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Exclusive | Magnum Releases New Massive Electro Track ‘Elev8tor’

I’m a lover of all things EDM, so I’m not one to shy away from a dirty electro sound. Of course, most dirty electro is meant to dance to and not chill out to, but that’s quite alright with me; I love dancing.

Most of the producers and DJs that send me tracks and mixes tend to fall into the category of deep house or dance, but Magnum produces tracks with a dirtier electro house sound (progressive house.)

Following the success of his track “Mallet,” which was released on TapeStop Music earlier this summer, Magnum has released yet another new track that is meant for the dancefloor. Whether you enjoy a little fist pumping action or jumping up in the air, Magnum’s new track “Elev8tor” will get you moving.

Peep the new track below! Magnum is a rising producer and even though he is based in Dublin, Ireland, his sounds are bound to cross the oceans and beyond!

Like what you’re hearing? Then check out Magnum’s soundcloud for more music. Follow him on Twitter @MagnumOfficial1

New Release | Magnum – ‘Mallet’ [Available Now on Beatport]

I’m a huge fan of all types of music (especially EDM,) so you might recall awhile back I wrote a post about an electro and progressive house DJ named Magnum from Dublin, Ireland. You can click here to read my post about his music and check out some of his tracks.

Well, Magnum has finally released his hit track “Mallet” and you can now enjoy it’s dirty electro sound by downloading it from Beatport.

The track was released on Tapestop Music and you can click here to download it.

If you haven’t heard the track, then you can also check it out below. It’s been receiving pretty good feedback from music blogs and DJs abroad, so it’s nice to see Magnum doing his thing.

Magnum | Electro & Progressive House from Dublin

Typically when people hear the word “magnum” they either think of Dove’s insanely seductive chocolate or of course, magnum condoms. But there is another “magnum” out there you should know, and this doesn’t have to do with chocolate or sex; it’s all about electronic dance music.

Magnum, is a 26-year-old producer hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Normally I run across good music by browsing soundcloud or YouTube, but Magnum actually got in contact with me and gave me the honor by sharing some links to his music. First off, let me say….wow….such high-quality production! Normally folks hit me up and sometimes the production isn’t the best or the music videos (usually from rappers) are just not that impressive.

However, Magnum has good some nice tracks with high-quality production. But then again, I don’t expect anything less from Magnum because he’s been producing tracks for 10 years and he is even signed to two labels: Studio3Rekords and Mycore Records.

He’s got quite a bit of tracks on his soundcloud, but his latest release “Mallet”  is a nice electro track that has been circulating throughout the clubs and electronic dance music community. I really like the overall vibe of “Mallet.” It makes me want to just jump up and down, dance nonstop, and maybe even shout a little. I’m a big fan of hardcore electro and progressive house, so I like the fact that Magnum aims to go hard with every beat drop.

If you happen to be a fan of electro, progressive house, or other forms of EDM, then you should really check out Dublin’s rising producer, Magnum.

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Live Without You
I really like this track. Surely my favorite one from Magnum. :)