I randomly started humming the melody to Chuck Mangione’s timeless song “Feels So Good.” Mind you, I haven’t heard this song on the jazz station in years, and yes they play it on King of the Hill sometimes, but I haven’t watched that show in about a year.

“Feels So Good” is one of my favorite songs by Chuck Mangione, and my mom used to always blast the jazz station whenever it came on in the car. My nickname may be Jazz, but I truly do love the sounds of jazz and smooth jazz. So every now and then a random melody that has been lying dormant for years will pop in my head, and that’s what happened last night. In the middle of watching The Birds and have a slight conversation with my mom, I began humming the melody to Chuck Mangione’s timeless track “Feels So Good.”

I guess some tracks just stay in your head. Even if you don’t push play in that compartment of your brain, one day they just randomly pop up. It’s quite fascinating. But at least I had a good song stuck in my head and not some crappy track. Ugh, now that right there is the worst; songs stuck in your head that are horrible.

If you’ve never heard of Chuck Mangione, then you’re missing out! He’s got that awesome 80s smooth jazz sound, sort of like Herb Alpert, but still unique.

Ah shucks, it’s Sunday…so might as well be gracious and post Herb Alpert as well. “Rise” is one of my favorites.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Favorite Cult Classic | The Warriors

This past week has been quite hectic. Juggling schoolwork & a variety of writing projects, as well as managing this blog, have been crazy! But, I love the madness of it all. As a freelance writer, you become accustomed to numerous deadlines, projects, and reporting to various editors/project managers. So, I don’t stress over it. But I do think it’s nice to get off the clock and enjoy the day. So right now I’m contemplating whether or not I shall go to the movies.

I looked at the list of movies showing, and I was disappointed. Everything out right now seems so dull, so cookie-cutter, and lacking innovative excitement. What happened to the days of riveting excitement & unique concepts? Oh yeah, that’s right, those films usually remain in the independent film circuit and never make it to the big screen nationally unless they’ve got that Hollywood Appeal; tons of sex, violence, or long dramatic plots that are slightly confusing & often uncomfortable. The films out in theatre (unless it’s a mega action flick/superhero film) usually don’t catch my attention, which is why I prefer to curl up on my bed, grab a snack, and enjoy cult classics.

There are a lot of great cult classic films out there, but my favorite cult classic (and favorite film in general) is The Warriors. Its one of the few films that I’ve seen probably over 10 tens, and I never get tired of watching it. I mean, how you could? It’s got that awesome 70s New York gangster vibe, epic costuming, and it’s got some cult classic fight scenes. It may not be the greatest film ever in some folks opinion, but in my eyes it’s cult classic gold.

The Warriors is one of those films you have to see; it’s not up for discussion, you must watch it! Seriously though, it’s a great movie! I’m always amazed when I meet people in my generation (remember guys, I’m only 20) and they have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention the Cyrus saying “Can you diiiiiig it,” the Baseball Furries, or the Turnball AC’s. They usually look at me with such a dumbfounded look, and then I proceed to bring up the Rockstar video game The Warriors. Then they immediately get on board and begin talking about the video game, yet many of them had never seen the cult classic movie.

There are so many great moments from The Warriors that make it such a great movie. Not only do you have action, but it’s this edgy & compelling story of this awesome gang trying to get back home to Coney Island. They want to remain incognito after being blamed for the murder of Cyrus(leader of Gramercy Riffs), but it’s kind of hard to make it back to Coney Island when you’re wearing no shirts and leather vests. Yeah, that’s a sure fire way to be “incognito.” But it’s The Warriors, so you know they have to be strong, proud, and rep their gang to the fullest. Even if it means running into altercations along the way, but at least one of the Warriors, the leader Swan, finds love….

So you’ve got love (or least a one night stand/possible love connection,) awesome vests, fight scenes, and the coolest gang members ever; every member of the gang has a unique name. The Warriors is all about Swan, Ajax, Cleon, Rembrandt, Fox, Vermin, Snow, Cochise, and Cowboy doing their best to make it home safely, while trying to clear their name from the murder of Cyrus. But the radio DJ (whom I love to impersonate) doesn’t make things easier, she is the ultimate instigator. But you’ve got to love her sultry voice, and she is just one component of the film that brings everything together and makes The Warriors my favorite cult classic. “Warriors, come out to play-i-ay….”

Quotes from the movie

The Best Opening Ever!

Turnball AC’s

Baseball Furries

Nowhere to Hide

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Oh So 80s | The Karate Rap

I’m big on being athletic, but I was never really into karate. I mean I always thought that martial arts movies were awesome (and they still are,) but I never thought about actually pursuing karate.

I will admit I did take a karate class with this girl at school once, and it was interesting. But I just didn’t have the patience to actually learn everything & make sure my form was correct. On top of that, the teacher was so boring! He just didn’t make the karate sound cool. I thought it was supposed to be super cool & exhilarating like in the martial arts movies (a bunch of kung fu sounds and a serious face,) but apparently it isn’t like that right off the back.

So I had to knock down my perceptions of what karate actually is. It takes time. You start off with basic moves, and over the years you get better. But I bet you if watched this vintage 80s (produced in 1986) video called “Karate Rap,” I would have stuck with karate. The video itself just makes karate look kind of cool, especially with the cheesy rapping. HAHA, it’s a timeless video, and I’m glad I ran across it on a blog I was reading.

Check it out for yourself. Imagine if your karate class was taught with a rapping teacher. Would you continue taking the class?

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Awesomesauce | Space Stallions

We all know about Thundercats & Transformers, but what about Space Stallions? I know the title perhaps sounds like a bunch of amazing stallions (well they do ride these robotic looking horses) living in space, but it’s actually the coolest 80s cartoon to ever be invented, but wait…it never actually existed.

The animated cartoon is the latest viral video that has been making it’s rounds throughout the Web. The video is by the students of at the Animation Workshop. The video is basically telling the 80s infused story of four warriors that must fight evil in a distant realm.

The entire vibe of the video screams 80s, and the 80s electropop music just makes it even better. I’m not going to lie, I actually wish Space Stallions was a real cartoon; I’d never miss an episode. I’d grab a bowl of a big bowl of cereal, and would sit in front of the television (I’d even suffer through commercials.)

Maybe this video will keep making a prescene on the web and will catch the attention of a major network. That would be awesome if it could actually get turned into a cartoon, but for now we will have to just enjoy the brief video showcasing the Space Stallions and their 80s-awesomesauce-powers.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.