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Infinity List | Are You Ready to Experience Freedom?

I’ve always had this ambition to become an adrenaline junkie (probably because I lived in Colorado eight years surrounded by nature.) Now, I know that adrenaline seeking isn’t something you embark on overnight, but I’m sure I could easily become hooked after partaking in one adrenaline filled activity. Skydiving? Eh, not for me. Base jumping? Yeah, I’d give that a try. But at the end of the day, maybe it’s something I should leave up to the world’s professionals (I cherish my life, so no danger for me at the moment.)

There are folks out there in this world who live & breathe (almost nearing death occasionally) dangerous adrenaline pumping happenings. You can easily do a Google search of some of the world’s best when it comes to adrenaline junkies, but if you want to see some mind-blowing cinematography, then Infinity List is a prime destination for out-of-this world footage.

Yesterday I posted an amazing video called Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning) and it can also be viewed over at Infinity List’s website. You seriously should head over to their site to get lost for hours watching some of the most amazing footage you might ever see in your life. The slogan for the site is “the cinematic sports experience” and each video is truly an experience.

A lot of the videos seem to have this beautiful theme of “freedom” and the latest video Experience Freedom is yet another mind-blowing cinematic experience that showcases some of the world’s best skydivers, base jumpers, and wingsuit athletes. The video is truly an epic experience, and the cinematography is exceptional; you feel as though you are actually there. The vibe is so inviting, and the stunts are so insane. Honestly, I got an adrenaline rush just from watching the video!

The video is so amazing epic! After watching the video I decided to spend hours on Infinity List and I realized it’s hands down one of the best websites I’ve ever visited! If you’re looking for action, adventure, and adrenaline rushes in eight adventure sport categories, then is where it’s all at.

So grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and be prepared to enjoy a spectacular journey!

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Tru Freedom | The Beauty of Slow Mo Freerunning

I remember a few years ago watching this movie called District B13. The entire movie was in French, but the action was enough to keep me intrigued. Basically the film enlisted the use of parkour (freerunning) to take simple action scenes and elevate them to the next level.

I’ve always loved the idea of attempting to run around the city flipping & jumping off things, but sadly I don’t have the dexterity or the overall strength to accomplish such a task. Yet, that’s why I leave it up to the professional freerunners of the world. From the pros to the average city kids breaking a few bones, parkour is something that is insanely fun to watch, but difficult toactually do.

Trying to freerun is something I don’t plan on trying anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the beauty of the sport. Freerunning is the element of true freedom, but it’s even more amazing to watch when it’s in slow motion.

Slow motion freerunning is something Youtube user pwnisher decided to capture at 300fps. The video is called Tru Freedom (Slow Mo Freerunning) and it captures the true beauty & freedom that encompasses the art of parkour & freerunning.

Watch the stunning visuals below.

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Oh So 80s | The Karate Rap

I’m big on being athletic, but I was never really into karate. I mean I always thought that martial arts movies were awesome (and they still are,) but I never thought about actually pursuing karate.

I will admit I did take a karate class with this girl at school once, and it was interesting. But I just didn’t have the patience to actually learn everything & make sure my form was correct. On top of that, the teacher was so boring! He just didn’t make the karate sound cool. I thought it was supposed to be super cool & exhilarating like in the martial arts movies (a bunch of kung fu sounds and a serious face,) but apparently it isn’t like that right off the back.

So I had to knock down my perceptions of what karate actually is. It takes time. You start off with basic moves, and over the years you get better. But I bet you if watched this vintage 80s (produced in 1986) video called “Karate Rap,” I would have stuck with karate. The video itself just makes karate look kind of cool, especially with the cheesy rapping. HAHA, it’s a timeless video, and I’m glad I ran across it on a blog I was reading.

Check it out for yourself. Imagine if your karate class was taught with a rapping teacher. Would you continue taking the class?

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National Geographic | Doomsday Preppers

***Before I start this post, let me remind you that today is the official strike against SOPA. So if you noticed a lot of you’re favorites sites are blacked out (including the wordpress homepage) it’s a strike against SOPA and they bill they are trying to pass; passing the bill will restrict some of our freedom expression on sites such as YouTube, so stand up, make noise, and pass this information along. Tweet it, Facebook it, and keep talking about it. They can’t just pass such a strict bill that eliminates our favorite websites and ways of interacting with the world. ***

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the strike, lets dig into this doomsday prepping business! So basically in the fall National Geographic aired a documentary called Doomsday Preppers. The doc followed four families who had altered their lifestyle completely in order to prepare for impending disaster which is supposed to take place in the year 2012 (you know, the world is “supposedly” going to end this year…)

I understand the concept of being prepared for a disaster (at least we’ve always made sure to have canned goods, water, etc,) but I couldn’t imagine altering my lifestyle in order to be well prepared. I’d prefer to just live for the moment, and only plan ahead for my career goals and direction I’d like to take. We don’t really know if the world is going to end in 2012. Perhaps the Mayan’s did really run out of space on the stone calendar, which could explain why it stops at 2012. Or maybe the “carving the calendar” skill wasn’t passed down to an apprentice, so the guy who did all the work died before he could finish it or make another stone with the rest of the years. Who really knows what happens? The Mayans aren’t around, so guess giving them a call or writing a letter wouldn’t work…

I prefer not to over analyze it and think about the possibility of disaster in 2012; I have other issues to worry about, life itself can be tough some days. But there are avid doomsday preppers out there who take extreme measures to be ready for anything that takes place. I mean, maybe it would actually be a good idea to have a gas mask in the house just in case something toxic ever got released in the air, but I wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment of my day rehearsing for disaster. I just don’t have it in me, so I can honestly say I actually kind of respect these doomsday preppers for being so committed to the cause. It’s not for me, but hey it works for them.

The documentary only followed four families, but a quick YouTube search of “doomsday preppers” or “survivalist” quickly results in hundreds of videos across the nation & world of people (all races, this isn’t just something that is limited to one race/group of people) that are preparing for disaster. With so much disaster talk and horror/thriller films that often shed light on a major catastrophe that could take place, you can see why people would want to be prepared. I’m not going to lie, the thought of a disaster such as a viral infection spreading or some time of permanent blackout has crossed my mind, but I haven’t changed my lifestyle in order to be ready. I just know that we always have the basic essentials in the house, and in case of an emergency I would be able to survive for at least a week or two.ster

That’s good enough for me. Because if a disaster/virus/zombie attack happened that was on a major level like I Am Legend or The Walking Dead, then I wouldn’t want to be the only person left behind that is “normal.” Even if I was with a group of survivors that hadn’t been bitten/infected (The Walking Dead,) then I still wouldn’t want to survive for such a long time. IDK, it would be crazy toimagine living like that. I mean if I had to survive then I’m sure I would figure it out along the way, and learn from mistakes as each day comes. But I would never be as prepared as the doomsday preppers, I’m just not that committed. But my question is, are you committed? Would you actually change your entire lifestyle right now in order to prepare for a disaster taking place in 2012? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please chime in.

While you’re sitting their contemplating disaster or what could happen, you should watch the Doomsday Preppers documentary. I saw a series advertised for it on National Geographic the other day; new episodes following survivalists will be airing February 7th. I look forward to watching the show, and possibly taking some notes for surviving (or just eating popcorn, and enjoying the frantic preparation.) But if you can’t want till February to learn more about survivalist, then watch the documentary on YouTube. All four parts have been uploaded, so check out part one below.

Oh, and check out this hilarious disaster guideline I got from Pretty funny! Click on the picture below for larger view. And here is a list someone made for the 73 best disaster movies. I seen most of them, so it’s a good list!

How to Survive a Global Disaster

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Chelsea Settles: MTV’s New Plus-Size Reality Star

So a few days ago at the gym I happened to turn to the Wendy Williams show. Usually I don’t watch her show, but lately I’ve enjoyed watching the gossip and loving her witty personality. Now I will admit that sometimes her guests are so annoying, but other times they actually intrigue me; which is what happened the other day, one of her guests actually caught my attention. The guest I’m talking about is MTV’s new reality star Chelsea Settles.

Settles made an appearance on Monday’s episode of Wendy and discussed her new reality show. Of course her appearance on Wendy is quite different than the show because she lost a lot of weight. She looks pretty good now that she lost weight; even Wendy said she looked sexy now. But prior to losing weight, her new show basically documented her overweight journey and move from Pittsburgh to LA in hopes of making it in the fashion industry as a stylist.

I usually don’t like watching a lot of MTV’s reality shows, but this one with this Chelsea Settles girl has some potential. I could tell from watching the show that her weight has kept her back from a lot of things, including being more outgoing and perhaps dating around instead of settling for the jerk she is with. On Wendy we learned that Chelsea has only had one boyfriend for the past 5 years; that is crazy! While watching her show we learned that she stays with him because she thinks nobody else will love her. Mind you, this guy has cheated and is in the army, but she settles (haha, no pun intended) and doesn’t leave him.

I’ve never in my life had a weight problem as drastic as hers, but it’s fascinating see the emotional drama in the situation. I mean I felt so sorry for her when she couldn’t get in the club for her friend’s birthday party. The bouncer wouldn’t let her in because she was big compared to all the other hot girls. Of course Chelsea stormed off and then got ridiculed by a bunch of drunk people, which then caused her to go cry and finalize her decision to lose weight and move to LA.

The episode was pretty good and at one point I got so pissed off at her lame ass boyfriend Rory. He had the nerve to attempt to deter her from moving to LA and saying she wouldn’t fit in out there. He wanted her to just move down to the military base with him and get married, have babies, and just be happy the way she was. WTF? This guy has cheated on her and then says he wants to marry her in order for her not to move to LA. She’s 24 and deserves to go for her dreams. Like seriously what is up with her man, who does that?! I was so upset because I know so many men that just want to settle down and talk about us having a future. I’m like woah! I’m young, single, and once I graduate in Summer 2012 it’s on! No commitment, just me starting my fabulous new life and on a journey with new friends. When I’m ready to settle later in my twenties, then I’ll think about slowing down and committing. But I think everyone deserves that time in their life to find themselves, go out to clubs, travel, find their career, and just live life! So I’m so happy Chelsea didn’t listen to her boyfriend and decided to jet set off to Cali. You go girl!

I like this Chelsea Settles chick, and last night’s premiere episode was an hour long, but it’s worth checking out. Like I said, I couldn’t imagine having major body issues like that. I couldn’t believe it was her first time going to the gym; I go to the gym 5 to 7 days out the week, so it was mind blowing seeing someone not work out on the regular. But she has a lot of issues surrounding how she got overweight, so I’m sure we will see more in the next few episodes. It’s unlike MTV to have a plus-size reality star, so I’m interested in seeing how this show will play out.

Check out the show at MTV’s site. I’m telling you, this show has potential. I strongly believe everyone deserves to live their life, be young, be fabulous, and go for their dreams. Don’t just live life being complacent and especially don’t settle for some lame relationship when you want to be young and go explore the world. Get up and make life happen!

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America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments

Even though I work out almost every single day, it doesn’t mean that I’m striving for “perfection.” I work out in order to maintain a healthy life style, to reach some personal goals, and because it’s so fun! I love getting all sweaty and feeling the adrenaline rush. If I lose weight in the process, then right on! But no body should feel pressure to strive for “perfection” in regards to standards of beauty within our society.

I’ve done a lot of essays, even speeches for school, on the unrealistic images portrayed in media. I’m a curvy woman and I’m all for woman loving their body. There is actually a site called Curve Appeal that has hundreds of real woman across the world submitting their pics and showing off their natural curves. Just your average women showing that they have curves and they don’t care about being a size 0. Check it out if you’d like @

Sites that showcase women and their real curves are a great contrast to the pro-ana sites that show off anorexic girls and gives tip on how to be anorexic. It’s sad that some many women feel pressure to reach standards in media that are often airbrushed, achieved by unhealthy tactics, or are simple just different body types. Not every woman is naturally thin, which is why I think it’s great to see filmmaker Daryl Roberts expose the reality of beauty in America.

His first film, America the Beautiful, was a documentary that followed Gerren Taylor (she was also on that horrible BET show Baldwin Hills) and her journey as a young model. Roberts used the documentary as a format to follower her career and America’s obsession with beauty. I originally watched the film On Demand and then watched it a second time on Netflix. It was interesting seeing how obsessed with beauty a lot of women and men are. Issues of beauty don’t just affect women, men deal with them as well. For more information that, read my article “Men & Body Image.”

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I think a woman that is naturally a size 4 is just as beautiful as a size 14 woman(hey, that’s my size!) You’ve got to love what you’re working with and flaunt it! Even if you’re working out and trying to lose weight (I will admit, I am working out to least tone up and burn some pounds) you’ve got to know that no matter what size you are, you are fabulous! Don’t stress yourself out and get caught up in the American obsession with being thin and beautiful.

I know it sounds like a message that is being told over and over again, but it’s important that everyone realize they are beautiful. Don’t hate on girls that have the toned bodies and don’t make fun of girls that aren’t so toned. The goal should be to be healthy. So if that means losing weight and changing your eating pattern, then do it for health reasons or personal goals. Not because you want to be a size 0 model. If that was the case, then all of us brown skin women would have to bleach our skin in order to look like all the White models we see dominating fashion. Um, I think I’ll pass on that!

Here is the first film, America the Beautiful. You can watch the entire hour-long film on Hulu or feel free to check it out on Netflix. Part 2, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments will be limited released in the next few weeks and then I think there will be a nationwide release. Check out the trailer below and visit the site for more information.

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