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EDM | The Vocals of Cosmo Klein

Perusing my blog, right off the back you’re bound to learn some basic things about me. I’m an avid house music junkie, I have a passion for random creativity, and my opinions when it comes to dating & society are often straight to the point.

I’m sure there are other things you learn about me, or at least hopefully you enjoy the music, film, and videogames I post. I’m always running across some very cool things that I feel like sharing, so when I ran across the vocals of Cosmo Klein; stopping everything, I opened up a tab for WordPress & began writing this post.

I love soulful house music, but I’m also not one to shy away from a good dance music track. Electronica Dance Music is a category of music that has so many genres & sub-genres, but sometimes it’s nice to get hyped up and wild out to a dance track. House tends to be dominating when it comes to the best soulful vocals, but the vocals of Cosmo Klein definitely remind me that a soulful vocal can take any track to new heights.

This German singer & songwriter has graced a lot of big dance tracks, including the beautiful “Beautiful Lie” which came out a little over two years ago. Ultra Records & Kontor records always upload old tracks as if they are brand new releases, but it doesn’t bother me; nothing wrong with uploading old videos as long as they are good/interesting. So when they uploaded “Beautiful Lie,” I immediately went on a search to find more music featuring the soulful chords of Cosmo Klein.

He’s an award winning singer/songwriter that gained worldwide for his tracks “Beautiful Lie,” “Sexual Insanity,” “My Belief,” & “Feel Alive.” But one of his most recent tracks “Everlasting Now” is a dancefloor banger that is bound to get you up, moving, and possibly fist pumping (I don’t discourage fist pumping, I encourage it!)

If you like any type of EDM and you enjoy the soulful vocals that could easily been on a house track, then you really ought to check out Cosmo Klein. He kind of reminds me of Ben Westbeech, except Cosmo Klein hails from Germany. They are both European (Westbeech is from Bristol) & have soulful vocals, but Cosmo Klein is now for gracing dancefloor bangers with his soul infused vocals; a mixture of soul & dance is a great weekend soundtrack.

Check out some of the tracks below & visit Cosmo Klein’s official website:

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