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Simply Beautiful | Bon Iver – “Towers” (Official Music Video)

Ever since watching Bon Iver’s live studio recording at AIR studios, I’ve been listening to a lot of their music. Out of all the tracks I’ve heard, I must say that “Holocene” is surely a great song worth listening to on a quiet afternoon. Not just that track, but all of Bon Iver’s songs have this way of just easing your mind.

However, “Towers” is a track that is able to ease your mind, but still has that playful folk vibe that is the perfect soundtrack for a midday stroll. When I listen to the song I surely do think of a nice walk, but the music video for the song has something different in mind; an old man heading out to sea to build a towers. It sort of does have that classic literature vibe. One blog mentioned that its reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway’sThe Old Man and the Sea, which could be an accurate comparison.

It does remind me of the classic Hemingway story, but with a fresh spin on it. But instead of trying to sit here and analyze every aspect of the video, I’d rather just push play and enjoy the beautiful music & stunning visuals of Bon Iver’s lovely song, “Towers.”

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Simply Amazing, Simply Beautiful | Bon Iver Live at Air Studios (4AD/Jagjaguwar Session)

It’s not often that I sit down to write a blog post and I have tears strolling down my cheeks, but right now the sounds of Bon Iver are turning me into an emotional wreck. Usually a song has to do a lot to make me cry, and one of the song that always brings tears to my eyes is “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. For years I’ve been listening to that song & the amazing cover by George Michael, but I must say that hearing Bon Iver sing it truly brings tears to my eyes. It’s such a beautiful cover, but it also reminds me of all the pain & hurt I’ve gone through….

So I’m crying right now because the song is beautiful, but also because I’ve had a hell of a time dealing with men & affairs of the heart. But the song just ended and I’m still crying. Why? Why are the tears still strolling down my cheeks and gently sliding past my dimples. Wait, my dimples are showing, so I’ve transitioned from frowning with dreaded tears to smiling & crying. Okay, so now you may ask why I’m still crying. Perhaps it’s because “I Can’t Make You Love Me” just ended and now Bon Iver is playing “Babys.” But you may think I’m listening to a playlist, but I’m not. I’m sitting here listening (just finished watching it, but now I’m listening to it again) to Bon Iver performing live at Air Studios.

If you haven’t watched the full 24:25 video, then your missing out on some of the best music you might ever hear in your life. In the midst of all the crappy music out today, there is still a musical purity out there that exist, and it’s name is Bon Iver. Right after winning two Grammys, Bon Iver decided to team up with 4AD & Jagjaguwar for a unique live studio performance of their songs “Hinnom, TX,” “Wash,” “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” “Babys,” and “Beth/Rest.”

Bon Iver has some of the best music I’ve honestly ever heard in my life, and right now I can honestly Bon Iver is my favorite artist thus far in 2012. Okay, I also must say I’m a huge fan of Florence + The Machine, but right now Bon Iver is touching my mind, body, and soul in ways that I’ve never even experienced. Such beautiful music that wraps your soul tightly & places gentle kisses on the battle wounds you’ve accumulated over the years…. But not all their music is about sadness, it’s also about the beauty of life, the beauty of falling in love, and the beauty of, well, good music that is crowded with autotune & electro beats. It’s pure, organic, and it’s simply amazing, simply beautiful, and wonderfully majestic….

You can watch Bon Iver sing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” in the video above. But if you want to experience more of the song, as well as a beautiful cover of “Nick of Time” infused at the ending, then watch the video below. I just watched it again, and now I’m crying yet again. I guess no matter how much I play videogames and love sports & comics, I’m still a sensitive woman whose heart has been trampled on a lot. Yet, I take the lessons I’ve learned and know that one day I’ll be singing “I found love in the nick of time….”

turn down the lights/turn down the bed/turn down these voices/inside my head/lay down with me/tell me no lies/just hold me close/don’t patronize
don’t patronize me chorus:i can’t make you love me if you don’t/you can’t make your heart feel/somethin’ it wont/here in the dark,in these final hours
i will lay down my heart/and feel the power if you wont/no you wont/cuz i can’t make you love me/if you don’t verse: i’ll close my eyes/then i wont see/the love you dont feel/when your holdin’ me/morning will come/and i’ll do whats right/just give me till then/to give up this fight/and i will give up this fight……

©Jasmine McGee.ThinkSoul25.