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Nomadic Travels | Our Trip to St. John + St. Thomas

Since my boyfriend is from St. Thomas and has only been up here in Maryland for 2 years, he decided it was time for me to finally see where he grew up.

So a few airplane tickets later, we ended up at St. Thomas USVI for Memorial Day Weekend 2015. The first few days of our vacation we spent time with his family and attended his best friend’s wedding. But on the Sunday before the holiday, we escaped to Cinnamon Bay.

Words can’t even begin to describe the enigmatic beauty of the campground at Cinnamon Bay, St. John, USVI. However, the photos I took with my Rebel T3i and the footage I shot with the GoPro might give you a good idea of how beautiful the island is.

Check it out. Thank you Travel Channel for lending me the GoPro. Love my job! I caught some good footage and it was great to live the brand: #livetravelchannel

Featured Photo Credit: Jasmine McGee


Photography | Winter in OC x Assateague Island

Happy holidays! Did you all have a wonderful holiday?

In great need of a #vacay, I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas adventuring around Ocean City, Maryland with my boyfriend. I can’t believe we’ve been together for almost a year and we still have amazing adventures; it’s the simple things that make us happy.

On our vacation, I took the opportunity to rediscover my love of photography. I dusted off my Canon Rebel T3i (which hadn’t been used since summer) and took some awesome photographs of wild ponies at Assateague Island, my papi chulo (he’s Puerto Rican/Dominican), myself, and of course, the ocean. Oh, and my boyfriend has a great eye for photography too and he took some great shots of me. Thanks love!

Check out some of the photos:

Summer Fitspiration | Me…Myself..and My Bike


In late November, at the age of 21, I moved to Los Angeles, California. Taking a Greyhound bus from Denver to Los Angeles, I made the bold decision, with 80 bucks in my wallet, to explore California, live with my brother, and attempt to figure life out.

I’m still not sure if you ever really reach the day upon which you truly figure life out, but in this mad, wild, and abstract journey of my life, I’ve “figured” out a few things.

There are handful of things I’ve “figured” out so far, but I’ll albeit those are surely going to take more than a blog post to discuss. However, one thing I figured out is that I truly love fitness, but gym memberships bore me. And since I lived in North Hollywood without a car, I figured out that not only was biking a great way to get around, but it’s a great fitness regime.

Thanks to not owning a car and not being able to find work in Los Angeles, even with a college degree (aside from being car-less,) I was able to scrounge up some cash, head to the vintage shop Eclectica (in the heart of NOHO,) and buy a bike. Ah, my old, rusty, vintage bike that had been around since the early 80s. My bike had seen many owners and had probably been rode crazy places, but that dirty blue bike was my favorite blue whore. And I rode that bike as much as I could, until it was time for me to leave Los Angeles and say goodbye to my weight-loss savior.

Roughly, my 6ft frame has probably lost 25-30 lbs alone simply by biking, oh, and living on a Ramen Noodle, somedays no-food diet. Yeah, people ask me how I lost weight, and I tell them, “Living in LA without a car, biking and walking everywhere, and being broke.” Harsh reality, but it was my remedy for fighting PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and finally dropping the pounds.

I still have PCOS, but I don’t let it define me. And I might not be broke, (well I still am on that life-after-college survival guide,) but that love of biking I discovered in LA is still strong and in pursuit of even more fitspiration. I’ve been back in the DMV since March, and now that I’m no longer homeless living from hotel to hotel (as well as the car,) I’m settled into life with my parents in Annapolis.

Now that my life is gaining some much-needed normalcy, I’ve dealt with my bike envy, and finally bought myself a brand new Scwhinn.

Craving a need to just be alone and get in the zone, biking (or you can call it cycling) is my way of finding a peace and tranquility that partying (even though I love) doesn’t give me. Yes, I can dance for hours non-stop (sober) and have an adrenaline rush, but biking around Annapolis gives me a new adventure that has unexpected twists and turns. Especially since I’ve never lived over here before, exploring Annapolis on my bike is truly my new addiction. I can knock out 10+ miles, cruise random areas, and end up at the bay watching ships and boats cruise on by.

Biking is of course a great way for me to shed even more weight and stay in great health, but I don’t view it as a workout: riding is a lifestyle. I’m learning new things each day, seeing new neighborhoods, and I’m cruising around town jamming to house music. I don’t worry about who’s texting me or calling me. It’s all about me, myself, and my bike. You don’t need a posse to explore the road…going it alone and pushing yourself to new heights is truly amazing fitspiration. :)


National Geographic’s ‘Found’ Showcases Rare Pictures

NGS Picture ID:661747
Bengal tigers crouch as animal trainer carries a 300-pound lion in Moscow, March 1966.

Growing up I’ve always had this desire to see the world, but never quite knew how to make that mission a reality. And as I’m embarking on my 22nd birthday next week and still dealing with life after college, in the back of my mind (and in my heart) I long to see the world. Yes, I’ve seen most of the United States, but my glimpse of the world over the years has come from National Geographic (amongst other sources) and I thank them for their breathtaking 125 years of bringing travel into the homes and hearts of those of us who have yet to go abroad. 

However, in 125 years of photojournalism and discovery throughout the globe, National Geographic has kept thousands of images a hidden secret up till now. In celebration of 125, National Geographic recently revealed a brand new Tumblr, FOUND, which is the new digital home for rare pictures dating back to the 1900s.

FOUND, which is set up in a minimalistic design that allows the pictures to speak to you as you scroll down the page, has some riveting pictures that capture the beauty life throughout the various eras.

From culture to technology and innovation, the pictures from some of Nat Geo’s best photographers are bound to inspire you to grab a camera. I know that it truly caught my attention and has spoken to my love of photography. Culture is a beautiful thing to experience, and documenting it is even better; it’s priceless. :)

Visit National Geographic’s FOUND tumblr. 

Deep Sugar: Where House Music Lives In Baltimore

Normally, I blog about an event the day after, but I partied last weekend at Deep Sugar till 5 in the morning; slept most of the day and Monday was an exceptionally lazy day. By no means am I a slacker, but as a freelance writer/artist, I make my own schedule. So you know what that means? I can live it up on the weekends  (and weekdays if I want) with no regret, but I must say, there is nothing like a night/morning at Deep Sugar.

I hadn’t been to Deep Sugar in quite some time, considering I had moved to Los Angeles, and prior to my move, I was living all the way in Germantown (crazy far from Baltimore.) But I knew that since I had moved back to Maryland and had already had my night of dancing at U Street Music Hall’s Red Fridays, I would have to venture to downtown Baltimore and get in my monthly fix of Deep Sugar. And boy, did I ever!

Bringing my mom with me for the first time (we had never been out dancing together, it was a new experience) we made the 15 minute drive to the Paradox. My mom, being cautious of finding parking, decided we should get there right at 11pm. And…we did. Normally I don’t go early unless I have to, but it was nice seeing Lisa Moody already getting warmed up. Shortly after some great funky tracks, the room began to slowly fill as people from all different backgrounds, ages, sizes, and even fashion choices made their way onto the dance floor.

Let me tell you, Deep Sugar is truly an experience! You can try to be a wallflower and bop your head to the music, but trust me, you’re gonna wanna dance. Sweat, sweat, sweat! I can’t even tell you how soaked my shirt was. It was so wet, I had to take it off and wear my tank while jumping up and down, smiling, and getting lost in the infectious house.

From classics to tribal to soulful to deep to tech to gospel, Lisa and Nate played all types of house!

If you’re looking for some pure house and you happen to be in the vicinity of the DMV (DC.MD.VA,) then you need to check out Deep Sugar. Held at Baltimore’s legendary nightclub The Paradox on the second Saturdays of every month, Deep Sugar is a fabulous event hosted by the Deep Sugar Family. It’s a big family, but the lovely Girl Squad Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody hold it down in the main room.

Not only did I have such an amazing time (as usual,) but I met some cool people (lots of dancers) and passionate house junkies. Everyone comes with a vibe that is just all about the music. Every now and then you might sense an attitude, but once a certain track comes on, someone’s frown is turn upside down into a joyous smile. It’s hard to be upset when you get lost in the spirit of house. My mom and I even shed a few tears while dancing and getting lost in the spirit of some of our favorite gospel house tracks.

59714_10151600163843923_933352564_nHey, they say house is a spirit thing, a body thing, a soul thing, and I know from years of falling in love with this music and experiencing it, that house truly is like no other genre!

So, with all that being said (sorry for the lengthiness,) I must say that if you want to experience house music on the East Coast and don’t want to make a trek to New York, then check out Deep Sugar @ The Paradox. From 11pm to 6am the morning, come early and till dawn (like I did,) or come whenever you want and still dance till dawn. Haha, you can’t resist the enigmatic atmosphere of the dancefloor chanting your name. :)

Hope to see you next month at Deep Sugar. Save the date: Saturday, May 11th, 2013 with OSUNLADE. Yes, Osunlade. I can’t wait!


Global Design | Street-artist JR’s “The Wrinkles of the City”

From the streets crowded streets of Shanghai to the vibrant boroughs of La Havana, Parisian street artist JR has showed us “The Wrinkles of the City.”

Originally started in 2008, according to JR’s site, “The Wrinkles of the City is a world-scale project aimed to be presented in various cities around the world where ‘wrinkles’, human as well as architectural, can be found.” From the finish of his first piece in Cartagena, Spain, JR has successfully put up masterpieces in Shanghai, La Havana, Los Angeles, and last week he finished a new piece in Berlin.

With a global approach to design and a compassion for humanity, he continues to effortlessly work on “The Wrinkles of the City” and other projects that are a voice for a generation of street artists and cultures across the globe.

Check out his latest piece in Berlin, as well as the other series within “The Wrinkles of the City.”

All pictures are from JR’s website.

See the pictures from La Havana here and the shots from Cartagena here.


jr-berlin-clock-02 jr-berlin-clock-01


Los Angeles