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New Release | Flight Facilities Megatron/Astroboy Inspired Video – ‘With You’ ft. Grovesnor

I’ve been waiting about two weeks for Flight Facilities to release their new song“With You” featuring Grovesnor.The duo gave us a teaser of the song and a short 30 second glimpse of an animated video reminiscent of Megatron, Daft Punk, and Astroboy. But the video just left fans (especially me) anxious to finally hear the full track; you can’t tease people with such a tantalizing sub bass.

Usually I don’t get overly excited about a track and it’s impending video release, but Flight Facilities never fails to amaze me. I’ve loved their high quality production skills which infuse hints of house, funk, and vibes of a little electropop. And their track “With You” featuring Grovesnor is oh so funky, yet still soulfully driven by that hint of house.

Not only is the track a delight, but the lyrics and video are pretty cool. Animator Ben Drake apparently spent almost four months working on the animation, which derives inspiration from Daft Punk, Astroboy, and Megatron. The video tells the story of a Cyborg that falls in love with a woman who is married (which is actually the wife of the scientist who created him,) and then the two must flee, going somewhere to get away because as the song says, “I just can’t be seen with you.”

If you’re a fan of Flight Facilities, then I’m sure you’ll love the video. Check out the official video below for “With You” featuring Grovesnor, as well as the following remixes: With You extended 12″, MAM remix , Danny Daze 5am Remix, and the David August Remix.

Official Music Video

Danny Daze 5am Remix

David August Remix

MAM Remix

Extended 12” Mix

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Epic Mixtape | Flight Facilities ‘37,000 ft’ Mixtape [Free Download]

I’m dying to get my hands on Flight Facilities forthcoming track “With You” featuring Grovesnor. I watched the 30 second teaser for it, and I was just wishing I could speed up time to the May 14th release of the track on Future Classic Records.  But in the meantime, I at least can rock out to perhaps one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in quite some time, 37,000 ft.

Sometimes I wish I actually dated guys that believed in 80s romance and the art of making mixtapes. Of course, it’s not going to be an actual tape, but a cool CD is still nice here and there. I’ve actually made a few mixtapes for exes I’ve dated in the past, but I myself have never gotten one from anyone else. :( Yet, if anyone were ever going to give me a mixtape, I would honestly want it to be as epic as 37,ooo ft. The track listing is impeccable! If someone would have given me this mixtape at a gift, I would have probably fallen head over heels for them. I’m serious, this mixtape speaks to my soul!

The mixtape came out a little less than a year ago, but it’s still oh so timeless. If you haven’t noticed by now, this is like my 3rd or 4th time blogging about Flight Facilities. I’m a huge fan of Flight Facilities, and I always knew that there music taste was probably insane. So it’s nice to listen to 37,000 ft and get a sense of what inspires the duo to make epic tunes.

The mixtape does a nice job of bringing together electro pop, disco bravado, snazzy electro grooves, and that hint of pulsating house beats. The mixtape starts off with one of my favorite Talking Heads songs,”This Must Be The Place.”Following the first track, the mixtape is a non-stop show of just epic tunes that are essential to creating the perfect soundtrack of life.

Oh, and did I mention that this mixtape is a free download? Well, it is. So download it! Don’t miss out on the seamless mixing and snazzy tunes that will brighten up your day. This mixtape is a most for EDM lovers who enjoy disco, electro pop, dance, and hints of house. You need 37,000 ft in your life. I know I do.


1. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
2. MGMT – Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix)
3. Wally Warning – Land Of Hunger (Todd Terje Edit)
4. Jamelia – Caribou
5. 123 Clap! – Constellation
6. Modern Amusement – Cold As Ice (louie Fresco Remix)
7. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language feat. Jess (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
8. The Rolling Stones – Too Much Blood (Debonairs Too Much Dub)
9. Aeroplane – My Enemy
10. Das Moth – Moon
11. TC Crew – I Can’t Do It Alone (Eoin Cody edit)
12. Phonique feat. Erlend Oye – For The Time Being
13. Tortoiseshell – This Girl
14. Metronomy – The Bay
15. Cut Copy – Pharoahs & Pyramids
16. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
17. Colors Sound System – Yeah Mate I Hate
18. Pogo – Upular Remix
19. Bocca Grande – Procedere 2011 (Morgan Geist)
20. ZZT – Zzafrika (Julio Bashmore Remix)
21. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Disco Bloodbath Remix)
22. Lazydisco – More Tigers (The C90s Remix)
23. Coatimundi – No More Blues
24. Holy Ghost! – Jam For Jerry

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Wicked Dubstep | Flight Facilities – ‘Crave You'(Adventure Club Remix)

If you haven’t heard of the Australian duo Flight Facilities, then you missing out of some of the sexiest disco infused tracks. The duo is one of my production teams, and I first ran across them a year ago when I heard their hit song “Crave You.”

“Crave You” is by far my favorite song from the duo, followed by their song “Foreign Language” featuring Jess. Both of the songs have this nice summer beach vibe, but “Foreign Language” has more of a disco sound. But fret not, the Cassian remix of “Crave You” has a disco vibe that will surely please my fellow disco junkies. :)

I really love the disco vibe that the Cassian remix has, but I’ve also got to admit that as of late I’ve really been enjoying this wicked dubstep remix by Adventure Club. I’m not a naysayer when it comes to dubstep, I just get annoyed when people rave and rant constantly that Skrillex invented dubstep. I have some strong opinions on that, but you can read that article here.

So I’m pretty chill when it comes to dubstep and I love the innovation that encompasses the production of dubstep tracks, as well as remixing other EDM tracks. So when I first began listening to the Adventure Club Remix of Flight Facilities “Crave You,” I was quite impressed. It took such a nice mellow track, and turned it into this wickedly dark dubstep vision. It brought forth a deeper & darker emotion to the words “crave you.”

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Flight Facilities: I Crave You

I don’t know much about Flight Facilities, but I know that I Crave You is a beautiful song and the lyrics are intoxicating. I heard this song a couple weeks ago on Music Choice’s Dance/Electronica channel and checked out the video last week.

After a few google searches, checking out their myspace page, and viewing the website, it seems this dj duo is known for working with Bag Raiders and Sneaky Sound System. If your a fan of both of those groups (I know I am!) then I’m sure you will find Flight Facilities to be up your musical alley.

Below are some lyrics of the song which I’m sure most girls can relate to. Well if not most girls, then I know that I can personally relate. Sometimes you have that guy you want so bad but he doesn’t seem to really notice. At the same time, it seems all the other men want you and you aren’t even interested. Some call it stubborn, but I say it’s a woman who knows what she wants. I mean of course if a guy just isn’t interested then don’t bother, but sometimes men are oblivious to the fact a woman likes them. I’ve had guys I’ve really liked but they never paid me attention, then one day we finally talked and come to find out they liked me but weren’t sure how I felt. I thought I was dropping some hints but I guess they weren’t obvious.

Whatever the case may be, we all have those moments in life when we crave something and want to make it a reality. It’s okay to crave something but don’t go getting all stalkerish and obessive. Keep that in mind and you wil be okay!

Check out the song and discover the musical delight of Flight Facilities. I’m not really feeling her outfit in the video, but it does add a quirky element to the tone.

Why can’t you want me like the other boys do?
They stare at me while I stare at you
Why can’t I keep you safe as my own?
One moment I have you the next you are gone
Rehearsed steps on an empty stage
That boy’s got my heart in a silver cage
Why can’t you want me like the other boys do?
They stare at me while I crave you

©Jasmine McGee