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Pure Bliss | Tropics – ‘Blame’

Autumn leaves drifting from their castle heights to the distant grounds, Tropic’s new single “Blame” is a majestic vision.

With such an atmospheric serenade, Tropic’s vocals resonate within our soul and allow us to drift into blissful wonders.

Let your mind escape:


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Metronomy – ‘The Look (Hemingway’s Balearic Reprise)’

As the cold weather embarks upon us, signaling those toasty nights of hot cocoa, cuddling, and holiday-themed movies give us giggles, you can’t help but to crave some sunshine vibes.

What sounds like a song that has been seamlessly crafted on the beach, Hemingway’s Balearic Reprise of Metronomy’s “The Look” is that pick me up you’ve been cruising for.

The perfect blend of guitars, atmospheric vocals, and jazzy hints of percussion, this track is one for the daydreamers; go ahead and escape…

Hemingway’s Balearic Reprise

Pure Bliss | TALA – ‘Everybody’s Free’

If I had to describe Tala’s new single “Everybody’s Free,” I’d sum it up as a unique blend of tribal chants wrapped up in a futuristic love story.

The track is a blissful rework of Quindon Tarver’s cover of ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good), and it has a compelling organic quality.

Experience the bliss:


Pure Magic | The Magician – “Magic Tape 46′

Yeah, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any music from illusive producer, The Magician. 

However, keeping the momentum alive, the Belgium producer has crafted yet another bag of mystery with his latest magic tape.

The 46th mix in his “Magic Tape” series, this is a solid mix full of indie electro hits, house edits, and some solid grooves with a mixture of rainy days and sunshine vibes.

Give it a spin:

Magic Tape 46

Fresh Visuals | Tiga – ‘Bugatti’ (VIDEO)

Utterly provocative, Tiga’s new music video for his radiant tune “Bugatti” is a fresh set of visuals you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

While the track in itself is quite simple and seductively repetitive, the music video is an avant-garde explosion of concepts and striking imagery.

See for yourself:


Disco Soul | Julio Bashmore x J’ Danna- ‘Rhythm Of Auld’

What could certainly be described as a delicious fusion of disco funk and soul, Julio Bashmore’s new single “Rhythm Of Auld” is golden.

Backed with vocal support of J’Danna, this is a solid edit that will have you grabbing your bell bottoms and platform shoes, and heading towards the nearest dancefloor.

Give it a spin:

Rhythm Of Auld