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Hey there all my readers/followers and those within the DMV dance/music community, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

My brother, Jamile McGee, is opening an awesome new dance studio right here in Annapolis, Maryland. Yes, that’s right, his own dance studio! Continue reading

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DANCE | Jamile McGee – Solo Freestyle [House x Freestyle]

Many of you might know me as ThinkSoul25, but my full name is Jasmine McGee. And if the last name BeFunky_10861_182166719479_516549479_2881425_333032_nMcGee sounds familiar, then perhaps you’ve heard of the name Jamile McGee. Maybe you saw the first season of Fox’s hit tv show “So You Think You Can Dance?” and you recall that Jamile “Jamz” McGee won 3rd place. Since then, he’s danced around the world, including teaching hip-hop in Japan this summer.

I moved to Los Angeles to stay with him and find my own path out here in Cali, but since moving here I’ve had the chance to spend so much time with him and actually help film him dancing. I went to San Diego last week and filmed him teaching a Master Class, but yesterday I had the chance to just film him dancing and getting down to house music; no choreography, just ultimate freestyle and soul.

This video below is just one of the many to come. Each week we will try to put up more videos and showcase different spots in Los Angeles in which Jamz will be freestyling and just getting down to the music. If you love what you’re seeing, then please do contact him for Master Classes, lessons, and choreography. Follow him on Twitter @jamilemcgee and contact him on FB @



Check Out Mary J. Blige’s “25/8″ Music Video, Jamile McGee Is in It!

Good afternoon!

It’s a wet and snowy day here in Maryland, but I plan on spending the day inside playing Battlefield 3( love the online play and amazing graphics) and doing some school work as well. I know a few weeks ago I posted information about my brother, dancer and choreographer Jamile McGee dancing with Gloria Estefan on The View, but he was also on The Rosie Show and Jay Leno. He did a great job performing and had a lot of fun working with Gloria and the other dancers, but I also forgot to mention that while he was in New York tapping on The View, he had gotten a direct hire to dance in Mary J. Blige’s video “25/8″.

Through out most of his dance career after making it big on season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance?, Jamz (Jamile) has had the opportunity to work with many great artists and appear in their music videos, as well as commercial, television, and tour work. He’s met some pretty cool people, but he did say that Mary J. Blige was very nice and so down to earth. Her new song “25/8″ is such a great song and the video features some pretty nice dance scenes as well. I’m so proud of Jamz for being such an amazing dancer and showing people that you can make a career out of dance, you just have to believe in yourself, and being insanely talented doesn’t hurt either. ;)

Check out the video below! You can see Jamile in some of the dance scenes. At one point he’s in front on the ground next to Mary J. Blige and she pushes his head back with her hand. I love how she looks in this video, so powerful, confident, and just doing her thing!

Mary J. Blige – 25/8


A Must See: Jamile McGee Dancing on The View w/ Gloria Estefan

I usually don’t watch The View, but today I actually sat down and watched an entire episode. The episode was pretty good, but the best part was seeing my brother, Jamile McGee, having a blast dancing on stage with Gloria Estefan. The performance was awesome! He had so much fun dancing and he said Gloria Estefan is such a sweet person. I can totally imagine that. She doesn’t seem like the type of musician who would be a diva and act like everyone beneath her is a peasant. Some musicians and celebrities act like that, it’s disgusting.

Gloria Estefan is a great musician and she seems like such a nice person. I’m glad my brother was able to perform on The View with her today and he was able to make it look so effortless. Her new song “Wepa” is such a fast paced song, but since my brother has been dancing all his life and around the world; it was a breeze for him.

Check out the fast paced performance below and be sure to support my brother Jamile McGee. Follow him on twitter @jamilemcgee and be sure to take one of his dance classes if you live in DC or Maryland. He is such an amazing dancer and has such a beautiful personality. I can truly say that I have the best brother in the world and I can’t wait for him to get back from New York so we can play PS3 together. Shout out to my brother Jamz, love you so much and congrats on dancing on The View with Gloria Estefan. You rock!!!!

Watch the video!!! Jamile is the tall Black guy wearing the plaid shirt I helped him pick out at Burlington and a trendy blue sweater from H&M. One thing I can say, is that my brother has a great sense of style. Baggy clothes have never been his thing. He has travelled around the world and has seen so much culture, so he has a amazing style. We have to go shopping together soon!

Reflective Post: Up Close and Personal with Life After Reality TV

While working on my rough draft of my documentary about life after reality television, I realized that there weren’t many documentaries on this subject. Throughout the course of my documentary I’ve had the position as an insider on my subject. Over the years I’ve seen my brother’s career rise and dealt with the “So You Think You Can Dance?” obsession from outsiders.

I can recall so many encounters with people obsessed with SYTYCD and individuals who were hungry to have their 15 minutes of fame. It’s sad to see how many people are willing to do anything in order to have their time in the spotlight, even if that means attempting to ride off the coats of others. Even though my brother has achieved a certain amount of acknowledgement in the dance/entertainment industry, I’ve never been the type of person to just ride off his success.

My role in this documentary and in my interactions with my brother’s dance career and “15 minutes of fame,” has been a role of support and knowledge. I aim to let others know about the reality of a dancers life and how shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance?” only help a dancer so much in their career. Being on a show like that doesn’t guarantee success and it shouldn’t be the main mission for a dancer. In my documentary Jamile briefly talked about how he strives to make a name for himself that is based upon his amazing talent and character, not riding off the SYTYCD claim to fame.

I gathered quite a bit of material for my documentary but had to shorten it in order to meet appropriate time length for my Multimedia Composition class. This topic of a dancers life and coming off a reality show, is a topic that can easily be an hour long documentary. I’ve collected a lot of footage as an insider on this topic, but one day it would be interesting to possibly talk to other dancers as well. I haven’t felt any discomfort when discussing the subject and shedding light on the reality of the aftermath following reality television. It’s been fascinating!

My hope is that people will begin to discuss more about reality television and the truth about being on season 1 of “So You Think You Can Dance?” It’s a shame how so many of the dancers from the first season have sort of been forgotten by the producers, yet they have had successful careers around the world. Interesting…