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House Music | Deep Sugar 10 Year Anniversary [Review]

Kenny Bobien
Photo taken using my S4 :)

I know the weekend is almost here, but I’m still on an adrenaline high from the events of last weekend!

On Saturday September 14th, all the house heads from DC, Maryland, and Virginia (the DMV) were getting down on the dancefloor at the 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Deep Sugar @ The Paradox in Baltimore, Maryland. If you love house music, live in the DMV, and weren’t spotted at Deep Sugar last weekend, then you truly missed out on an incredible, perhaps stellar, night of house, dancing, singing, and the spirit of love that exudes from the Deep Sugar family.

Hosted by Wayne Davis (owner of the Paradox,) Lisa Moody, Ultra Nate, and the rest of the Deep Sugar crew, the event was a celebration of over a decade of keeping the underground house scene alive in Baltimore. Yes, Baltimore has a strong house music community. And I’m not talking about a bunch of young hipsters zoning out to Swedish House Mafia. No no, you won’t find that at Deep Sugar, and certainly you won’t hear any hardcore electro and techno posing as house music.

House Music Date

As a lover of the purity of house music (especially the classics,) I myself was extremely stoked upon hearing that house legends Kenny Bobien and Darryl D’Bonneau would be performing. Missing Deep Sugar wasn’t an option, even if I was to ride solo. Yet, in the spirit of happiness and friendliness that the house scene in DC and Baltimore offers, I met a charming guy at U Street Music Hall 2 weekends ago and talked him into accompanying me on a date to Deep Sugar. Hailing from Chicago, he is a lover of house, disco, electro, you name it, but had never experienced Deep Sugar. So, I took him under my wings and showed him the light that is Deep Sugar. :)

I’ve gone to a few house music events with guys I fancied in the past, but this was actually a date with someone who loved the music as much as I do. So, armed with that knowledge, I was excited to spend the night dancing to the love of house with a guy who celebrated the music, as well as enjoyed getting down on the dancefloor. He surely won some points. ;)

The Paradox 

Me and my buddies from DC
Me and my buddies from DC

I love going to U Street Music Hall in DC for Red Fridays, but Deep Sugar is my monthly fix of “underground” style house. The Paradox itself is a massive club that could easily survive in New York City nightlife. With a huge main dancefloor, a chamber with yet another dancefloor, and a large courtyard, this is a large nightclub that takes you on a journey.

At Deep Sugar’s 10 Year Anniversary, my date, my friends (few I ran into, as well as two I invited) and I had a great time going back and forth from room to room. I spent a good 2 hours in the chamber putting on a show for my friends and the DJ. You see, nobody else was in that room, so we had our own little party as the DJ spun some deep and vocal house, as well as a few classics. Fun times! :)

Bobien and D’Bonneau Lift Our Spirits


Lisa Moody, Ultra Nate, and Wayne Davis killed it on the decks in the main room! From afro house to gospel house to classic house, anything and everything in the name of house went down on the dancefloor. But the true highlight of the night was a stellar mini-concert from the insanely talented vocalists Kenny Bobien and Darryl D’Bonneau. 

If you didn’t come to Deep Sugar to see the usual crew (which are always on point,) then surely seeing Bobien and D’Bonneau would have been all the inspiration you need to get your butt to the Paradox. And let me tell you, man, seeing both of them perform live was incredible! It goes down in history as one of the best nights for me.

Seriously, my spirit was lifted beyond words!

When they say that “house music is a spiritual thang,” last Saturday was all that proof that I needed. You could feel the spirit in the room, as people raised their hands high, even shouted a few hallelujahs, as Kenny Bobien blessed the mic with his angelic vocals. In a performance that went on for roughly 18+ minutes, everyone in the room swayed and praised in the name of house, as Kenny blessed us with a voice that is truly God-given.

Man, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps! He’s so powerfully talented, and it just amazes me how house music can bring people together. As I stood there filming his performance, I myself grabbed hands with a random girl with crazy-cool face paint and we shouted a few hallelujahs. It was a cool bonding moment that only house can create. :)

You Need Deep Sugar In Your Life

I’m still living off the enigmatic high of last weekend. The Deep Sugar 10 Year Anniversary was an amazing night that reminds me why I love living in the DMV so much. Whether it’s DC or Baltimore, you’re bound to get your fix of house music fulfilled. And if you’re overdue for a night of house dancing, then Deep Sugar @ The Paradox is where you need to be. I’m telling you, Deep Sugar will change your life…it surely has changed mine. :)


EDM in Cinemas | For One Night Only See ‘Can U Feel It’ @ a Theatre Near You!

Love electronic dance music? Can’t make it to Miami for this year’s annual Ultra Music Festival? Then fret not, because for one night only you can see Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience in a theatre near you. That’s right kids, you don’t have to be left out!

Usually I’m super upset because I still have never been to Miami for a music festival, especially EDM, but this year I can at least enjoy the documentary that premieres on March 22 in select theatres. The documentary is a film by Final Kid and it offers an inside look at the Ultra Music Festival experience. From the crazy fans, hot girls, hot guys, DJs, producers, and some of the best EDM in the world (well, I heard going to Ibiza for festivals is amazing too.)

But at any rate, this film is going to be really coool and it’s only showing for one night. And guess what, I got my ticket basically for free. Well not free, but $1.75. I needed business cards anyways, so I bought business cards as promotion via Fandago and only had to pay $1.75 for my ticket. Pretty sweet!

So if you love electronic dance music, then be sure to check the list of select movie theatres that will be showing Can U Feel It: The UMF Experience. I’m super excited to watch this documentary and see Tiesto, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Afrojack, Fedde Le Grand, Boys Noize, and so many more discussing the electronic dance music scene. It’s going to be epic! Not as epic as probably being there live in Miami, but it’s still going to be an amazing one night experience.

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Deep House: Delano Smith ft. Diamondancer “A Message for the DJ”

If you’re a fan of the classic house music scene, especially from Detroit, then you’ve probably heard of Delano Smith. He was one of the early mega producers/DJs in the Detroit music scene, and he created some timeless progressive & deep house tracks. A lot of his tracks have this deep vibe that just takes control over your body, but his 2005 song “A Message for the DJ” is one of my new favorite house anthems.

When I think about house and the overall description of it, songs such as “House Music” by Eddie Amador explain the essence of house. It’s a genre of music that not everyone understands, but those of who us who love it are househeads forever. Eddie Amador’s song really describes house music, but Delano Smith’s song “A Message for the DJ” ft Diamondancer truly exemplifies what happens when a DJ plays house.  A true house head can tap their feet and groove to other genres, but the minute the DJ plays house something takes over us; we are transported to this spiritual zone that is dream-like, surreal, and sensual.

The song “A Message for the DJ” is how I feel when I’m at a club and they tease me with a few house samples. I often wish the DJ would just stop spinning all the commercial hits and let that deep house vibe take over. There is just something so alluring about being in a club and the DJ is having a telepathic conversation with you. If you’ve got the right DJ, the right crowd, and a handful of house lovers, then it’s bound that the DJ will begin hearing your thoughts and putting on those laidback sweet house tracks. It’s like the DJ has this house radar and can sense that someone has a fever for some good old fashioned deep house; it’s a superhero that only few Dj’s posses. But for those who don’t have that special house sense, then it’s moments like that when you need to give your message to the DJ.

I’ve came up with a few messages for the DJ, but the lyrics from Delano Smith’s “A Message for the DJ” featuring Diamondancer says more than enough. I couldn’t find the lyrics online, so I had to listen to the song over and over just to get it right. I might be missing a few words or phrases, but the most important aspects are below. Peep the track and the lyrics. To all those house heads out there, have you ever had a message for the DJ?

“Message for the dj/I’m a househead forever, at least until I die/Can’t move me without it, so don’t you ever try/ Househead forever, I need a deep house groove/ I tap my toes to that other shit, but house really makes me move/Some people need hip-hop, and R&B is okay/ but a funky laidback sweet house track takes my mind away/So here’s a message for the DJ that’s in the club tonight/Play a sexy, deep hot house track so I can move my body right/ I want to close my eyes, and I want to feel it in my bones. House puts me in the zone/ I want to elevate my mind, set my body free/ Lose the stressors of the day/Feel the energy…”

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Kaskade, Rebecca & Fiona – “Turn It Down”

I love how one moment I can be off in this world filled with the soulful vibes of house, neo-soul vocals of Jill Scott, and even the melodic jazz sounds of Kirk Whalum. I can become so easily peaced out on this down-to-earth bohemian type vibe, but then moments later I can have this mega adrenaline rush and starting jumping up and down as the sounds of dance music serenade me. Now, I’m not actually jumping up and down, but I visualize a little caricature of me jumping up in down inside my head, screaming for a bunch of friends that actually like dance & house music, so we can go out to clubs and just tear it up!

The thing that sucks is all the night clubs I really want to go to our mainly 21 and up, but in April I’ll finally be legal! For now I’m just grinding away on school work, hitting the gym like crazy, and having little parties of my own inside my head. But sometimes my imagination gets overworked, so I’m forced to go ask YouTube to find me some creative music videos that are worth watching. Sometimes it takes hours of searching, but today all I had to do was log in and on the home page was a suggestion for Kaskade’s new music video “Turn It Down.” I’m a Kaskade fan, so I didn’t skip a beat. I pushed play, and fell in love.

I’m a big fan of Kaskade, but I will admit I’ve never heard of Rebecca & Fiona until today. But after a Google search and listening to some of their songs on YouTube, I will say that even though these girls suck at dancing, they have some great music! They have this chilly yet intriguing sound, and they first made their debut over a year or so ago with a hit track called “Luminary Ones.” The girls are a Swedish music duo, but they also DJ as well.

The hot new track “Turn It Down” gives Rebecca & Fiona a chance to show off their playful side, while as usual Kaskade brings forth an impeccable mixture that can have the crowds screaming “turn it up” instead of “Turn It Down.” Man, I can so just imagine what it would be like going wild and listening to this song while the strobe lights are pumping, crowds cheering, and folks are getting all sexy. I swear once I turn 21 and like graduate, I’m so finding some new friends who like to go out and listen to some good house and dance music. I’m not going to spend all my twenties staying at home on Friday nights, no sir! That’s a time to travel the world, go to art shows, dance the night away, and somewhere along the way maybe run into a hot guy with potential to be more than a friend. ;)

But for now, it’s all about finding that good music and still being able to enjoy it even when the strobe lights are pulsating and the crowds are going crazy; you can still chill out at home and get lost in the beautiful ice skating, the quirkiness of Rebecca & Fiona, and the intoxicating beats of Kasade’s music video for “Turn It Down.”

The song is on Kaskade’s latest album Fire & Ice, so be sure to check it out!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Boogie Down: Gigamesh “When You’re Dancing” [Cassian Remix]

Gigamesh “When You’re Dancing” [Cassian Remix]

Whenever I hear Gigamesh is coming out with a new track I get goosebumps all over my body! Every track that Gigamesh produces is bound to get me up and dancing. Well, a lot of music gets me up and dancing, but Gigamesh has a lot of tracks that have that “boogie down” vibe.

I first heard him about awhile ago while jamming to Foster the People “Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix).” He’s this producer from Minneapolis, MN and his latest track “When You’re Dancing” has been making its way throughout the podcast circuits. I’ve heard it on a few different podcasts so far and I figured I might as well go ahead and share it with you guys.

The track features Induce, and the remix by Cassian is funky! The song reminds me of a funky Chromeo beat, but a lot subtler. I feel as though I’m in the disco era and stepping out onto the dance-floor. It just makes me want to strut my stuff and tastefully flirt with some hotties tearing it up on the floor.

Yet not everyone on the dance-floor is a hottie, but there are those guys that may not be a dime but they sure know how to have a good time. I can just imagine what it would be a club like in the scene from A Night at the Roxbury. Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell were so hilarious in that movie! All they wanted to do was go to the hottest club, show off, and hopefully snag a couple of ladies. What makes that movie so funny is the fact they think they are so cool, but in actuality they are just a bunch of goofballs; but those goofballs sure livened up the club.

Every club needs a few folks like that to just pump up the crowd and add a silly vibe to the night. I can’t stand going on and trying to get my “boogie” on when everyone is so uppity and acting like it’s a fashion show. Dude, clubbing should be like Paradise Garage and Soul Train; there shouldn’t be a bunch of unspoken social rules and hating. That’s why I love house music and dance music; nobody cares what you’re doing, it’s all in the name of good-fun-music!

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.

Ray Foxx ft. Lovelle “La Musica (The Trumpeter)”

I love music that has a great instrumental and is fueled by a little Latin flavor. There’s something so seductive about getting on the dance floor and grooving your hips, while getting coaxed by passionate instrumentals. A lot of tracks out there in the electronica/dance genre attempt to include that Latin flavor, but Ray Foxx and Lovelle know how to do it just right.

Their song “La Musica”, also known as “The Trumpeter” is one of those tracks you can’t help but to groove to. Every time I hear that song I quickly jump up and start swaying my hips. Those are the moments I wish I had a dance partner on call. I’d just pick up my phone and call up some sexy Puerto Rican papi to come wrap me in his arms and sway to sexy beat of La Musica. Ah, that’s the stuff dreams are made of!

It kind of sucks that I don’t have a handsome guy to dance to “La Musica” with (I love being single though, but a dance partner would be great!), but at least I can still enjoy the video and groove on my own. Maybe once I get settled in the next few months, I’ll take up a Latin dance class of some sort. Sounds like it would be a fun experience and I’d love to take my skills to a sexy Latin nightclub. Or at least give me some Brazillian jazz and let me just groove to the music. But that Latin class does sound like fun, I’ve got some researching to do!