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80s Flashback | Holy Ghost! – “I Wanted to Tell Her”

Ah, there is something so infectious about 80s synths, big hair, and throwback dance parties. If I ever had to throw a big party (which I want to do,) then it would be a big 80s flashback party or an old school funk jam. That would be so much fun! But for now I’ll leave the 80s flashbacks up to Holy Ghost!

The New York dance duo has been known for their 80s electro vibe, so when I found out they were doing a cover of Ministry’s “I Wanted to Tell Her,” I knew it was going to be good stuff. I was anxious to see if they were going to do a video for a song…and they did! The video even features Juan Maclean and Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem & member of Juan Maclean.)

In the music video you get to see Holy Ghost!, Juan Maclean, and Nancy Whang (who did the vocals on the track) parodying 80s high school drama/gossip at a dance. Even though the video was filmed in 2011, it could seriously be a scene out of an 80s movie. It’s a major flashback!

Peep the visuals below for Holy Ghost! video “I Wanted to Tell Her” and be sure to download your copy of the song from Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound.

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