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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #3 Reveals Details on the Epic Conclusion

Summer is right around the corner!!!! The Avengers comes out on Friday and I’m totally going to be there for that midnight showing. It’s a great way to kick off the summer and get in the superhero vibe. Then on Saturday I’ll follow it up by going to the Free Comic Book Day.

I’m looking forward to a festive summer filled with geeky rants, new travel adventures, making new friends, and of course, seeing how in the world The Dark Knight Rises will conclude. As summer gets closer, more information surrounding the film is being revealed. And you know how Hollywood is. They always release a bunch of trailers for a movie, but usually each trailer shows off something new.

Trailer #3 gives us an insight on what we can expect in the epic conclusion of the Christopher Nolan Batman series. In the trailer we get to see Bane (and you can actually understand him through his mask,) Anne Hathaway as the seductive Catwoman, the oh so adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer,) and of course, Christian Bale (who is irresistibly sexy) doing his thing as The Dark Knight.

But of course, the trailer does have the action I love, the awesome Batmobile, and this dark vibe of intriguing mystery waiting to be unraveled. After watching this third trailer, I just don’t want to watch anymore trailers; I want to go straight to the movie and enjoy the entire film right now. But I’ll have to wait for the July 20th release date.

So until then, I guess I’m just going to have to watch for any new TV spots and of course, read articles about what else to expect in the film.

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The Dark Knight Rises – Prestige Style (Innovative New Trailer)

The months just seem to be buzzing by, which isn’t receiving much complaint from me. I turn 21 in April, and I graduate college in Summer. So if the months want to buzz on by, then that’s quite alright by me! However, it still feels like an awfully long wait until the summer action flicks will arrive. The best apart about summer is always chilling out and going to the summer movies. Well of course traveling and hitting the beach, but movies are pretty awesome. So yes, it does suck a little we have to wait for all the action movies,  but at least we can spend the next few months enjoying trailers, as well as fan-made creations.

Actually, we don’t have to wait terribly long for films such as The Avengers (hits a theatre near you May 4th, 2012,) but we still have to wait until summer to enjoy The Dark Knight Rises. I’m stoked about seeing what Christian Bale will do in this movie (hopefully he didn’t cuss anyone out on set again) but for now I just have to enjoy the trailers. Which I might add, um pretty epic trailer so far!

So we’ve got this awesome trailer that shows us how epic the film is going to be, but some people wanted more. Well luckily, a fan out there decided to take one of my favorite movies, The Prestige, and create a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises that infuses Michael Caine’s speech from The Prestige with clips from the trailer for the upcoming film. If you thought the original trailer for the film was epic, then check out the new trailer below. It’s pretty spectacular! The cuts (editing) is timed in precision with Michael Caine’s speech, which creates this awesome effect of an even more dark & sinister film driven by the magic of compelling words.

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