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Brilliant Poetry x Visuals | ‘Girls Who Read’ by Mark Grist


I love poetry. Not only do I love poetry, but I have great adoration and admiration for works that implement the conventions of prose and witty imagery to express simple topics, even dating.

In a brilliant performance, poet Mark Grist shares what he wants in a girl. While he loves tits and ass (who doesn’t,) remarkably the one trait he really looks for in a woman is a love for reading. Yes, he seeks a girl that reads. Continue reading Brilliant Poetry x Visuals | ‘Girls Who Read’ by Mark Grist

Poem | No Yummy In My Tummy


I really hate eating unhealthy! The feeling of the calories and the heaviness makes me sick to my stomach. Not saying I’m perfect and I don’t divulge here and there, but I’m really good at restricting myself from junk.

Being in a creative spirit, I wrote a quirky poem to describe how it makes me feel.

No Yummy In My Tummy

Loaded discounts galore,
Foods my whore.
Trying to say no,
She won’t let me go.
Smother on the pounds,
Lay me out and call the hounds.
Is it cardiac arrest
Or a messy caress?
My belly begins to shake
From this disastrous taco quake.
So unlucky…
Unhealthy mistake,
More than a body should take.

Poetry | Intergalactic Void of Cliché,

This is something I wrote last year and I just stumbled upon it while searching through some folders on my computer. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just my sarcastic thoughts running wild.


Intergalactic void of cliché,
now that’s an oxymoron.
so futuristic, yet so past tense like homecoming jitters.

submissions for america’s next top model.
eligible? no.
try your luck at america’s next kim kardashian.
No intellectual originality necessary,
only the superficial need apply.

test your skills at being perfectly flawless,
ditch your personality at the door.

mindless drones are the way of the future,
elevate your body, abandon your thoughts.
hints of originality are punishable by law.
you’ll be exiled light years away,
so keep an eye out for those ghastly black holes. 

Poetry | I Need…. [A Poem About Online Dating]

Just for sheer boredom, yes, I do have an Okcupid account. Do I use it? Yeah. Do I take anyone I meet on their serious? Not really, but that doesn’t mean I’m against using it to mingle and have a range of bad to amazing conversations (you  never really know what to expect).

So, in sort of a freestyle type rant. I used to do spoken word, so the delivery of this sounds much better when I’m speaking it. But you get the gist.  I decided to write a poem that captured the vibe of online dating and the   entire atmosphere surrounding Catfish: The Tv Show.

I Need….

Browse. Click. Select.
ingredients for faux pas romance.

Riddle lies of curiosity transmorph into daggers to the heart.
initial message packed with the promise of
“what if”

What if you’re the one I spend my life…an hour…or a night with?
What if you’re existence is abstract,
a living Picasso, distorted truths….
What if you’re a game of shadows waiting to capture me?

Uncertain, unknown,
Yet I need….
your attention,
your lies,
your airbrushed six-pack,
your devilish yet slightly charming grin,
your “i’m different” two chains speech,
your now-show “magic tricks”

I need it….or do I really?


I’ve got a message. Lemme check it.

Oh, he’s an international model from Australia
by way of Idaho.
6’4” with the body of adonis.
Translation: he’s 5’6” with “more to love.”
Enjoys taking bathroom photo shots,
far from international.

LIE. Make it big, make a statement.
Attention is what you want…
we all want.
So let me be your lil’ lie…for now. ;)

Poetry | ‘Fix’ by sMOkinWOrd

Bite It by Jasmine McGee1
Bite It by Jasmine McGee

Good evening everyone! Ready for some poetry?!

I’d love to share with you a poem by my good friend, sMOkinWOrd. He’s a dope writer and producer, and he’s one of my favorite people to discuss music with. His unique flair for production and the art of sound is evident in his writing. His poetry is one of kind, not your typical rhyme.

His latest spur of creativity is a poem about lips. The sensuality of a kiss, the enigmatic addiction of a woman’s alluring lips. He was inspired by a piece of artwork I did the other day. I’m in a lip phase lately, so I’m doing a lot of artwork with bold lips being the focus.

I uploaded the picture on my FB and he let the creativity run wild and wrote this dope piece. He calls it “Fix.”

she said “boy i think im addicted to your … lips, let me come see you so i can get a ..fix”
i said “miss, all this, aint free. you gotta pay the fee.”
she said” what’s it gonna cost me?”
i said “well just have to see, .. umm , a kiss your hips, the tip, at least”
she said “i can cover that!”
i said ” can you cover… me?”
she did, with ease, call it synergy, she was so into me, wasnt nuthin she wouldnt give to me.
She’d take my lips betweeen her teeth and say ” i cant resist them they look so sweet , sparkling like sugar when you speak, and when i see them i gotta eat. ” she’d knock me off my feet pin me down with no retreat, we start to mix together like concrete, but her fix for my lips will not complete…


10 Places Where Poetry Hides in My Life

hidden_animalsPoetry is everywhere in our lives, we just have to slow it down and find the poetic beauty of each moment. There are 10 Places that come to mind in which poetry hides in my life. How about you? Where does poetry hide in your life? Feel free to comment and share your poetic discoveries. :)

  1. The crackling sound of wood popping in the old fireplace.
  2. Sounds of fingers pushing on the keys, as my mom and I sit next to each other on our laptops while watching HGTV.
  3. Between the cold, crystal ice, dropped in a tall glass of summer brewed ice tea.
  4. Clutching the video game controller.
  5. Between the layers of a ham off-the-bone and a swiss cheese sandwich.
  6. The churning sound of the treadmill motor.
  7. The vibrant laughter ringing throughout the house.
  8. Between the drops of rain, falling from the beautiful Maryland trees that seemingly could touch the sky.
  9. Perusing YouTube and finding unique videos to place on my expression corner, my blog.
  10. Getting lost in the atmospheric sounds of intoxicating house music.