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Indie Electro | Parachute Youth – “Can’t Get Better Than This”

It seems like all my favorite indie artists come from Australia. Little Red, Eskimo Boy, Empire of the Sun, & Miami Horror. All of those bands have this really cool indie sound, and each of them hail from some part of Australia. Sadly, I haven’t been to Australia yet, but apparently there is something about that continent that inspires the production of such organic music.

Not only does Australia have a pretty good indie rock/alternative scene, but many of their artists have a nice niche for producing dance & electro tracks. A duo that seems to have a knack for crafting a good track is Parachute Youth.  They hail from Australia, but the production for their latest track “Can’t Get Better Than This” took place in the city of lights, Paris. It’s not the usual dance music you’d hear pumping in the club, but it’s more of a chill dance sound with this natural/organic vibe. Yet, you still can dance & chill out to it, it’s really dependent upon your mode.

I will admit, I’m late on finally seeing the video for this track (apparently I’m not the only one, a lot of blogs are finally just posting this video.) The video for the chill electro track “Can’t Get Better Than This” looks as if it was filmed somewhere in Australia. It features this beautiful young Black boys racing on these motorcycles (nothing fancy, but still cool.) The vibe of the song infused with the visuals created such a nice combination. It’s the perfect video for such an organic song.

Peep the visuals below, and be sure to visit Parachute Youth’s Official Facebook.

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